Arizona Emergency Information Network

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go! is a nationwide program adopted by the 15 Arizona Sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened.

The three steps encourage Arizonans to get READY by preparing now for what threatens their community, be SET by maintaining awareness of significant danger and to GO, evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening.

This link provides the information you need to plan for an evacuation.


Sign up here for COCHISE COUNTY ALERTS! In the event of an emergency or severe weather condition, an alert may be sent to the phone number provided by voice, text and/or email.

This is a free service provided by Cochise County; however, normal message fees may apply. To receive text messages to your cell phone, your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities. Notifications are dependent upon external providers (phone carrier, cell phone and email). Cochise County cannot guarantee notifications will be received by the intended recipient.

Alerts sent from COCHISE COUNTY ALERTS! will originate from 69310 for text messages, and (520) 432-9228 for phone calls. Please be sure to save these in your phone under COCHISE COUNTY ALERTS!.