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Portal Rescue, Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, December 16, 2009

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm. All board members were present, and three attending community members included Lee Dyal, Barbara Miller and Pat Owens, all from Portal.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted the addition of acceptance/correction of minutes and by a unanimous vote.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting on October 21, 2009, were approved unanimously (Susanne moved, Rick seconded).

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill thanked all who supported the November EMS chiefs luncheon. Leftover food was sent to Dylan Bean. The entire lunch cost $149.84.

Bill also noted progress on the RCO room, and thanked Rick and others for their work there.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Since we are near the end of 2009, the current budget report approximates year-end results. All grants have now come, including one from 2007, and we are well over projected income for that category (by $7,640. Including funds invested in CDs, those on hand were $42,141 at the start of the year, and now total $62,754. We received no EMS donations this year (see previous meeting minutes for possible reasons), though other donations (memorials to Jan Gee and Devorie Griffiths) brought in considerable support. We received $7,096 over projected revenues from donations. Income from fundraisers was pretty much as predicted (low by just ~$1,000). Fire income was substantially higher than predicted (by $26,570), in this record fire season for SE AZ. Rents totaled $183, and we received the normal credit from VTC.

Under expenses, office expenses (phone, etc.) were slightly over budget, and EMS supplies and training expenses pretty much on target. We were significantly over budget on fire supplies, in part because we solicited and won so many grants and were obligated to pay some portion of expenses. We were also over on fire pay, associated with the additional fire income. We were pretty much on target for vehicle operations. We had lower than expected expenses for radio operations. Insurance payments were a bit over budget, but these may come down now that we have eliminated overlap between fire-fighters and EMS personnel. Bob Walton’s help enabled us to save on projected expenses for maintenance of structures. The $614 left from funds assigned for construction of the new RCO office can be rolled over into next year’s budget, since some needed items have not yet been purchased.

Muma funds remain sequestered (untouchable) in a separate CD. We did not need to tap the Rainy Day Fund. The first CDs in which those funds are invested will mature in late 2010; others will mature at 6-mos intervals thereafter.

Total revenues were $93,996, against $73,601 in expenditures. Liquid funds in checking now total $29,602.

We received a bill for $3,126 from the IRS, and Larry Moss has now requested abatement. His letter crossed in the mail with an urgent ‘pay or else’ letter, but Rick managed to get an extension of 63 days. IRS has now assigned a case worker who will get back to us within 45 days. If our request for a waiver of fines is denied, we can still appeal.

4.3 EMS chief (Jeff Gee)

The refresher course currently has 9 people enrolled, and Jeff is waiting to hear from other organizations that may send others. He hopes for a total of 15 attendees, since we pay for that number whether we have them or not. He is advertising on the EMS website for additional folks. Even with 9 attending, our costs will be less than they would be for sending our people elsewhere. The instructor will stay at Jackie’s and so we may get by with paying $170, rather than $200 per person.

It’s been quiet this month so far.

4.4 Fire chief (David Newton)

Dave adds his thanks for help with the Chief’s meeting, and he reports no operations so far this month. Two weeks ago, some much needed small engine maintenance was done. Walter took a chain saw class last weekend. Bill asked whether fuel stabilizer has been put in fire vehicle fuel tanks. We are going to keep most engines dry during storage and be more conscientious about storage this year.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Updating the list of active PR members

Rick presented the updated list of active PR members. The list submitted for workers’ compensation includes board members and totals 27 people. RCOs do active work and are also covered, but none has ever requested active membership. Workers’ compensation costs us $50/person per year.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Tentative budget template for 2010

A tentative budget was constructed based on what was spent last year, but with funds transferred among categories where necessary. E.g., funds need to be supplemented in the category of office expenses (see above, and also adding $400-500 for the newsletter). EMS training was increased by $3,000 to cover recertification costs for 9 of our EMTs, and EMS equipment/supplies were also augmented, since no more donations or in-kind contributions are expected. We likely need to augment funds for fire supplies and fire pay (and it’s another dry year). We didn’t know whether the State would call frequently after we changed dispatch systems, but they did. We can reduce funds for radio operations, since we did not need the anticipated new repeater system. Insurance costs may come down (workman’s compensation). Jackie suggests adding a column for fundraiser income and expenses, so that net contribution is easily calculated. This will reduce what we need in the miscellaneous category. Projected expenses now sum to a bit over $51,600.

Revenues are projected at about $67,900, permitting the projected difference between revenues and expenses ($16,300) to go into the Rainy Day Fund. (This is also a good safety factor should revenues not meet our expectations. They are harder to predict than are expenses.) We should keep this contribution liquid; if invested in CDs and then pulled out for needed liquidity, we would lose money if bonds were to decline in value

6.2 Cochise Community Foundation

Bill noted that Helen Snyder sent information on this organization that reviews and funds 501c3 organizations that contribute to communities in Cochise County. The group made a presentation to SewWhat early this fall. This year’s grant cycle has ended, but Bill has a phone appointment scheduled with Carol Sanger and wants to introduce the Foundation to what we do. Last year, they gave away as much as $9,000 in a single award, and a total of $72,000 overall. They aspire to give away 8% of their funds per year, and have $800,000 currently. These funds are often acquired through bequests of citizens of Cochise County.

Jeff will supply Bill with a narrative he has used for replacement of an aging brush truck. It gives numbers, facts, and features of our organization.

6.3 Replacement of Brush 6 or 9

The Fry, AZ, fire department (just outside the city of Sierra Vista) has advertised a used brush truck, appearing to be in very good condition. It has a good pump and compressed air foam system. If we were to purchase it, we should be paying out much less in maintenance than the truck would earn. Brush trucks do not make us as much money as do tenders, but being first to fires, they are crucial to our mission. This is a great opportunity to replace Brush 6 or 9 (not increase the fleet) with a machine that has been well cared for by a dedicated mechanic. Fry recently lowered the starting bid, since no offers were made at the higher level. The minimum bid is now $2,500, but bids are sealed, and we might lose the equipment if we offer just the minimum. Another party is looking at the truck, so we may not want to offer just the minimum. Jackie moved, and Susanne seconded, that we submit a sealed bid for an (undisclosed) amount (so as not to tip our hand). The vote was unanimous in favor.

Bill advocated replacement of Brush 6, which has higher maintenance costs than does Brush 9. Lee pointed out that an axle broke on Brush 6, and a wheel came off. Despite that, the truck could probably be sold as a farm utility vehicle. Jeff advocated taking off the good pump ($2,600, 8 yrs ago) before selling the truck, and then placing it on Brush 9. Brush 6 could then be sold with Brush 9’s smaller pump, possibly for as much as $1,500-$2,000.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 Newsletter deadline

Jackie announced that the deadline for the newsletter is Jan 15, and that no extensions greater than one day will be granted.

9.0 Adjournment

President Bill Wilbur adjourned the meeting at 8:07 pm.

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Portal Rescue, Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, October 21, 2009

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. All board members except Cheri Greenwade were present, and three attending community members included Maya Decker, Barbara Miller and Bob Morse, all from Portal.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted by a unanimous vote after the addition of two items from David (see 7.1 and 7.2).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting on September 16, 2009, were approved after section 4.1 was amended to read: Bill Miller (President of the Cochise County EMS Council) will continue forwarding materials regarding training. The final sentence in the former version of the paragraph was omitted.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill has been busy working with Karen on the website (see below). He congratulated all who participated in Sunday’s (October 18) three evening EMT calls. He will try to get PR forms scanned into MSWord format sometime soon.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Our one large outstanding ($15,000+) grant was reimbursed in October, and another $650+ in donations has come in. We also received payment for participation in the second Skeleton fire. The Historical Society paid us rent for classroom use. We incurred some expenses for the second Skeleton fire and for the radio operations paging system. So far this year, we’ve received $ 92,898 in revenues and expended $ 71,776. Funds in our checking account now total $26,872; it is good to have some liquidity to cover insurance bills coming due. We continue awaiting word on whether our $3,100 in fines (incurred due to a filing delay during Board turnover) will be waived by the IRS. We will also request waiver of any fines for 2008 taxes, which Larry Moss has now completed for us. They were due on May 15, but we filed late because this was not stated on the forms.

Payment for one fire is still outstanding.

PR received a “thank you” note from the Armbrusters for use of tables and chairs in their wedding ceremony.

Rick has updated expense forms, which the Board reviewed and approved at this meeting. Maya requested that digital files of these forms be emailed to all EMTs and fire-fighters so they can print them out themselves.

4.3 EMS chief (Jeff Gee)

Sunday night was the first time PR ever had three medical call-outs on the same day/evening. Jeff commented that EMTs and RCOs did a great job, and he noted again that one never knows how calls evolve over time.

Jackie just recertified and had to do this in Tucson, since her certification was out of synchrony with those of others. She will look into the possibility of bringing an instructor here to deliver a certification course to the others. The cost would be $200 per person, for a 15-person minimum, but even if we have just 8 attendees for national recertification in February or early March, we would come out ahead compared to paying hotel, food costs, etc., to do certifications elsewhere. We currently have 10 EMTs, with three on temporary leave (see below).

EMTs met last Saturday, discussed H1N1, took the vehicles out for checks and checked 911 and dispatch.

Maya asked whether we sponsored a vaccination clinic for the regular flu this season. The clinic was done in Rodeo this year. The one nurse receptive to coming out to Portal has moved, and there is not enough response in our small community to attract someone else to our area.

4.4 Fire chief (David Newton)

There have been no fire calls since the last board meeting. A training session was held last Saturday, and we learned a lot.

4.5 Report on open meeting/public records law session (Kris Stone)

On behalf of PR, Kris (and Larry) Stone recently attended a very useful session on open meeting / public interest law. Held in Sierra Vista, the meeting offered opportunities to hear from Elizabeth Hill (Arizona Ombudsman – Citizens’ Aide office in Phoenix), and to interact with lots of attorneys, who were great resources. The office of the Ombudsman also produces a monthly educational newsletter, The Public Law, to which individuals may subscribe.

Kris reported tonight on matters that had previously come up at PR board meetings. She noted that, in some cases, requirements of open meeting law (OML) can conflict with Robert’s Rules of Order.

(1) Minutes of the meeting, or a recording thereof, must be made available within 72 hrs, unless our by-laws specifically waive this requirement.

(2) If emails go out to a quorum of board members, and if responding emails are also circulated to a quorum of board members, this activity constitutes a “meeting”, and must be included in the minutes. All of the individual board members may respond to a single individual (e.g., the President) without their responses constituting a “meeting”.

(3) Meeting announcements must specifically invite public attendance. (We already do this.) This requirement should also be added to our policy book.

(4) The policy book should specifically document the procedure for maintaining and retaining records.

(5) Letters to the Board are public records and are not confidential. (Our procedure for handling letters was finalized at the August meetings [ref. July and August minutes], and this decision too should be added to the policy book now in preparation.)

(6) The fundamental voting rights of all board members can only be abridged, e.g., in cases of conflict of interest, if such restriction is spelled out in the bylaws.

The discussion following Kris’ presentation focused on whether or not we are required to follow AZ OML. Rick noted that, e.g., in the case of (6) above, AZ OML conflicts with corporate meeting law. In the past, we have not considered PR to be subject to AZ OML, though we have often referenced that law in contentious situations. This policy is inconsistent, and it would be best to obtain a legal determination of our status, relative to AZ OML. Susanne moved, and Kris seconded, a proposal to retain legal council for this purpose, and the motion passed unanimously. After obtaining a decision, we may wish to revisit our bylaws to specifically state where we will not follow AZ OML. Bylaws supersede AZ Corporate Law, or AZ OML, when specifically permitted in the particular sections referenced. If there is no statement allowing bylaws to supersede the Law, then we must follow that specific law. With regard to conflict of interest, there is no allowance to supersede this law (see AZ Corporate Law, Title 10, Chapter 31, Article 2, Paragraph 10-3860), which is very specific as to the definition of “Conflict of Interest”.

President Bill Wilbur thanked Kris for this valuable report, and, at the end of the board meeting, Kris distributed copies of two booklets (“Arizona Public Records Law” and “The Arizona Open Meeting Law”) to each board member.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 November EMS luncheon

Plans for the EMS luncheon on November 18 are moving forward, with Chris Wilbur taking major responsibility. Chris has had many responses from people interested in helping, but would appreciate any additional volunteers. We still expect approximately 60 attendees, and ~$180-190 in funds are available on PR’s Walmart gift card. Receipts for purchases should be turned in to Rick. Susanne moved and Jackie seconded a proposal that the Board authorize up to $300 in spending for this event. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion. PR benefits many times over by receiving favors, supplies, etc., from county EMS organizations.

5.2 Donation solicitations

There was brief discussion regarding how to increase PR’s visibility in the community by mail, email, and personal contact. Bob Morse urged people to take advantage of opportunities to speak personally with folks, and Bill said he would be out doing so. Bill will determine whether Alicia Davidson is still giving out hospitality packets to new people. Kris suggests that we start by asking community members what they think we’re doing well versus poorly. She has brochures displayed at Quailway Cottage and said that PR is the kind of organization that could attract new people to the community. She also volunteered to host a “PR table” at the upcoming Oktoberfest, where she would both distribute materials and do blood sugar tests with supplies that are nearing their expiration date. Thanks Kris! Susanne urged people to be proactive in identifying new residents in their neighborhoods, as well as in talking with local realtors. Joan Jensen may also be able to alert us to new neighbors.

The PR brochure needs to be redone, particularly since it has the old (2222) phone number. If this is done soon, we can add the web address and suggest that people “check in periodically” until the site (already up) is fully developed. Bill has a personal friend who will redesign the brochure at cost. (The last printing of the now outdated brochure cost $175 for 500 copies)

5.3 PR Website

Bill has given all our email addresses to Karen, who will contact us individually with our passwords. Bill passed around pages from site. Board members should call Karen (558-0180) with any questions. It was mentioned that the Newsletter should be finished and ready to post at the Portal Rescue site in late January.

5.4 Updating of EMT, FF, and RCO lists

Rick has handled this. Geoff Bender and Walter Schoepfle are currently on “stand-by”, and Bonnie Sites is on medical leave.

6.0 New Business (none)

7.0 Addenda

. 7.1 Request for board approval of grant award

PR was awarded $6,613 as a 90/10 grant ($4,400 in training, $450 for supplies, and remainder in equipment). The new funds must be spent by March 31, 2010, though extensions are relatively easy to obtain. This award is separate from the previously accepted VFA (50/50) grant which contains $400 for radio things, and the remainder for equipment. David moved that the Board accept the funds, and Jeff seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. Rick moved that our budget be modified to be consistent with the two new grants. Dinah seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 Increased fire danger due to widespread oak die-back

Dinah reported on widespread dieback of certain oak species (including at least Emory oaks) in lower Cave Creek Canyon, Paradise, and the Peloncillos. We do not yet know whether a disease is killing the oaks or whether, at the lower edge of species’ distributions, drought kills trees subsequently invaded by wood-boring insects. One possibility is infection by goldspotted oak borers, apparently native here and capable of killing live trees. Diseased trees have tell-tale markings on their lower trunks: seeping (brown/black) wounds, often located near insect holes. USFS biologists are expected to visit on October 30, and more should then be known about both disease agents and how wood from the numerous fallen and falling trees should be managed.

There is great concern about increased fire danger due to suddenly higher fuel loads, but also concern about transporting disease agents (insects, fungi) elsewhere in firewood. Conditions appear especially dangerous on private lands: 8 trees over 1 acre on one property, and a dozen over 2-3 acres on a second property. Dinah sought advice about how to safely dispose of accumulating brush. Portal has no specific burn site available, and the advice given was to find community members interested in cutting fallen wood for firewood and also agreeing to cart away the brush remaining after tree-falls. PR no longer receives grant funding for fuels reduction at the forest-urban interface, but Jeff will send Dinah information on the state grants program so that she can determine whether emergency funding might be available.

8.2 Passing of Devorie Griffiths

Devorie Griffith was a long-time PR member, with responsibilities ranging from president to dispatcher. She played a key role in both the development and evolution of PR. Bob Morse announced that she recently passed away unexpectedly at a young age and after a brief illness, and he suggested that PR should do something to recognize her many contributions to the organization. It was decided that Devorie’s name be added to a plaque recognizing an “honor role” of major contributors; a photograph of the plaque would then be sent to Devorie’s husband Russ. We will also ask Doug Julian to prepare a one-of-a kind award certificate honoring Devorie’s role in PR. Jeff also passed around (for signatures) a card to be sent to her family.

8.3 Likely cancellation of November 18th meeting

Next month’s meeting is scheduled to take place on the same day as the EMS luncheon and a monthly Sew What meeting. Because monthly meetings are not required of PR, it was decided to skip that meeting and hold the next meeting in December. If something very important comes up in November, we can always schedule a meeting on a different date. Bill will monitor the need for such a meeting.

9.0 Adjournment

President Bill Wilbur adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.

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Portal Rescue, Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, 16 September, 2009

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. All board members except Susanne Dyal (attending to a family emergency) were present, and just one community member (Maya Decker) attended.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

Dinah moved to adopt the agenda, including O’Leary Squire’s request to consider the matter of monthly classroom cleaning. Jackie seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting on August19, 2007, were approved as amended previously by board members, and after correction of a typo in section 6.3. Jackie moved and Jeff seconded the motion for acceptance, and it passed unanimously.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report

Bill Wilbur reported on a quiet month for PR business. He circulated a letter from Gerry Hernbrode regarding the very successful September pie festival. Sixty-three cooks (versus 65 last year) provided 137 pies. Jackie’s team alone (including Cecil Williams, Marsha Troller, and Alexandra Dawson) provided 23 pies, and Zola Stoltz contributed 14. After five years as chair of the festival, Gerry has other commitments that preclude her serving in this capacity in the future, but she is willing to remain on the steering committee. Community members please note! Portal Rescue is soliciting a volunteer or volunteers to serve as Chair or co-Chairs in the future.

Bill Miller (President of the Cochise County EMS Council) will continue forwarding materials regarding training.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Rick reported that a $2,000 VFA grant was funded. We have also received fire pay for the Whitetail Canyon fire. Including $140 in donations, the Pie Festival raised $1,975.

By the time the Board had a chance to approve investment of more rainy day funds in 3-year CDs, the interest rate on those CDs had declined from 2.3% to1.7%. However, Rick was able to put the $25,000 instead into a 5-yr CD, paying at a rate of 3%. $18,000 of these funds came from our checking account, and the remainder from the Rainy Day Fund. Unfortunately, interest on these CDs is paid into a money market fund, so the compounding of interest will occur at that lower rate. Discounting Muma funds, we have approximately $43,000 in the rainy day fund (not quite our goal of a full year’s budget).

Rick pointed out that we pay worker compensation insurance for all active members, and we need to update our roster so that we don’t pay this for former EMTs and FFs who are no longer active. Because our current EMT and FF lists (about 23 and 10 individuals, respectively) overlap by 6-7 persons, we should get a refund or credit of about $300-$500. Although EMT-only members are not paid, they are listed for purposes of worker compensation at pay of $400/month. No RCO has yet filed for active membership, but if they did, they too would be listed at $400/month

Some supplies are still over budget prior to reimbursement. We are over budget in the miscellaneous category but will need more receipts for Walmart spending before we can ascertain by exactly how much. Budgeted funds in this category should probably be augmented for next year. Happily, fire income has been $24,920 more than budgeted.

The State will require a W-9 vendor authorization number for upcoming grant applications. After the meeting, we’ll work on how to fill out forms for acquiring a number.

Larry Moss will submit 2008 tax forms when he hears from Rick.

4.3 EMS chief (Jeff Gee)

We have had two recent calls (description confidential).

A meeting this Saturday will focus on revisions to CPR procedure. If administered quickly, the new technique (CCR, or cardio cerebral resuscitation) is estimated to provide a 5:1 improvement in outcomes. Jackie, Susanne and Rick have already seen a demonstration of the procedure, and Rick will illustrate it (including by a video presentation) for other EMTs. The technique can also be demonstrated to interested community members by persons other than registered instructors, and PR will solicit participation by such individuals in a session to be scheduled sometime soon. Our base hospital and the State of Arizona now require the new technique, though the American Heart Association has not yet changed its recommendation.

Jeff received a 4-5 page questionnaire to fill out for addition of Portal Rescue to a data base sponsored/certified by the Better Business Bureau. Maya pointed out that, by helping to establish our bona fides, inclusion in the data base could enhance opportunities for contributions from philanthropists and local businesses. Jeff was unsure whether or not there is a cost for inclusion, but he will determine this.

4.4 Fire chief (David Newton)

A small fire near milepost 401 netted us $302.

Three firefighters attended fire school in Mesa (at just $450/person). Money was saved by staying at the Marriott, rather than at the official hotel. The school did not provide subsidies. Nothing new is known about pending grant applications, including our 2009 RFA proposal.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Selection of Vice President

Bill moved that Rick Beno be elected to fill the now vacant position as Vice-President, Cheri seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimously in favor. Rick can hold the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer simultaneously, and he agreed to the nomination so long as Bill promised not to quit (!).

5.2 Per diem

The Board discussed changes to rates for per diem, lodging and mileage. Based on research conducted on meals at Denny’s, Bill proposed increases in per diem of (with receipts) up to $10, $15, and $15 for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, respectively. (These changes represent an increase over the $8, $10, and $12 formerly allowed.) Cheri seconded his motion, which the Board approved unanimously.

Jackie moved, and David seconded, a motion to permit reimbursement for lodging (with receipts) up to the previously approved $70/person, and the motion passed unanimously. It was noted that members need not stay in sponsored hotels and may often save money (to as low as $30/night) by not doing so. However, Jeff mentioned that presence in lobbies of official meeting hotels often pays off in networking opportunities.

The federal mileage reimbursement rate for volunteers is now 14 cents/mile. Augmenting that by the previously approved 6 cents/mile puts PR’s current mileage reimbursement rate at 20 cents/mile, with receipts and with mileage based on MapQuest. Rick moved that this be confirmed as our reimbursement rate, and Dinah seconded his motion, which was approved with a single dissenting vote.

Rick will make any necessary changes to forms.

5.3 Portal website

The site exists, but Karen has been out of town again, and certain board members need to meet with her next week (probably at Bill’s) to resolve problems of access.

5.4 Logistics of November CC EMS luncheon

Bill will meet with Nancy McAvoy soon to determine the customary menu, and Bill and Jeff will see what we can get from Walmart. Bill will contact board members individually with requests for help in preparing the feast.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Donations from community members

A few community members have inquired about how to make donations to PR. It was noted that, although donations are formally requested just once per year in the newsletter, they are accepted year-round. Checks may be sent to Portal Rescue at Box 16331, Portal, AZ 85632.

6.2 09 RFA grant update

We have had positive responses to grant applications submitted in January and three months ago. The BLM has requested more specific details on expenditures. Monies have not yet been received, but Dave requests authorization to continue proceeding with these grants. Bill so moved, and Jackie seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

6.3 Update EMT, FF, RCO lists (see also above)

We need to be proactive in updating lists of EMTs, FFs and RCOs, due to the costs for worker compensation. Names of the Stamers, Billy and Mistie Webster, Larry Stone and Missy Legetzke have been, or will be, removed from lists, and Walter Schoepfle’s name has been removed from the EMT list. We need to get Cheri and Dave on the firebar, and Larry Stone off. (Bill is trying.) Eventually, the sign-up form will have a line indicating resignation date. A written letter will suffice for resignation.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Classroom cleaning

O’Leary Squire has been managing the monthly schedule of volunteers, but volunteers are increasingly reporting competing obligations. Several volunteers are willing to pay for someone else to clean in their stead. Were this to be organized by PR itself, it would increase organizational outlays for worker compensation. However, if someone (e.g., O’Leary) could handle this at her/his level, it would remove us from liability and constitute an acceptable solution.

Community members please note! Additional cleaning volunteers are needed. Please contact O’Leary if you are willing to volunteer to take classroom cleaning responsibilities for one or more months. This is a great way to donate to PR!

8.0 For the Good of the Order

Jeff mentioned that he still has some RCO keys to distribute to any RCO that doesn’t already have one. Dinah requested scanned forms to include in the Policy and Procedures manual now in preparation.

9.0 Adjournment

At 7:34 pm, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

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Portal Rescue, Inc. – Board Meeting – 19 August, 2009

1.0 Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:08 pm by President Bill Wilbur. Attending were six of the eight current Board members (Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, Jeff Gee, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, and Bill Wilbur) and two community members (Maya Decker and Barbara Miller). Portal resident Kristine Stone also attended in anticipation of her nomination and election as a new board member representing the community.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted with no changes (Rick moved, Dinah seconded, and vote was unanimous).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

3.1 Minutes of June (2009) meeting

At the July meeting, the Board inadvertently failed to vote on acceptance of June minutes as intended after the discussion under section 5.1 in July minutes. The vote on those minutes (absent any attached letter) was positive and unanimous on a motion of acceptance (Rick moved, Jackie seconded).

3.2 Minutes of July (2009) meeting

A note will be added to these minutes to correct the procedure that the Board must use in considering letters as part of meeting agendas. As required by Arizona’s Open Meeting Law, inclusion of any letter for reading by a board member at an open meeting necessitates that the letter be made available to board members not fewer than 24 hrs in advance of the meeting. The President shall approve requests for addition of letters to the agenda if no more than one board member votes against inclusion. If the letter is not supplied to board members as required, or if two or more board members oppose inclusion, the determination with regard to inclusion must be referred to an executive session for a vote. Any board member registering opposition to inclusion of a letter that the Board as a whole chooses to add to a meeting agenda receives legal protection from any negative consequences that may arise from consideration of a letter in an open meeting, so long as dissent by those board members is registered in minutes of the meeting. Letters not approved for inclusion on the agenda may only be released under subpoena.

With this correction (and correction of a minor spelling error), Jackie moved that the July minutes be approved. Dave seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill Wilbur noted that he had received some ‘soothing’ comments from community members regarding organizational matters.

He also announced that the November Cochise County Emergency Services meeting is scheduled for the same date as our November board meeting (which could be cancelled if we should choose to do so, since only quarterly board meetings are required). A morning EMS Chiefs meeting will be followed by a luncheon and a Fire Chiefs’ meeting in the afternoon, and personnel from the Sheriff’s office will also attend. The Portal community will be responsible for a luncheon for an estimated 60-65 attendees. Because of the distance that folks must travel, and due to proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have traditionally provided a Thanksgiving feast. Nothing was decided about how that feast should be organized.

Finally, Bill expressed appreciation to those PR volunteers who recently worked on Engine 2

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Rick reported on an active budgetary month. We were paid $16,000+ for the Skeleton fire and received a few donations, as well as partial payment from an ’08 RFA grant. We are currently in the red on fire equipment and supplies and should therefore be cautious about ordering more; future grant applications should also anticipate these costs. The ‘miscellaneous’ category is also in the red until Jeff notifies Rick about Walmart’s donation so that Rick can move that donation to the appropriate category. Rick transferred the money market funds, currently invested with Edward Jones, to another money market fund at the same firm in order to get 20 times our current interest (though still a very small interest rate). PR CDs are starting to pay out. Rick recommended and asked permission to transfer $15K to a 36-month CD; this would then count as part of the Rainy Day Fund. Such CDs present no risk because, if we need the money, we can take it out while losing just future interest rather than interest already paid. Furthermore, if interest rates increase from their current value (2.35%), we can remove funds with little penalty and invest them in another CD at the higher rate.

Subsequent discussion focused on how much money should be moved into a 36-month CD. We could invest $25,000 in a CD, keeping $12,000 in liquid accounts for future expenditures. Maya observed that we need just approximately $3,000 more for budgeted annual expenditures. The upcoming pie festival is expected to generate about that, and more fire compensation and community donations will be coming in. Dave indicated that we should receive another $1,000 from two past fires, as well as $15,000 from grants in the next 60 days. Rick proposed (and Dinah seconded) a motion to transfer $25,000 in cash from the liquid checking account’s Rainy Day Fund to an Edward Jones CD; the motion passed unanimously.

Rick noted that EMS donations are down since we went to dispatch from the 911 number; we’ve gotten none, versus an anticipated $1500. There was speculation that community members may not be associating PR as directly with emergency medical care as when calls went to the 2222 number.

Our 2007 990 tax documents have been submitted, and 2008 taxes will be submitted shortly. We will be penalized up to $3,600 for submitting 2007 taxes late, and we can only request waiver of this penalty after receiving the bill. Based on board turnover and other administrative turmoil, we hope to receive a total waiver, or at least a reduction in the $20/day penalty. Larry Moss will continue to process our taxes on a pro bono basis.

Vicki at Edward Jones wants to book our classroom here sometime in October (probably a weekday evening). No fee is required, since the meeting will be open to the community, but Edward Jones may make a donation based on any profits.

4.3 EMS report (Jeff Gee)

Jeff distributed some of the RCO keys he had had duplicated. (Bill will give Jeff a complete list of RCOs.) He then reported on the Southern Arizona Regional Trauma Conference attended by five of our EMTs. The 2-day conference provided 12 of the 24 training hours required each year for active EMTs. Attendees could choose among three simultaneous 50-min sessions during each time interval.

PR has had no EMT calls this month. Hidalgo county ambulances were in Rodeo twice, but our help was not solicited. Call volume has been much reduced since we went to the 911 dispatch system. Among possible explanations: (1) Douglas and Lordsburg are responding immediately and don’t call us first any more; (2) we are no longer getting ‘marginal’ calls, because people hesitate longer before calling 911; (3) people could be afraid of dropped calls or time delays. Whatever the reason, we should continue to insure that PR is serving the community well. Patient critical care has likely been upgraded on the new dispatch system, since there is just a 1-2 min lag time in PR alerts, and because EMTs no longer have to call dispatch. Moreover, faster mobilization of ambulances from Douglas and Lordsburg brings paramedics sooner. In many cases, transfers from our ambulance to those with paramedics are no longer needed.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

The July 14th Whitetail Canyon fire is expected to gross $700 for PR. Another Skeleton Canyon fire in July burned 30 acres, but just three PR volunteers showed up. (In the absence of more PR people, the USFS helped out, and a Douglas prisoner crew took over.) There are as yet no August fires to report.

A joint training exercise was held for Portal and Rodeo volunteers, and copies of standard operating guidelines were distributed. Three PR fire-fighters will attend State school next month in Mesa.

We have finished spending funds from our RFA and VFA grants, and expenses have been submitted for reimbursement, expected in 30-90 days. As part of this submission, Dave needs to write a ‘success story’.

We recently received notification of an $1,800, 50:50 VFA award. In March, Walter took charge of the application for these funds, as well as for a 90:10 grant, the outcome of which is not yet settled. Spending requirements for the 50:50 grant funds are flexible, and we are responsible for $900 of total expenses.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 County road work

Cheri is not here to report on this matter, but the work at the entrance to PR headquarters has been done, and without anyone asking David for water in exchange for work.

5.2. PR website

Bill reported that Karen was out of town last week but is back now. To access specific parts of the site, we need to establish passwords. Bill will see Karen about this and the form in which documents must be saved in order to be integrated into the site. Rick suggested saving copies of relevant files in HTML format.

Barbara Miller sought board approval (which was given) for starting work on two aspects of the website: (1) advertising options, and (2) a new online ‘phone book’. Dinah worried that some folks (e.g., part-time residents) may have unlisted numbers and wish not to be included in the online ‘book’. To get around this problem, we can either provide an ‘opt-out’ option or get Portal area numbers (only) from VTC, which would automatically not list the unlisted numbers. Rick suggested that phone book pages be entered as images to prevent scavenging of numbers by spammers. Barb will start working on this with our permission.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Election of a new board member to represent the community

Hearty thanks go to Jeanne Williams for recruiting a willing and able volunteer, Kristine Stone, nominated tonight by Barbara Miller. A summary of her background before and since her move to Portal appears at the end of these minutes. Dinah’s motion to elect Kristine was seconded by Jackie and approved unanimously. Welcome Kristine, and thanks for your willingness to serve!

6.2 Election of a new Vice-President

With Bill Wilbur taking over as President, the Board needs a new Vice-President. This matter was to have been considered in Executive Session tonight, but for lack of time at this meeting, this session was postponed and the decision tabled without objection.

6.3 Review of per diem expense limitations

Jeff requested reimbursement for an overage in expenditures for attendance by five PR EMTs at the SATNET conference. Apparently, some members feel that our reimbursement rates are inadequate. Jeff argued that: (1) the Board had, at the July meeting, approved expenditure of $100 per room per night (the Marriott’s discounted room rate was $96), (2) some individuals did not want to share rooms, (3) the PR group met and talked together over a $10 hotel buffet breakfast, (4) those breakfasts and overages for a fancier-than-usual group dinner at the Olive Garden were useful for team-building and networking, (5) expenses for drinks, desserts and Kim’s dinner were omitted from the request for reimbursement, and (6) attendees car-pooled to the conference. Opposing arguments by board members focused on: (1) the expectation that individuals should share rooms (double-occupancy) or cover the cost difference, (3) the observation that buffet dinners are often covered in registration fees, (4) the intention just to supplement funds that individuals would normally be expending for meals at home, (5) the expectation that overages can be deducted against taxes, and (6) the suggestion that, if reimbursements really are inadequate, per diem allowances should be raised, rather than having to consider exceptions, and thus, to essentially have no regulation to guide expenditures. Although arguing that volunteers should be treated generously, in comparison to paid staff (like board members may have been in their professional lives), Jeff did not wish to solicit increased reimbursement rates overall.

Bill moved that Jeff be compensated for the $144.48 overage in question, and Dave seconded the motion. With Jeff recused from voting (and Kristine participating in her first vote), a tie vote ensued, and the motion failed. Jeff will pay the overage from pocket.

Early in this discussion, Rick asked for a change in wording of reimbursement procedures, so that PR would reimburse receipts for “up to” threshold amounts, rather than $30 per day, whether or not this amount was spent. The Board never considered this request in the form of a motion.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

It was announced that the Portal-Rodeo Pie Festival will be held at the Rodeo Community Center on 5 September, from 11-1 AZ time (12-2:00 pm NM time). Prices will be $2/slice or $12/pie, $0.50 per drink, and $1.00 for ice cream.

9.0 Adjournment

Dinah moved to adjourn, and Jackie seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous, and the meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm.

Addendum: brief bio of new board member Kristine Johnson Stone

Kristine has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years, With husband Larry, she moved to Portal 3 ½ years ago to support son Shane Burchfield and Brandie after the birth of Zane. They came here from Ohio, where Kristine had managed a Total Joint Practice, and volunteered with The Interfaith Hospitality Network, Reconciling Ministries, and the Parish Nurse Program. Here in Portal, they embrace the spirit of the community and are committed to giving back wherever and whenever they can.

The Stones had previously vacationed in Portal at Sally Spofford’s and lived at the Mullen’s Cottage during their first year in residence. Subsequently, they have managed Quailway Cottage for Terry Morgan and Karen Walz, and they recently purchased David Utterback’s cabin on Herb Martyr Road. Kristine now works for the Department of Corrections in Douglas and manages Gila yard, with 1,000 minimum security inmates. She offers the community her experience in healing, her respect for others, and her compassionate listening.

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Portal Rescue, Inc. – Board Meeting – 13 July, 2009

1.0 Call to Order

1.1 Attendance

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Vice President Bill Wilbur, who after Tom Davidson’s resignation, now assumes the office and duties of President. Attending the meeting were seven of the eight remaining Board members (Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, Jeff Gee, Cheri Greenwade, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, and Bill Wilbur) and numerous community members, including René and Delane Blondeau, Ray and Dori Brooks, Gerry Hernbrode, Ken Joens, JoAnn and Doug Julian, Barbara Miller, Walter Schoepfle, Bonnie Sites, Helen Snyder, Bob and O’Leary Squire, Howard Topoff, Jeanne Williams, and Richard and Fran Zweifel.

1.2 Suspension of agenda

Bill asked that the agenda be suspended in order to hear a presentation by Karen Fasimpauer. Rick so moved, Cheri seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

1.3 Website presentation

Karen distributed a preliminary mock-up of the new PR website. She and Brad Emerson are donating the design and maintenance of the site, most of which will be accessible to the public. A side-bar menu provides access to pages covering, e.g., evacuation plans, fire information, calendar, donations, etc. Accessed from the home page, events pages can provide alerts for fundraisers, emergencies, etc. Internal sites, specifically for fire-fighters, EMTs, RCOs, and Board members, will be password protected. The website will not do email hosting but will provide links to PR email accounts, as well as to Howard Topoff’s site. Community businesses may be able to advertise on the site for a small fee (as now in the PR phone book). Community members wishing to receive updates on the website should email Karen at karen at k12handhelds dot com.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the changes shown below under section 7.0.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for June, 2009

Rick proposed that the President’s report should state that the letter of resignation was discussed publicly at the meeting and was posted at the Portal P.O. Reference to the letter as an attachment should be deleted. A discussion of this followed. Dave made (and Cheri seconded) and then withdrew a motion to adopt the minutes as amended. Dave then moved that we postpone consideration of minutes until discussion of procedures under section 5.1 (Old Business). Dinah seconded this motion, and it passed unanimously (but see below).

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill Wilbur announced that Tom Davidson had resigned as PR President. He explained that Tom had a new teaching job in El Paso and could not handle the recent heavy demands of PR in view of that new commitment.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Rick explained that it has been a quiet month. No new grant funding has been received since 2007 awards. No EMS donations have come in, possibly because the public must now call 911, and some individuals may not therefore appreciate our continued role in providing emergency medical services. However, regular donations have fared better than expected, and approximately $1,450 came in from the luau fundraiser. Almost $2,400 in fire income arrived during June, and after submission of paperwork and subsequent reimbursements for three additional fires, our total fire income will be far above that projected for the year. CDs in which we’ve invested will not pay out for 6 months. Our expenses have generally been low, though we had to replace brakes on Tender 7 in June. A vehicle insurance bill was paid at $1,722. Our current balance will easily meet our expenses.

After Rick (and Maya before him) struggled with 990 tax forms for 501c organizations, he took the paperwork to Larry Moss (H&R Block) who will handle this for us on a pro bono basis. First on the agenda, Larry will request an extension and relief from the $50/day late fee, and we should hear more by next Friday.

Jeff advanced, and Cheri seconded, a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, and acceptance of the report was unanimous.

4.3 EMS report (Jeff Gee)

Numbers and types of calls were not summarized. Smaller equipment items requested from a (100%) Southeast AZ annual provider grant, and totaling $1,800, should come in Sept-Oct. Five EMTs have committed to an upcoming 2-day trauma conference this August in Tucson, and if additional EMTs volunteer for the course, their participation will be free. Two PR vehicles participated in a July 4th parade in Rodeo, and Jeff thanked Rick Beno for power washing Rescue 4 prior to the parade. Thanks also go out to Lance Shultis for his work on Rescue 3, which is now back in good operating condition. We may not be competitive in the future for more brush clean-up grant monies from the AZ Division of Forestry (federal funds distributed to western states). The application has become so demanding that other larger organizations pay out substantial funds for help in putting together proposals, but this would not be cost-effective for PR.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

There were no fires in June, though engine 2 took part in the July 4th parade, and Brush 9 wet down two landing zones. We had good wildland response training on June 20th, and Dave attended a 2-day advanced ICS course in Douglas. Dave has also worked out the “bugs” in online submission of fire incidents and is now reporting fires to NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System). Grants are paying out 30-90 days after submission for reimbursement; reimbursement under the 2007 grant was requested a few months ago, so funds should come soon. With respect to the 2008 RFA (90/10) grant, Dave is submitting the training component, and we will get back 90% of $3,157. From the already submitted fire prevention component, we will receive 90% of $390. (This is stalled temporarily after overpayment of one worker by $0.28 kicked it back for resubmission.) Prior expenses are mostly documented, and equipment filling out the remainder of that award has begun to arrive. Nothing was spent this month from the 2008 VFA (50/50) grant, but it will be spent out by Aug. 4, as will the 2008 RFA grant. We are still in the running for 2009 grant, but award notification will be later this year than ever.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Policy manual, job descriptions, forms, resignations, etc.*

Jeff and David have not submitted descriptions of duties of EMT and Fire Chiefs, respectively. Rick sent changes in the description of the Treasurer’s job to Tom, but no one knows where this stands. Discussion focused mainly on treatment of letters to the Board (postponed from section 3.0, above). The Board never voted on acceptance of June minutes. These minutes will be amended as per the Discussion and vote here, and will then be considered for acceptance at the August meeting.

Preparatory to this discussion, Ray Brooks referenced a 22-yr-old unanimous (“Cy-fair”) court decision determining, under Texas law, that certain volunteer fire and EMT organizations constitute governmental bodies subject to open meeting laws. Grounds for this decision were the fact that the organization in question received some direct and general public funding (not just funds funneled through government as a conduit), and that some such organizations may have committed to public service under the terms of their contracts. Although Texas law does not apply in Arizona, Ray felt this information provided useful context. Interested individuals may check at http://www.oag.state.tx.us/opinions/opinions/47mattox/op/1987/htm/jm0821.htm to consider how the manner in which government funds come to PR would affect PR’s status under Texas law.

Rick Beno and Bill Wilbur noted that, despite not being on the agenda, Kim Gee’s letter of resignation was dated a month prior to the Board considering it, and Rick admitted to being ‘blind-sided’ by first learning of it at the June meeting.

Cheri proposed, and Dave seconded, a motion that any communication presented to Board be summarized in the minutes and be kept in a permanent file that can be referenced by interested parties, including the public. Jeff asked to modify the motion to include the statement that either the appropriate (EMT or Fire) Chief or the Board President should have the discretion to read letters or not. Rick asked to defer this decision to determine the policy of the AZ Open Meeting Law. Cheri withdrew her motion and deferred to JoAnn Julien’s suggestion that “All documents presented and discussed at Board meetings should be summarized in the minutes and attached to those minutes within a permanent file; those documents would be made available to community members upon request. Cheri advanced this as a motion, seconded by Jackie, and approved unanimously by the Board.

Regarding reading of letters at Board meetings (actual vote tabled until August meeting): It was decided verbally that the President or Chiefs should have the power to determine whether or not letters are read at Board meetings. To consider any letters with controversial content, the Board should go into executive session. Walter Schoepfle cautioned that the Board could be liable for publishing any unfounded personal accusations, but by court order, matters considered in executive session are closed to the public, though they remain part of the permanent record.

Several individuals noted the importance of officially documenting resignations of PR EMTs and firefighters, so that PR would incur no liability for adverse actions of individuals who had resigned. Helen Snyder suggested that resignation forms be designed and made available. The current EMT and firefighter forms should include separation dates as well as join dates and approval dates. Jackie will make any needed changes to the forms and email them to the Secretary, who is assembling the policy manual.

5.2. Building keys

Rick noted that numerical locks turned out to be too expensive for the number of doors that would have to be re-keyed. An inexpensive solution may be to continue use of duct tape on door knobs, so that building users cannot leave opened doors unlocked. Jeff will adjust striker plates and install washers on two classroom doors so that they will close tightly and lock, rather than blowing open, which they frequently do now. Additionally, every key should be stamped “do not duplicate” (though this information is often not heeded). Jeff volunteered to make keys for RCOs. Classroom cleaners also need access because the key formerly available at the Portal Store has been lost.

5.3 Volunteer/donations coordinator

No announcement has been circulated to recruit such a person. Rick will carry on sending out thank-you’s. Joanne Julien suggested coordinating donor solicitations with Alicia Davidson to make certain her crew has the information needed for such solicitations. Bill will do this. Ken Joens presented to PR a check from Stateline Samaritans for > $1,200, as the organization closes down its operations. Thank you!

5.4 Update on website (see section 1.3 above)

6.0 New Business (no new business)

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Funding for fire training

Dave requested permission to pay $108 per night for rooms at the State Fire School, exceeding the $70 limit set by the Board. Dave moved that the Board approve this request, Jeff seconded the motion, and the Board approved it unanimously.

7.2 Exception to classroom rental fee

In response to circulation of the classroom use calendar, Jeff had suggested waiving the $50 fee for the Websters, who would be holding a private birthday party there on July 15 and have contributed greatly as active PR members. Discussion centered on the fact that many people are major PR contributors, and that uneven administration of classroom fees could lead to dissension within the community. Rick proposed that active members be permitted to use the classroom in exchange for a voluntary donation. Jeff moved that the fee be waived in the Webster case, but the motion died for lack of a second.

7.3 Driveway paving

Tom Greenwade suggested that we might donate a couple of loads of water to the County in exchange for paving when they are in the area. It was suggested that we offer 3,000-4,000 gal, making sure that donation doesn’t draw down our tank more than our well can quickly replenish.

7.4 Selection of new Vice-President

Prior to selecting a new VP, we need to recruit a new ninth Board member from the community at large, so VP selection is tabled until the next meeting. Any community member with a suggestion for filling this position should immediately contact a Board member.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1. Pie festival (Gerry Hernbrode)

Gerry is gearing up for September pie festival and recruiting participants for the steering committee. Please contact her SOON if interested.

8.2. Recent dissension on PR Board (René Blondeau)

René expressed disappointment that recent ‘fussing’ among Board members has detracted from the organization’s mission. He thought that the posting of Kim Gee’s letter on the bulletin board at the Portal Post Office was a mistake and only accentuated the squabbles. Based on this Board meeting, he noted with approval that the problems appear to be working themselves out.

8.3. Radio for RCO (Bill Wilbur)

Bill noted that, after David Newton provided him with a radio, he is now able to serve as an RCO without leaving his home. The radio is an old one, out of a truck without a working internal speaker.

9.0 Adjournment

Jackie moved that we adjourn, and Cheri seconded the motion, which passed unanimously; the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm.

* This note was added to the minutes after the August meeting in order to correct the procedure that the Board must use in considering letters as part of meeting agendas. As required by Arizona’s Open Meeting Law, inclusion of any letter for reading by a board member at an open meeting necessitates that the letter be made available to board members not fewer than 24 hrs in advance of the meeting. The President shall approve requests for addition of letters to the agenda if no more than one board member votes against inclusion. If the letter is not supplied to board members as required, or if two or more board members oppose inclusion, the determination with regard to inclusion must be referred to an executive session for a vote. Any board member registering opposition to inclusion of a letter that the Board as a whole chooses to add to a meeting agenda receives legal protection from any negative consequences that may arise from consideration of a letter in an open meeting, so long as dissent by those board members is registered in minutes of the meeting. Letters not approved for inclusion on the agenda may only be released under subpoena.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

17 June 2009 (by Susanne Dyal)

1.0 Call to Order

President Tom Davidson called the June meeting to order at 6:01. Attending were all board members except Dinah Davidson. Four community members also attended: Bob Morse, Maya Decker, Alicia Davidson, and Barb Miller.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The meeting agenda was accepted (moved by Rick, seconded by Jackie) after the addition of two items: driveway paving discussion and firefighter grant discussion.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for 20 May 2009

David moved and Bill seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the 20 May meeting. The board accepted the minutes unanimously.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s Report (Tom Davidson)

President Tom Davidson announced that he has accepted a teaching position in El Paso this fall and will be out of town from Tuesday through Thursday every week. Tom advised that he would step down as president if required, but would be able to remain on the board if monthly meetings were to be held on Mondays instead. It was decided to discuss this during “New Business”.

Tom read a letter from Kim Gee resigning from Portal Rescue due to the defeated Pledge of Allegiance vote from the May meeting. A copy of Kim’s letter has been placed in PR’s permanent file.

Bob Morse brought a CD of historical photos. Bill Wilbur volunteered to be the historian.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Rick Beno)

Pothole fire pay came in; firefighters have been paid. Fire income received so far is $15,350, with Skeleton fire monies still coming in. Income so far this year is $37,000; approximately $23,000 has been spent. Rick added a structures maintenance category to the spreadsheet. This will cover such items as the recently-completed water tank work, which cost $654 instead of the estimated $1500 because a concrete pump was not needed. The money budgeted for office construction ($1000) was taken out the of rainy day deposit to balance expenses. Balance sheet as of 6/16/09 shows $20,050 in the checking account, and $62,320 total assets. The checking account balance, which is rather high, has not yet been transferred because liquidity is needed to handle vehicle repair bills and insurance quarterly installment. Since money markets currently pay virtually no interest (0.1%) there is no advantage to moving the money.

4.3 EMS Chief ‘s Report (Jeff Gee)

The monthly EMT meeting has been moved to June 27th from June 20th. SATNET (the annual EMT trauma conference in Tucson) attendees will be finalized then.

Jeff received word from Pepsico that a Gatorade donation was available, and he drove to Phoenix to pick up two pallets of the drinks. He could have taken three, but since each pallet weighs almost 2000 pounds couldn’t hold more in his truck.

Jeff once again is receiving a $500 donation from Wal-Mart. Typically this is used for bottled water, batteries, and other supplies not covered by grants. Jeff will put the grant into the form of a gift card to be used over the course of the year. He will submit the receipts all at once when the card is depleted. The donation is presented in the form of a giant cardboard check, and is a photo op for the Douglas paper.

Medical calls have been quiet this past month. Jeff went to Sierra Vista to teach an envenomation class to their fire department.

4.4 Fire Chief’s Report (David Newton)

There have been three wildfires in the past month. The first was the Cienega fire in New Mexico, where Portal firefighters assisted at Rodeo’s request. Although this was a good learning experience, Portal Rescue will probably not be compensated because we have no contract with New Mexico. Maya commented that although we have a mutual aid agreement with Rodeo, we do NOT have one with New Mexico. Jeff pointed out that this kind of cooperation happens both ways, and Rodeo will assist us if necessary.

The second fire was the Blind Canyon fire, which should gross Portal Rescue $3,200 (and net $2,840). The third and largest fire, the Skeleton fire, should gross about $16,900 and net $9,057.

Tender 1 drove to Hwy 80 to stand by while a crashed vehicle with a fuel leak was towed away; Douglas P.D. called us directly for assistance. In addition, Brush 9 was asked by Rodeo to help block traffic while a natural gas leak was being repaired.

One firefighter received CPR training; another attended a three-day ICS class in Douglas.

Grant deadlines have been extended. Only $16,000 has been spent on the 2008 90/10 grant; another $4000 needs to be spent. De-obligation from the FEMA compressor grant has been accepted, and David will close off the grant in November.

Brush 5 returned from the Skeleton fire with a leaking hub seal and bad tires. Repairs have been completed (including 8 new tires) and the brake job on Tender 7 is almost done. Credit for parts research and helping with quick repairs goes to Lee Dyal.

The void under the Portal Rescue water tank was filled with sand and grout; credit for finishing the job in a timely manner and under budget goes to Bob Walton, with thanks to Geoff Bender for backhoe time.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Tree wells—Dinah got Jan Hiatt to water the trees, but wells around trees still need to be dug, as health issues have prevented Cheri’s husband from working on them.

5.2 Policy manuals

5.2.1 The board discussed and approved the wording for Dinah’s submission.

Discussed; Dinah’s wording accepted. Wording for travel mileage reimbursement was discussed and will be changed to clarify the mileage reimbursement. Web site discussion (including email) will be discussed next month after input has been received by Bill from Board members.

5.2.2 Maya wrote the RCO job description; discussion ensued about wording, including how much of the procedures should be in the manual. One possibility is to include the RCO manual as an appendix to the policy manual. Maya proposed tabling discussion until the July meeting so Tom and others have had a chance to review RCO procedures. A motion for the delay was made by Jeff, seconded by Bill, and unanimously passed.

5.2.3 The board discussed Rick’s draft submission on Treasurer’s duties. Language appears too specific; references to Quicken and particular procedures required will be removed. Rick moved to accept changes; this was seconded by Jeff and approved. Tom requested exemplars of Excel forms.

5.2.4 Portal Rescue forms include travel form, First Care form, Expense Reimbursement form, monthly budget spreadsheet, and the Classroom agreement. Tom requested that all forms be sent to Dinah for the record and to be included in the policy manual. Jackie moved to accept the rental application form; this was seconded by Cheri and approved.

6.0 New Business

Jackie moved and Bill seconded changing the monthly meeting date to the 3rd Monday to accommodate Tom’s schedule. This was unanimously approved, and meetings will be on Mondays beginning in July. A special email is to be sent out apprising the public of the new meeting dates.

Jeff mentioned that SATNET hotel rates are in the vicinity of $100 per night; more than the $70 reimbursement amount. Jeff moved and Susanne seconded waiving the $70 limit for the SATNET conference; this was approved.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Maya suggested asking the county to have the Portal Rescue driveway paved while they are working here on Portal Road. Cheri volunteered her husband to look into the matter. Jeff mentioned that a culvert would probably need to be added before any work can be done. Jackie said she believed a culvert is already in the plans for the bottom of the drive as part of the work currently being considered by the county.

7.2 David Newton announced two grant opportunities. The first, the “Assistance to firefighter fire station construction” grant, a FEMA grant, is due July 10. More information is needed, such as what type of grant it is (50/50? 90/10?). David will research.

Also, the Western States Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program is coming due. This appears to be the 50/50 grant we have received in the past for brush cutting and clearing. Jeff thinks these grants are not being awarded unless there is a protection plan in place. Although we have one, it doesn’t currently meet their criteria. Newton will send out more information to board members.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

40 people have made reservations for the luau fundraisers to be held tomorrow at Barbara Miller’s house. Thanks to Jackie for organizing this.

9.0 Tom adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

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Portal Rescue Board Meeting

(Wednesday, 05/20/09)

1.0. Call to Order

President Tom Davidson called the May meeting together at 6:04 pm Attending were all nine Board members (Rick Beno, Tom Davidson, Dinah Davidson, Susanne Dyal, Jeff Gee, Cheri Greenwade, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, and Bill Wilbur), and four community members from Portal (Alicia Davidson, Maya Decker, Bob Morse, and Helen Snyder).

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The meeting agenda was accepted unanimously (David moved, Cheri seconded) after addition of two items: discussion of new letterhead, and Jackie’s proposal to distribute and revisit results of 2006-07 surveys of community members asked to define their goals for Portal Rescue.

3.0 Acceptance / Correction of Minutes for:

3.1 April meeting: Jackie pointed out that the Jasper birding fundraiser described by Maya at the April meeting was not going to happen.

3.2 Extraordinary meeting – Jackie’s suggested change (omission of extra verb) had already been incorporated.

3.3 Rick moved, and Susanne seconded a motion to accept both sets of minutes as amended, and the Board accepted the minutes unanimously.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Tom Davidson)

Tom thanked Jeff Gee and David Newton for now including him and other Board members in all communications. Prior knowledge of last Saturday’s training exercise enabled Tom to take digital images for publicity, and he has emailed those images and a description of the exercise to local papers. (No paper has yet responded.) Tom relayed favorable comments on the well-planned exercise from several Rodeo citizens, and Rick briefly summarized the exercise for meeting attendees.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Rick Beno)

Not much has happened since the last meeting. Many donations have been received ($12,115 year-to-date), and the Jan Gee contributions (not separated out in spreadsheet) now stand at $5,250. There were no new fundraisers, but $9,383 has now come in from the Hog fire and Mayday fires. Under a new “miscellaneous” category, $404 was paid out for expenses attending the soup kitchen. Additionally, the USFS had contracted PR through Barney to repair a FS danger-level sign costing $403, but we pay just 10% of this and will be reimbursed for the remainder. Rick recommended that about $1800 be allocated into the miscellaneous category to cover costs to date ($907) and those (possibly similar) for the remainder of year. Nothing new has come in from grants, but several new proposals are in the works (see below).

Investments were not transferred to GMAC as proposed and approved at the last meeting, because GMAC will accept only personal (not organizational) accounts. PR investments will remain with Edward Jones, which when threatened with withdrawal of our funds, informed Rick about some better-paying possibilities. Although these CDs are somewhat longer term, funds can be withdrawn in $1,000 increments and with withdrawal penalties limited to sums taken out. The 30-month CDs compound every 6 months. Our money market account still pays poorly (< 0.02%), and Rick will continue looking for alternatives. $4,250 from various sources will be deposited soon and bring total reserves (including our Rainy Day Fund of $42,162.59 and checking account ($15,634.03) up to $62,046.62. Rick suggests that an additional $10,000 might be in invested in another CD, though Tom suggested that this plan should perhaps be contingent on necessary outlays for fire-fighting (see below). Rick exhibited a commendation PR received from our insurer for having no claims; unfortunately this did not come with any rate adjustment.

4.3 EMS Chief (Jeff Gee)

Jeff apologized for missing Saturday’s well-planned exercise. He had no new EMS calls to report. In response to emails from the CDC and other organizations requesting preparation for worst possible scenarios, the onset of swine flu necessitated unusually large expenditures for certain supplies, e.g., IV fluid rescue equipment. (Masks with HEPA filters are back-ordered.) If we are unable to use these supplies prior to their expiration dates, Jeff is confident we can trade with Douglas or some other organization. Tom again requested that Jeff provide a summary of recent calls involving UDAs, in order for PR to request reimbursement from the federal government.

4.4 Fire Chief (Dave Newton)

Three grant proposals have been or will be submitted for reimbursements. A proposal to VFA (Volunteer Firefighters Association) would reimburse approximately $4,000 in 2007 expenditures for training, lodging, and food at AZ state fire school. David will also submit paperwork for a $20,000 90/10 grant (our portion $2,000) for equipment and training. The third proposal, for a 50:50 grant from VFA. The Board unanimously voted David authority to spend out the $4,000 needed to get the full $2,000 match (Jeff moved, Bill seconded).

David also reported that Tender 1 was on the Irishman fire (other side of Peloncillos) for two days, and PR should net $1,930. This vehicle also participated (gratis) in a controlled burn in Cloverdale, NM, and we will be reimbursed via invitations to fires.

Finally, we have not yet had a response to our request for deobligation to the $60,000 award for a compressor (see summary of extraordinary meeting). David hopes that his filing of the 6-mos performance report will elicit the desired response.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Luau (Jackie)

Jackie reported on plans for a Luau in Barb and Pete Miller’s yard, from 6-8 pm on 18 June. In exchange for food and soft drinks, the per person cost will be $25, with kids attending free. Jackie entertained the possibility of changing (increasing but not decreasing) the attendance charge, but the Board elected to leave it unchanged. Posters identifying needs for the event (chairs, etc.) will go up this week, and those advertising the event, menu, etc., in two weeks. Reservations will be needed in advance as part of planning for quantities of food.

5.2 Donation / volunteer coordinator (Tom)

Tom reiterated that we need a donation / volunteer coordinator. He will post a notice asking for a volunteer or volunteers, who could have active status by virtue of their ‘assigned recurring tasks’. Cheri may be able to take this on after mastering her new Vista operating system, and she will keep Tom informed as her computer skills improve. Any such volunteer would be able to deduct donated expenses by itemizing on tax returns.

5.3 Policy manual (Tom)

Tom has edited Jackie’s preliminary Table of Contents to indicate who (in parentheses) should be responsible for the first draft of each section. Everyone should feel free to call Tom with questions; he expects to be around continuously through the date of the next meeting. Jackie reported that the forms for classroom rental were already available and said she would collaborate with Barbara Miller (the community liaison) in writing this section. It was suggested that the RCO discussion be moved out of the Board section and into a section 2.4. With respect to section 2.3.3, a document of the Treasurer’s duties is already in Tom’s and Rick’s files. Maya urged that the Information Technology section of the manual include a strong statement about protection of email addresses. Tom will make these changes and send out a clean copy via email.

6.0 New business

6.1 PR website (Bill)

Bill has been working with Brad and Karen Emerson, who do this sort of site often. Such sites tend to have a similar structure: introduction page, news page, and then subsequent pages depending on what the organization does. Our site might have (at least) EMT, FF, RCO, and Board pages, each password-protected and editable by a single individual. Announcements can be put in pdf format on news pages. A budget page could be set up to permit work in Excel spreadsheets. We need to organize the format, and Bill will receive comments from the Board and report back on this at the next meeting. The Emersons are donating both their time and the costs of the domain and will submit an invoice in exchange for a donation slip. Helen suggested that a link be provided to individuals wishing to donate time or money. Jeff noted that the site can be set up to process contributions by Visa, Master Charge, etc., with costs usually 2% of donations. PortalRescue.com is now our domain. It was suggested that we might grab other domains (e.g., PortalRescue.org), but someone reminded that adding domains would add to registration costs.

6.2 Watering trees at PR Base (Dinah)

Dinah noted that, after caring for PR grounds, watering, etc., for many years, Pete Miller had resigned from these responsibilities last August, while no one has yet been appointed to replace him. He has continued to water trees when he attends events at the classroom, but a replacement volunteer is needed. The Hiatts live very near the station, and Jan Hiatt has agreed to take over the watering. Dinah has promised to facilitate this by finding someone to dig out the wells near each of the 10 trees, and Pete Miller has agreed to supply materials needed to restore the drip irrigation system that was destroyed when the power line was installed underground. Cheri volunteered her husband Tom to work with Pete to install the new drip line, and to, perhaps with the aid of some fire-fighters, dig out the wells. Vegetation around the buildings was initially installed to protect views from the Portal Store and Motel, and from the residence of Mary Willy, who donated the land. Some of the conifers were originally live yule trees in homes of Portal residents. Jackie suggested that we should request that future donations be drought-tolerant native species like juniper.

6.3 Email list (Dinah)

Dinah thanks Maya Decker and Howard Topoff for helping her get the email list up in a new account (PortalRescue2@gmail.com) that is not restricted to Outlook Express on an individual computer. Details of this account will be handed down from one PR Secretary to the next, but it is noted that, in the future, we will also have a PR website available to facilitate communication.

6.3 Key control (Jackie/Susanne/Rick)

Tom indicated that he had met and discussed this topic with Rick, and that he appreciated the distinction between controlling access to the community classroom and that to the PR bays. Several Board members advocated a switch to keypads for both facilities, because key combinations are easily changed with turnover in personnel. Jeff noted that such changes will not solve the problem of people failing to check that doors are fully closed, nor that of people purposely leaving doors open. In the past, check lists about turning off air conditioning and heating have sometimes been ignored, and seemingly locked doors can blow open. Automatic door closers would help to solve these problems. Like classrooms, bays should be accessed by keypad. Susanne will check into types and costs of interior and exterior keypads, and Tom asked her to be certain to include just those for which combinations are easily changed.

6.4 Repair of fire-fighting equipment (David)

The brakes of Tender 7, our reserve tender with just 12,000 miles, have failed inspection. Although this truck was not used last year, and was used just once in the year previous, it is extremely important to have the truck available for fires in and near Portal when the main tender is out fighting wildland fires. After costing out the repairs, David indicates that an initial inspection can be done by Lance Shultis for under $200. Depending on what Lance finds, the repair will involve rebuilding or replacing the brakes, and costs would range to $1,000 or $2,000 under those different conditions. Unfortunately, funds that we need to spend out for fire equipment (4.4 above) cannot be used for repair. Jeff moved to authorize David to go ahead with this plan; Cheri seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Second, our big water tank mysteriously emptied half its contents. Working his way into a rabbit burrow, Bob Walton discovered that the foundation beneath the tank is ‘odd’. A 5 ft long, 2.5 ft deep ditch leaves a portion of the tank unsupported, and if sides of this ditch cave in some day, this could result in loss of the tank. The actual source of the leak was not identified, but is not associated with this ditch. Bill asked whether someone might have removed the water, but Jeff stated that the pipes were wrapped, so that tampering with the valve would have been difficult and evident. One possibility is that a small initial leak eventually self-sealed. The tank has been half full for a week and doesn’t seem to be leaking further. Rick suggested adding water and determining whether the tank holds water under higher (than present) pressure. Bob Walton, who has donated his labor to date, has costed out a repair including filling the void with sand/slurry (from Maddox) at $700 for 5 cu yds delivered, $800 for concrete pump (from Sierra Vista, with human operator), and $500 labor. Jeff noted that, when filled, the tank holds 30,000 gallons, and that 70,000 gallons can be used in a single day of fire-fighting. He moved, and Rick seconded, a motion to authorize David to move ahead with the repairs, and that motion passed unanimously.

6.5 Recitation of pledge of allegiance at PR meetings

Jeff moved to reinstitute the pledge of allegiance at the start of each PR Board meeting, and Cheri seconded the motion. (This issue had been considered at the April Board meeting, to which Jeff arrived late.) The motion included an exemption for any member for whom this would be uncomfortable. Rick pointed out that a ‘prayer issue’ is involved, and Helen argued that group recitation could make reticent members feel they had to comply, unwilling or not. The motion was subsequently voted down by a 5-to-4 margin.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Letterhead

Rick projected images of the two competing letterheads, one with and one without lines surrounding the buildings. A vote was taken, and the copy with lines was approved by a vote of 6 for and 3 abstentions.

7.2 2006-2007 review of survey results

Given considerable turnover in Board members, Jackie Lewis suggested that we revisit results of the 2006-2007 survey and focus groups considering future PR goals – a 5-yr plan, ending in 2011. She also distributed copies of the document. Note that starred items (recruitment and training) require continuous actions. Jackie observed that we are already working on some of these items, but Board members were asked to review these results to understand the opinions of the community.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 Images of 1991 PR building dedication

Maya Decker brought up a message from Judith Gilligan. During the course of Portal-Rodeo Realty’s involvement with the Spofford property, she discovered 10 slides of the 1991 PR building dedication and wonders whether someone would like to scan them into digital images. However, Bob Morse indicated that he already has such digital images of the event and would be happy to make them available to any interested party.

8.2 New PR office

Rick Beno has started construction of the new PR office and offered to show it to Board and community members immediately after the meeting.

8.3 Recognition of Pete Miller

Dinah suggested that the Board recognize Pete Miller’s contributions to grounds care at PR Base over many years and in various capacities. The Board quickly consented to this recognition by acclamation and a separate ‘thank you’ note will go out once we have a donations volunteer.

8.4 Secretary to be absent from next meeting

Dinah indicated that she would be absent from the next meeting, and that her duties would pass temporarily to Susanne on 10 June through 23 June, with Susanne writing up and circulating minutes of the June meeting.

9.0 Adjournment

Tom adjourned the meeting at 7:28 pm.

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Portal Rescue Board Meeting


1.0 The meeting convened at 6:00 p.m.: All nine Board members were present (Rick Beno, Tom Davidson, Dinah Davidson, Susanne Dyal, Jeff Gee, Cheri Greenwade, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, and Bill Wilbur). Community members attending from Portal (P) and Rodeo (R) included Alicia Davidson (P), Maya Decker (P), Mary Evans (P), David Johnson (P), Barbara Miller (P), Reed Peters (P), Bonnie Sites (R), and Phil Stewart (P).

2.0 Agenda: The agenda for the meeting was accepted after amended to add two items: discussion of new letterhead, and a proposal for a new fundraiser (Jackie Lewis). Dinah moved to accept the agenda as amended and Bill seconded; the motion passed unanimously.

3.0 Acceptance of the Minutes: Dinah summarized Rick Beno’s minutes for the March meeting, and Jackie’s motion to accept was seconded by Rick and passed unanimously.

4.0 Reports:

4.1 President’s Report: Tom Davidson: Tom announced that the required annual AZ Corporation report had been submitted on time (11 Apr 09), and that he had paid the $10 filing fee from his own account.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Rick Beno):

4.2.1. Rick thanked the Jan Gee family for proposing donations to Portal Rescue as an alternative to flowers. The Jan Gee Memorial Fund has so far accumulated $3600. Jeff has additional checks to give to Rick.

4.2.2. Net income from the three fires fought so far this year will be about $9,330. Gross income was $15,000. Firefighters are paid once funds have been paid to Portal Rescue.

4.2.3. The PR Rainy Day Fund currently includes $27,162, and both this and $15,000 in the Muma endowment are available for investment (discussion deferred until later in the meeting). At the current interest rate with Edward Jones (0.01515%), the combined $42,162 would be expected to earn us just $6.39 for the year. We can do better (discussion deferred to later in the meeting).

4.2.4. Currently, all categories of assets (including the RD Fund) total $61,699. Donations year-to- date equal $7,557 (good, considering the newsletter just went out), and fundraisers have contributed $8,206 so far this year. The budget is appended for Board members.

4.4 EMT Chief’s Report: Jeff Gee:

4.4.1. Since the March meeting, EMTs have responded to four calls: 2 Portal residents, 1 visitor, and 1 UDA. The request for EMT support for the UDA was passed from fire site commander to USBP, which then requested PR EMT support. PR EMT support (firefighters and EMTs) were on site.

4.4.2. The new dispatch system appears to be coming together well (but see below).

4.4.3. The joint EMT, FF, and Search & Rescue meeting has been moved to May, but RCOs should attend a session on radio communication on Saturday, April 18, at 1:00 pm.

4.3 Fire Chief’s Report: David Newton

4.3.1. Since the March meeting, PR FFs have responded to two fires and one false alarm (refuse burning by Portal resident). We netted $3750 from Pothole and Mayday fires.

4.3.2. At the monthly meeting, a training calendar was established. Six FFs recently attended a refresher course.

4.3.3. Three fire radios were stolen from David Newton’s house. Jeff recommended that we consider the deductable in the context of radio costs before reporting the theft to our insurer, and he Gee pointed out that we often get radios at little cost on grants (e.g., 10/90 grants).

4.3.4. Barbara Miller asked whom Portal residents should notify when they plan to burn yard refuse. Bill Wilbur and fire chief David Newton will devise a new plan that won’t require toning out all firefighters. However, in the interim, residents should phone Dave or another firefighter who can tone out all on the fire bar. Any new system must take into account the fact that refuse fires can sometimes later get out of control.

5.0. Old Business:

5.1. The new PR office remains in the planning stage until materials (single-pane windows, drywall, etc.), are picked up in Tucson (probably next week by Jeff Gee). Estimated total cost is $700.

6.0 New Business

6.1. Tom Davidson asked Board members to present themselves and their goals for terms on the Board. He directed Dinah Davidson to summarize these goals in a form that will permit their prioritization at the May Board meeting. (See the summary attached to these minutes.)

6.2. Per diem meal rates (B,L, D) of $8, $10, and $12 were reaffirmed. (These rates had already been approved; the circulated document with lower rates was an older version and in error.) The per diem lodging rate of $70 remains unchanged. Jeff Gee pointed out that EMTs and FFs can usually get good rates on lodging if they identify themselves as such, and favorable conference rates are usually worked out in advance. A discussion of fuel/mileage rates followed, and it was decided by unanimous vote (David moved, Cheri seconded) that actual mileage be determined from online maps and be reimbursed at $0.20/mile, a figure that should increase proportionately in relation to changes in the $0.14/mile charity rate as fuel costs escalate. Rick asked that any donations of expenses be submitted to him with receipts so that he may properly account for costs and donations in the budget and provide donation receipts to those who request them.

6.3. Dinah noted that, in light of recent experiences and the imminent seasonal departure of a very active RCO, PR should seek out and train additional RCOs, preferable including people living near the PR base. Tom Davidson suggested that this be added to the list of goals (above and attachment). Bill Wilbur will contact George May about continuing problems with the phone bar.

6.4. Rick Beno proposed changing our investment strategy for a portion of the Rainy Day Fund and for the Muma Fund, in order to capitalize on somewhat higher available interest rates available from GMAC online banking, compared to those we currently get by investing with Edward Jones (see above). The Muma endowment of $15,000 would be invested in a single CD, returning 2.65% on an annual basis. Rainy Day Funds in the amount of $15,000 would be invested at the same rate in 3 separate $5,000 CDs, possibly made at successive 3-month intervals, with funds held in a savings account (at a rate of 2.25%) prior to investing. Rick’s motion to this effect was seconded by Suzanne and passed unanimously by the Board. Jeff expressed the desirability of continuing to try to maintain a year’s operating expenses in our ‘available monies’ account.

6.5. Rick Beno announced that, in view of our goal of increased community outreach and accessibility of PR resources to active members, it was highly desirable to establish an interactive website. Rick volunteered to confer with Chris Talbot and cost this out.

6.6. Tom provided a thank-you card to acknowledge Sew What’s contributions to PR. Board members will be asked to sign after a note is written in the card.

7.0. Addenda

7.1. A short discussion of new PR letterhead was undertaken, and a vote postponed until an exemplar could be designed and exhibited at the May meeting.

7.2. Jackie Lewis asked the Board’s permission to explore the possibility of a June 18th fundraiser (Luau) to benefit PR. The Board unanimously granted that permission.

7.3. Bill Wilbur moved that we formally thank Bill Walters of Umphries Propane for his regular contributions of propane to PR. Bill moved that he have permission to investigate obtaining a donation receipt for Bill Walter’s costs. Dinah seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

8.0. For the Good of the Order: A May 9 bird count will also serve as a PR fundraiser. This is run by Dave Jasper, and people can pledge money for nos. of species counted.

9.0 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

Minutes for 18 March 2009

1.0 The meeting convened at 6:14 pm. Six of nine board members made up the quorum. Maya Decker, Rick Beno, Jeff Gee, David Newton/Barney Tomberlin, David Johnson and Misty Webster were present. Maya announced that this was the 27th annual meeting for Portal Rescue.

2.0 The agenda was presented and adopted without changes. Motion for acceptance by Barney, seconded by Rick.

3.0 Minutes for the January 2009 meeting were presented and accepted without change. Minutes for the February 2009 meeting were presented and accepted without change.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President: Maya Decker – announced that this is her last meeting as a board member for Portal Rescue. She expressed her enthusiasm for the energy and talent, and the time sacrificed by the people of the Portal, Paradise and Rodeo communities. She thanked the EMTs, the firefighters and community members for their dedication to making our community great. Maya stated that it has been an honor to serve Portal Rescue for the last two years.

4.2 Treasurer: Rick Beno (Acting) – A presentation was made for the final 2008 budget report. Rick reported that most budget categories fell within an acceptable tolerance between expected and actual revenues and expenses. Rick added new categories of revenue and expense, Rainy Day Draw and Replace, to adjust for deficit spending. Rick reported that donations were below those expected but were far above historical levels. Fire income for the year was $3,300 higher than projected. Fundraisers brought in over $14,000 for the year. In total, even though the budget called for $87,400 in revenues and expenses, $96,000 was revenues and $111,000 was expenses. This represented $15,000 in deficit spending (the amount spent to fix engine 2). It was noted that grants for 2008 expenses have not been received yet, adding to the requirement for deficit spending.

The proposed budget for 2009 was presented. The total revenues expected total $57,400 with expenses being around $45,000. This will leave a budget surplus of about $12,000 available for replacement into the Rainy Day Fund. Rick reported that grant funds for 2008 still outstanding will be applied to income for 2009 and that fire income is more conservatively estimated at only $14,000. Rick also reported over $9,300 already earned during the Hog fire.

A question was raised concerning the total fundraiser income reported in the balance sheet. Rick reported slightly lower numbers than reported earlier were due to funds taken in at the soup kitchen that were specifically noted as being general fund donations are reported under the donations category.

Expenses for 2009 have been allocated into fewer categories than previous years. The office category now includes all expenses related to operating the Portal Rescue buildings. Such things as telephones, utilities, building maintenance, dispatching etc are now grouped under this one category. EMS supplies is now a more reasonable $2,500. Fire training is budgeted for $5,000 and it is noted that six of our members are currently attending the fire academy in Prescott.

4.3 Fire – Barney thanked the nine firefighters who supported the Hog Fire which earned Portal Rescue $9,300. He also thanked three other firefighters who were on standby for response if needed.

Barney thanked Walter and Rick for helping the Forest Service extinguish the controlled burn at the Forest Service Helipad.

Barney reported that $20,000 is still owed Portal Rescue by the granting agency for 2008 grants and that an unknown amount is still available for part of a 2007 grant.

New Fire Chief David Newton expressed that his focus will be on firefighter safety.

4.4 EMS – Jeff’s report for the past year will be included in the upcoming newsletter.

Jeff thanked the EMTs for their continued support. Jeff has divided the workload amongst the EMTs, making the job more tolerable. There are currently 11 active EMTs and the “new” EMTs now have 3 years of experience.

Jeff thanked the community for their support. Without all of the support we receive there could be no Portal Rescue. Jeff also thanked the new RCOs for volunteering their time in helping with the new Portal Rescue dispatch. So far there are 14 active RCOs volunteering to help with radio communications necessary for both EMS and fire response from Portal Rescue.

Delane and O’Leary commented on the great service that they received from Portal Rescue during their respective calls for help.

5.0 Old Business – Vote for proposed By-Law changes. A motion by Jeff and seconded by Jackie was made to proceed with discussions of the By-Laws. Helen recommended an “OR” be placed between requirements for EMTs and firefighters. Rick explained the proposed changes were mostly cosmetic, with the exception of making membership a requirement for EMTs and firefighters. Also, as we no longer have a dispatch department, the By-Laws governing those actions need to be removed. Also, a By-Law for accepting a limited membership for persons performing defined and recurring activities has been added. Maya changed the wording in section 3d by adding a comma and removing a “by”.

Maya explained that only currently active members present, and active members attending the fire academy were eligible to vote. The changes were approve unanimously by the membership and become active immediately.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Votes for both active and community members on the Portal Rescue Board of Directors.

6.1.1 Election of three Active Member positions of the Board. Maya noted that two of the five active member positions are always occupied by the EMT Chief and the Fire Chief. This election is for the other three positions.

Pat Owens nominated Susanne Dyal. Barbara Miller nominated Jackie Lewis. Jeff Gee nominated Rick Beno. Jackie Lewis nominated David Johnson, who declined. No other nominations were made and the three candidates were approved by acclamation.

6.1.2 Election of four Community Member positions of the board. Maya explained the four seats available. Penny Johnson nominated Dinah Davidson. Kim Gee nominated Cheri Greenwade. Jeff Gee nominated Tom Davidson. Jeff Gee nominated Bill Wilbur. There were no other nominations and the nominations were closed and the four candidates were approved by acclamation.

7.0 No Discussion

8.0 No Discussion

9.0 The primary meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM.

The nine new board members met in private session and selected the following officers for the Portal Rescue Board of Directors.

Tom Davidson – President

Bill Wilbur – Vice President

Rick Beno – Treasurer

Dinah Davidson – Secretary

Submitted by Rick Beno – 26 March 2009 (A recording of the proceedings is available)

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting 2008

Portal Rescue Board Meeting

December 17, 2008

1.0 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda: The board adopted the meeting agenda without changes.

3.0 Adoption of Minutes: Minutes of the November board meeting had not yet been prepared, but Decker said they would be

available for review at the January, 2009 meeting.

4.0 Reports:

4.1 President’s Report: Maya Decker

Community member Dori Brooks reported that the “That’s My Pan” fundraiser she

conducted at the Portal Oktoberfest netted a total of $400 for Portal Rescue: 301.00 from profit of items sold; a $25 rebate from That’s My Pan for selling more than 50 items; and cash contributions of $75.00. Decker pointed out that Brooks had

invested a lot of time on the fundraiser, an example of how “people in the community still working hard … to raise funds for Portal Rescue.”

4.2 Treasurer’s Report: Maya Decker

Decker said this report would be discussed along with the development of the 2009 budget as part of Agenda Point 5.0, Old Business.

4.3 Fire Chief’s Report: Walter Schoepfle for Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin

4.3.1 Incident Report: Schoepfle reported that PR responded to one fire call since the last meeting, a car fire in Rodeo. PR

firefighters were on standby at the scene, but the Rodeo Fire Dept. handled the situation without needing PR’s assistance.

4.3.2 New Dispatch System: As of this day, PR has discontinued the use of 558-2222 as the emergency call line; community

members should now use 911. Schoepfle said the system works well for users – i.e., those calling in an emergency – although EMTs and firefighters still want to do “some fine tuning and adjustments under hood to make it work to our

satisfaction.” He noted that EMS calls will come from Douglas Dispatch and fire calls from the Cochise County Sheriff’s office. Sometime in early 2009, PR will have volunteer Radio Control Operators (RCOs) work from the station during calls for

on-the-job training. Vice President Rick Beno added that, although some of the RCO training will be during real calls, PR will also have to conduct some training via scenarios or “mimicked” calls. He anticipates that this type of training will begin in

January. In response to an audience question, Beno added that the 558-2222 number is still active, but that calls will be answered by an answering machine that will direct those with emergencies to hang up and call 911; the machine will not be programmed

to take messages. Decker noted that plans to redirect 2222 calls automatically to 911 are on hold pending some additional work that needs to be done by Valley Telecom.

4.4 EMS Chief‘s Report: Jeff Gee

4.4.1 New Dispatch System: Gee thanked all PR EMTs for agreeing to serve as the “first line of defense” under the new dispatch

system by accepting radio tones from Douglas Dispatch. He noted that the first EMS call made under the new system had “a few bugs, but no delay in patient care at all.”

4.4.2 EMS Training Equipment: Gee reviewed the status of EMS training equipment PR has purchased with a grant from the

Southeast Arizona Emergency Medical Services (SEAEMS) Council. So far PR has received the IV training and Combi-tube training devices; two other devices should arrive soon.

Tomberlin added that PR had to date spent about $12,000 on fire and equipment under the 90/10 RFA Grant that we received earlier in

the year. PR needs to spend an additional $8,000 to be spent in order to receive $18,000 in reimbursement under the terms of the grant. He reported that he extended the grant period from Jan. 1 to April so PR had more time to make purchases.

5.0 Old Business – Maya Decker

5.1 Review of the 2008 Budget:

5.1.1 Revenues and Expenditures: Decker recalled that the creation of the 2008 budget had presented many challenges because PR at the

time was faced with a $15,000 bill for repairs and upgrades to Engine 2 and $26,000 that would need to be paid in advance to “brush crew” workers in order to be reimbursed under the terms of the Fire Fuels Reduction grant. To balance the budget with

these expenditures, the board had had to set “outrageous” goals for revenues. However, she said, the organization has brought in those revenues: $103,000 gross, $15,000 of which was deposited into Portal Rescue’s “Rainy Day Fund” to replace withdrawals

earlier in the year — making 2008 “a very unusual year.”

Although 2008 revenue projections seemed excessive at the start of last year, Decker pointed out that the organization exceeded those

projections in three of four categories:

Fire Income: Projected – $18,000; Actual – $21,690.00.

Grant Money: Projected – $29,000; Actual – $35,000.

Fundraisers: Projected – $13,500; Actual – $17,000-plus.

The fourth revenue category, Donations, was projected at a “ridiculously high $22,000 in order to balance the budget,” said Decker. Actual

donations equaled $13,500, which she pointed out is more than PR has ever received in any prior year. Decker added that expenditures for the year, projected at $87,000, will likely actually top $90,000.

5.2 Developing the 2009 Budget:

5.2.1 Budget Planning: Decker suggested items to consider as the board worked on the 2009 budget. She recommended that the board

reduce the number of expenditure and revenue categories in order to simplify the budget process to make it more easily understood. She also asked for more realistic projections of EMS supply and equipment expense than those made in the 2008 budget.

5.2.2 New Budget Program: Decker introduced a new budget program Beno had designed that would allow tracking of individual expenses

and revenues, as with a check register, and then produce reports from that register. The board entertained questions from the audience about this new program, including whether the program would allow PR to track the spending of “restricted’ funds –

i.e., earmarked donations. The board discussed a proposed policy to refuse such earmarked donations in the future, so as to prevent donors from charting the course of PR expenditures and capital investments. Nevertheless, said Beno the new budget program

would allow such tracking if such a donation were to be accepted.

Beno also noted that he added two new categories, Draws from the Rainy Day Fund and Replacement of Funds to the Rainy Day Fund, to track

“deficit spending” such as that necessary in 2008 when $13,000 was drawn from that fund to cover the cost of Engine 2 repairs.

5.2.3 Current and Projected Revenues: Decker reported that PR’s Rainy Day Fund currently held $42,105, $15,000 of which is the base

endowment that cannot be spent. She noted that, at the beginning of 2008, the earnings interest rate on that fund was 3.3 percent; now it is at less than 1 percent. Therefore, projected interest earnings for 2009 are likely to be much lower than the

$1,200 projected for 2008. PR’s checking account currently holds about $12,000. Board and audience members discussed further the tracking of expenses and revenues with the new budget program.

5.2.4 Budget Meetings: The board discussed whether it would be necessary to hold a special budget planning session before its regular

January meeting, and concurred that such a meeting would not be necessary.

6.0 For the Good of the Order: Gee noted that on a recent call, Douglas Dispatch was very impressed by PR’s new locator system and

the reports that system produces for responding firefighters and EMTs. Douglas asked Beno, who designed Portal’s system, to create a similar one for Douglas.

7.0 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:25.

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Portal Rescue Board Meeting

November 19, 2008

  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:01

  2. Adoption of Agenda: The meeting agenda was adopted without changes.




Presidents Report: Special Presentation on Portal Rescue Dispatch — Loni Webster & Walter


Shut-down of Current PR Dispatch System: Loni Webster read a statement from the Portal Store Dispatch Team (of which she is a member)

explaining that the owners of the Portal Store regrettably could no longer provide 24/7 volunteer dispatch services. The Websters felt it was no longer possible for them to absorb the financial impact and emotional strain of this volunteer service. They

plan to end the service in 30 days. Webster added that the Portal Store had explored options to sustain dispatch at store, but found no assistance available from the county, state, etc. She said they would work with new dispatchers to smooth the

transition to another system.

Dispatch Process: Assistant Fire Chief W.S. reviewed how emergency calls are currently handled by dispatch at the Portal Store,

including – as necessary – contacting EMTs and firefighters, providing directions to the scene, ordering helicopters, communicating with Douglas EMS, and communicating with other firefighting agencies. In short, he said, the dispatchers at the Portal

Store have carried a lot of responsibility, and have done their job for five years without making any mistakes leading to mortalities, delays in treatment, loss of limb, or other major problem.

Portal Rescue firefighters and EMTs have been looking into various options for handling PR dispatch. Schoepfle pointed out that, if PR no

longer uses volunteer dispatchers, 911 calls for medical emergencies will be routed to Douglas. However, Douglas dispatchers would be required to put Portal calls in the queue with those from the rest of its service area – i.e., it cannot respond to

Portal calls first simply because we are an hour away. So this approach will result in delays to medical care for Portal residents. Schoepfle also discussed some of the dispatch/communication systems other emergency service organizations in the area are

using. Most of them wouldn’t work in Portal because of a) the distances involved (especially the distance many PR members live from the station), b) the effects of the mountain range on wireless communications; c) liability issues; and d) costs that

would be prohibitive unless Portal becomes a fire district.

Possibilities for New Dispatch System: As PR members research solutions to the dispatch problem, they are focusing on

two things: a radio-based system and a telephone (land-line)-based system. With the former, callers would use 911, which goes to dispatch in Bisbee, then Bisbee would send a tone to all PR radios. A member of the PR team would have to call dispatch to

obtain details and confirm response. Essentially, said Schoepfle, PR members would be “auto-dispatching” themselves. However, he said, the radio-based system won’t suffice when the USFS or BLM wants to communicate with us regarding a fire, because they

can’t call 911, an emergency-only line. While in discussion with Cochise County about a radio-based system, PR members are also looking into a phone-based system as a temporary solution, to ensure that in 30 days service won’t be interrupted.

Schoepfle suggested that a radio-based system is probably better in the long run, since a phone-based system would require someone to sit by

the phone 24/7. The radio system will cost more, as PR would likely need better radios and perhaps an additional radio tower. The radio-based system – predicated on calls to 911 in Bisbee — may also make it difficult for Portal EMTs to serve New Mexico

residents, as their 911 calls will go to Lordsburg. “Unfortunately 911 in NM will not communicate with 911 in Bisbee. Interstate communication between 911 systems does not happen.”

Schoepfle concluded that, “as we work through this we’re going to try to avoid surprising you at 30 days – saying [at the last minute],

‘this is what you got.'”

Audience Questions and Comments: The Board entertained questions and comments from the audience. The discussion covered a number of

topics, including: the cost of a radio-based system; problems with cell phone-based or satellite-based communications; creating a “bomb proof” – i.e., foolproof dispatch system; privacy concerns; standards and liability issues for dispatchers; and

becoming a fire district. The Board and audience also applauded the Portal Store owners for their five years of service.

Community Preparation: EMT Chief Jeff Gee proposed that, for the short-term at least, callers with an emergency should call 911, not

558-2222. For now, he said, Bisbee dispatch will call the dispatchers on the 2222 line; but eventually PR will have to stop using 2222. Gee emphasized that callers – even though upset – provide the best information possible to the 911 dispatcher. He also

asked community members to make sure their 911 locator address – the green, four-digit sign provided by the county – shows up well and that their road signs are up and visible.

Treasurer’s Report – Shela Delong and Maya Decker:

Revenues: Donation and fundraiser revenues for this year were actually higher than last year. Maya: Previous years we averaged about

$10-12K a year; this year we got $13,640. The $22K on the budget was just to try to balance the budget, a ridiculous figure. But we did very well. We had really good responses from community. Fire income $21,690. Maya need to correct something said

earlier – that the fire pay was $8,000 plus – that came out of that total of $21,000.

Expenses: DeLong reported that all the funds withdrawn from PR’s “rainy day fund” earlier in the year to cover a large truck repair

bill have now been replaced.

New Business Maya Decker:

Decker reported that Vice President Beno is working on a new Excel program for budget management. She asked board members to review budget

documents she has emailed them to prepare for developing the 2009 budget in January. Decker noted that the board needed to “anticipate in 2009 … a serious drop in donations as we deal with difficult economic times.”

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:41

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Portal Rescue Board of Directors



1.0 Come to Order: 6:03 p.m.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda: The board adopted the agenda as presented.

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes: The board accepted the minutes with the following change: the last sentence of Section 4.2.1

would be amended to reflect that the Vehicle Operations Budget will show the amount remaining from the $5,000 donation made in 2007 (i.e., would reflect what has already been spent), not the entire $5,000.00.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s Report – Maya Decker

4.1.1 Praise for EMT Services: Decker summarized two letters Portal Rescue (PR) had received in the last month applauding the

efficiency and professionalism of Portal Rescue’s EMTs on recent calls. She noted that, in the past month, PR had received $1,500.00 in donations from people the EMS had assisted.

4.1.2 Regarding the October, 2008 Board Meeting, Decker reported that three, and perhaps four board members

would be absent for the October PR Board Meeting. Secretary Bender made a motion to cancel the October meeting; Fire Chief Tomberlin seconded the motion. The board voted to cancel the October meeting.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report – Sheila DeLong

DeLong referred the Board to the printed summary of the Treasurer’s Report (attached).

4.3 Fire Chief’s Report – Barney Tomberlin & Tony Godfrey

4.3.1 Cochise County Fire Chiefs’ Meeting: Training Chief Tony Godfrey reported information learned at the Cochise County fire

chiefs’ meeting in Bisbee, which he and Assistant Fire Chief Mitch Webster attended on DATE. All the emergency medical helicopters that serve Cochise County now have global positioning systems (GPS), which will facilitate the response of the nearest

helicopter to an emergency site. Other announcements at the chiefs’ meeting: Tom Warfield, Assistant Fire Management Officer with the Arizona State Forestry Division, is retiring; and Cochise County emergency responders need to be aware that the

Johnson Mine north of I-10 near Benson is reopening, and will be using a sulphuric acid leach process.

4.3.2 State Fire School: Godfrey also reported on information he gained at the Arizona State Fire School, which he and some other PR

firefighters attended earlier in the month. At the seminar, “Rural Volunteer Fire Department Management,” Godfrey gathered information on approximately 30 sources of grant funding that PR has never applied to. Godfrey also learned from VFIS Insurance

Company, PR’s insurance agency, that the agency has a lot of training materials it will provide volunteer departments for free. Godfrey ordered training videos on driving emergency vehicles and on blood-borne pathogens.

4.3.3 Arizona Wildfire Academy: Godfrey pointed out that PR has $4,000 in grant funds for training purposes that the organization

hadn’t spent to send firefighters to state fire school. He recommended that PR enroll as many firefighters as possible in the Arizona Wildfire Academy, to be held next March. Tomberlin added that we need to spend the training money by Dec. 31, 2008, and

that a list of academy classes needs to be publicly posted and otherwise made available so firefighters can begin planning.

4.4 EMS Chief’s Report – Assistant EMS Chief Rick Beno for Chief Jeff Gee

4.4.1 Recent Calls: Beno reported that PR EMS recently received three calls in one, 24-hour period, two of which were only nine

minutes apart. He said everything went very smoothly, and that “the team came together well.” Two PR firefighters assisted on the second call, he added.

4.4.2 Upcoming Training: Tucson Medical Center staff are scheduled to be in Portal Sept. 24 to provide a free, four-hour CE training

to EMTs.

4.5 Dispatch Representative’s Report — Misty Webster

4.5.1 Recent Calls: Webster said the spate of EMT calls reported by Beno represented the first time the current group of

dispatchers had handled two calls at the same time. She noted the benefit of having two ambulances now.

4.5.2 Donations from Portal Store Boxes: Between Feb. 16 and Sept. 17, 2008, the PR donation box on the counter at the Portal Store

collected $400.00.

4.6 Volunteer Recognition Luncheon – Maya Decker

Decker reminded the board that PR’s First Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon would be held Sept. 27 at noon at the PR Building.

5.0 Old Business: No old business.

6.0 New Business:

6.1 The Use of the $5,000 Donation and Other Earmarked Donations: Earlier in the meeting, after the discussion of amending the August

minutes to accurately reflect the budget itemization of the $5,000.00 donation made in 2007, Board Member David Johnson raised the question of whether that donation had been made to pay for renovation of two trucks or three. Decker reviewed the history

of communications about this donation, noting discrepancies between what the initial letter from the donors said – i.e., Tender X and Brush Truck Y – and what then Fire Chief McAvoy reported in the Nov. 20, 2007 meeting after the donation was accepted –

i.e., Tender X, Brush Truck Y, and Engine Z. Subsequent communications, including a thank-you letter from Portal Rescue and another letter written by the donors at Portal Rescue’s request to clarify the situation have created further confusion.

Decker said she took “full responsibility for not having a discussion with and vote from the board about accepting a [donation] with

provisos attached.”

Board and audience members then discussed how the funds had been used to date. Decker noted that Portal Rescue has only one checking account

from which to pay operating expenses, and that bills submitted for work on various vehicles often don’t specify the vehicle, thus making it difficult to track the expenditures.

After a lengthy discussion, audience member Helen Snyder noted that acceptance and use of “earmarked” donations has been a recurring problem

in the organization. She suggested that the board establish a policy for accepting or refusing earmarked donations. The board agreed to develop a policy to put to vote.

7.0 Addenda: No addenda.

8.0 For the Good of the Order:

8.1 The Portal/Rodeo Phonebook: Decker reported that the Portal/Rodeo Phonebook, created earlier this year and sold to benefit Portal

Rescue had earned $2,771.00 as of Sept. 17. And update to the residential pages would be out in the next two months.

8.2 Community Wildfire Protection Plan: Snyder reported to the board that in order to receive further grant money for brush removal

(i.e., the Fire Fuels Reduction grant), PR is required to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Snyder said a committee would be needed with representatives from various sectors within Portal Rescue’s coverage area – i.e., Paradise, the Sulphur

Canyon area – to develop such a plan. She offered to lead the committee.

9.0 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

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Portal Rescue Inc.

Board Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2008

1.0 Call to Order: 6:03 p.m.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was adopted with two revisions: adding a report on telephone book sales to Section 4.6,

Fundraisers; and, including a discussion of ways to solicit additional donations from the community in Section 7.1, Addenda.

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes: The minutes from July 2008 were amended as follows: the heading for Section 4.25 should be amended to read

“allocation” not “appropriation”; and the time of Buck Fire should be changed from June to July 4.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s Report – Maya Decker

4.1.1 Payment for Jack Wood Fire: Portal Rescue (PR) recently received payment for its

participation in the Jack Wood Fire in June. Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin, while recovering from knee surgery, is working on the allocation

of payments to firefighters and to the organization.

4.1.2 2008 Earnings from Fire Work to Date: So far in 2008, PR has earned $21, 718

.12 for work on state or USFS fires, all of which the organization has received

except the 2710.96 for the Buck Fire in July.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report – Shela DeLong

4.2.1 Changes to Budget Report: The Budget Report for August includes several changes

to reflect recent income received and decisions made at the July board meeting. The $11,860 received for work on the Jack Wood Fire and

$6737.16 received in June for the Whitmire Fire has been moved from Accounts Receivable to Fire Income. The $5,000 donation made last year for work on fire trucks is now included in the Vehicle Operations budget for this year.

4.2.2 Changes to Telephone Service: VTC is now the long-distance carrier for PR’s

business and emergency telephone lines; The AT&T service was cancelled because the base fee of $70/month, was too expensive. This change

should help reduce upcoming expenditures in the Telephone & Office Expenditures budget.

4.2.3 Accounts Payable: PR made a $2024.00 insurance payment in July with the last

payment for the year of the same amount coming due in October.

4.2.4 EMT Supplies Budget: As discussed at the July board meeting, the $100.00

allocated for the 2008 EMS Supplies budget is inadequate. President Decker, having reviewed EMS supply costs in previous years, made a

motion to set the budget for this category at $2,000.00 by moving $1,500.00 from the Vehicle Operations budget and $400.00 from the Fire Pay budget. EMS Chief Jeff Gee seconded the motion. However, after some discussion of whether reducing the Fire Pay

budget would leave it in the red for 2008, Gee motioned for an amendment to the previous motion, whereby only $1,500.00 would be reallocated from the Vehicle Operations budget to the EMS Supplies budget, leaving the Fire Pay budget as is. DeLong seconded

the motion, which passed by majority vote.

4.3 Fire Chief’s Report – Maya Decker (reporting for Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin)

4.3.1 State Fire School: Three or four PR firefighters had signed up so far for the annual

state fire school, scheduled for Sept. 4-7 in Mesa. Portal Rescue has $3,600.00 from a Rural Firefighters’ Association grant to pay tuition

for up to 10 firefighters to attend fire school. The money for the training portion of the RFA grant will be received after all the receipts for training expenditures are sent in.

4.4 EMS Chief’s Report – EMS Chief Jeff Gee

4.3.1 SATNET Conference: Seven PR EMTs attended the Southern Arizona Trauma

Network (SATNET) conference in [early Aug?], where they received 12 hours of training and also networked with vendors and SATNET

officials. Gee asked for money from three medical helicopter agencies that respond to PR emergencies to buy gravel for our new helispot.

4.3.2 Final Payment for Brush Crew: Gee has been calling the State Land Dept. and

expects the final $12,000.00 owed to Portal Rescue under the Fire Fuels Reduction (brush crew) Grant (FFRG) to arrive soon.

4.5 Dispatchers’ Report – Misty Webster, Dispatch Representative

4.41 Slow Month: Dispatch did not have anything new to report, as Portal Rescue has

received no fire calls and few EMT calls in the month since the last board meeting.

4.4.2 New Locator Book: Vice President Rick Beno, who has been working on an updated

version of the PR Locator Book, demonstrated the new book is being designed to allow dispatchers to sort listings by area. As a result, if

there is a fire in a particular part of PR’s coverage area – say, Sulphur Canyon — the dispatchers will be able to identify and call only those residents in the area affected. However, Beno said, better descriptions of specific areas within PR’s

coverage area are needed. He is going have a booth at the Sew What Oktoberfest where residents can check their listings and amend them, including their location, as needed.

4.6 Fundraising

4.6.1 Pie Festival: Organizers of the Pie Fest on Aug. 30, proceeds of which benefit Portal

Rescue, are expecting more than 100 pies to be donated.

4.6.2 Phonebook: Barbara Miller reported that as of the of the board meeting, sales of the

Portal/Rodeo phonebook produced this year by Friends of Portal Rescue has earned $2,607.00 for PR.

4.6.3 New Donation: DeLong added that PR had recently received a $1,000 donation for

fire and EMS services from the family of an EMS patient.

4.7 Volunteer Recognition Luncheon: Decker reminded all present that the PR Volunteer

Recognition Luncheon, a pot-luck affair, would be held Sept. 27th at the PR building, and announced that Jackie Lewis had agreed

to coordinate the planning and work involved. She asked for anyone willing to volunteer to help out with the luncheon to call Jackie Lewis at 558-2287.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 EMS Budget: This was resolved during the discussion of Treasurer’s Report (see 4.24 above.)

5.2 Transferring Funds to PR’s Edward Jones Account (the “Rainy Day Fund”): As of the date of the board meeting, PR’s general

checking account held $28,447.47; few upcoming expenses were expected other than the payment of firefighters on the Jack Wood Fire. Decker recommended that PR transfer $15,000 to the Rainy-day Fund to replace the $15,000 withdrawn from that account

earlier in the year to pay for repairs to Engine 2.

Beno noted that PR is $13,000.00 behind the amount budgeted for donations in 2008; he suggested that if we transfer $15,000.00 to the

Rainy-day account now, we may soon have to take some of it back out again. Board Member David Johnson suggested transferring $10,000.00 into the account now, and transferring another $5,000.00 when the $12,000.00 grant check from the FFRG arrives.

Secretary Lisa Bender agreed, noting that PR will need to start purchasing equipment and supplies covered under the $18,000 Rural Firefighters’ Association (RFA) Grant, in order to complete the expenditures and be eligible for reimbursement under the

grant by the end of the year.

Gee made a motion to transfer all $15,000.00 into the Edward Jones account now; Decker seconded the motion. Johnson made a motion to

transfer $10,000.00 now and $5,000.00 later; Bender seconded the motion. Gee noted that, $3,600.00 of the RFA Grant was earmarked for State Fire School tuitions, and PR would not likely spend that much on those tuitions. Johnson replied that PR should

keep that $3,600.00 for other training purposes and not reallocate it to equipment/supply expenditures.

Decker accepted Johnson’s motion as a friendly amendment and asked for a vote on the motion to transfer $10,000.00 into the Rainy-day

Account now, and another $5,000.00 when the FFRG payment arrives. The Board voted 7 to 1 in favor of the motion.

6.0 New Business – No New Business

7.0 Addenda – Donations

7.1 Seeking Additional Donations: Decker said it would not be productive to brainstorm during the board meeting about ways to boost

donations to PR, and suggested that the board should agree to create a committee to deal with the issue.

Gee suggested that PR issue some sort of notice or advertisement of the need for donations. He noted that PR needs to have enough money in

the Rainy-day Account to cover an entire year’s budget, which is not now the case.

9.0 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:17.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

July 16, 2008

  1. Call to Order: 6:06 p.m. Portal Rescue President Maya Decker was out of town, so Vice President Rick Beno led the meeting.

  1. Adoption of Agenda: EMS Chief Jeff Gee suggested the nomination of a Portal Rescue Member of the Month. Beno said the question would

    be addressed as an addendum to the agenda. The Board accepted the agenda with the addendum.

  1. Acceptance of the Minutes: Minutes from the June 2008 meeting are amended as follows: The correction to previous minutes regarding

    $1,800 in expenditures on a brush truck was still incorrect. The money was spent on Brush Truck 6, not Brush Truck 9. The Board accepted June minutes as corrected.

  1. Reports

  1. President’s Report: Vice President Rick Beno (Maya Decker is out of town on vacation)

    1. Kudos to Portal Rescue Members: Beno read a letter Bob Morse had written applauding Portal Rescue (PR) firefighters’ and

      EMTs’ service in the area on July 5. On that day, he said, two firefighters were working on the Buck Fire in the southern Chiricahuas, a number of EMTs responded to a call in Sulphur Canyon, two other firefighters were in Rodeo to provide radio relay for

      those EMTs, and other firefighters were conducting a vehicle check at the PR buildings.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Shela Delong

    1. Revenues: PR recently received the first of two payments due from the Fire Fuels Reduction (i.e., “brush crew”) Grant,

      $13,951.08, all of which was deposited in the general checking account. Since then, checks totaling $3,415 have been disbursed for various expenses, leaving $11,062 in the general checking account. The Edward Jones Money Market Account (a.k.a.

      “Rainy Day” fund) currently holds $26,291.

    2. Expected Revenues: PR is awaiting the following payments: 1) approximately $19,000 for its participation in various fires on state

      and national forest lands, the applications for which have been submitted; and 2) approximately $12,000, the second and final payment from the Fire Fuels Reduction Grant.

    3. Grants: PR was recently awarded a grant of $18,000 from the Rural Firefighters Association, but under the terms of that grant, the

      organization must spend the money first, then be reimbursed. PR also applied for money from a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant program, but has not yet heard about the awards.

    4. Expenditures: To date, PR expenditures for EMS supplies totaled $1,136.92, significantly more than the $100 budgeted for the year.

      Telephone and office expenditures to date are $560 over budget; DeLong said she was working to eliminate the long-distance service on the phone at the PR building. In May and June, PR paid a total of $2,796.51 to fill vehicle fuel storage

      tanks. Although those expenditures were listed in the June Budget Report under Maintenance and Operations category, they should be listed in the Vehicle Operations category.

    5. Appropriation of Funds: EMS Chief Jeff Gee suggested that PR put $10,000 of the brush crew payment into the money market account,

      since PR had spent $15,000 from that account to cover the costs of repairs to Engine 2. Board and community members then discussed the amount that needed to be kept in the general checking account, noting that monthly expenditures vary significantly

      depending on fires and other occurrences. Gee then suggested that at least $7,500 – half of what had been withdrawn from the money market account for Engine 2 – should be deposited in that account now. (See 4.2.7 below)

    6. Changes to EMS Supplies Budget: Gee reported that much of the $1,136 spent went to finish outfitting Rescue 4, PR’s new ambulance;

      he said he doesn’t anticipate many upcoming expenses in this category, as both the vehicles and the supply cabinet were well stocked. The $100 budgeted for EMS supplies for 2008 was, he said, an arbitrary amount he suggested just to get the budget

      completed. In addition, he noted that some of the costs of outfitting Rescue 4 were covered by the $25,000 donation made for that vehicle in 2007. He suggested that PR leave the budget at $100, so that, at the PR’s 2009 annual meeting, attendees will see

      how the growth of the community has affected the budget. Board Member David Johnson responded that the budget report should be structured to show that the donation money from the previous years actually covered much of the costs for EMS supplies. Beno

      said the budget as now structured wasn’t deceiving, because the money for Rescue 4 is “buried” in the amount shown in the money market account, which in turn helped covered expenditures over budget in 2007 – namely, Brush 2 costs. Gee noted

      that there were other EMS supplies purchased, including IVs and Combi-Tubes, which a number of EMTs were recently certified to use. The $100 amount budgeted was just an initial budget amount, not realistic. David Johnson asked whether Gee could look at

      expenditures in this category at the end of the year and come up with a realistic budget amount for 2009. Gee said he was working on that, adding that $550 in donations had been received so far this year for EMS services provided, and that supply costs

      varied greatly from year to year.

    7. Other Discussion: Board members and community participants discussed postponing the deposit of funds in PR’s money

      market account until other, expected revenues come in. Johnson suggested that the Board consider changing its fiscal year so that it began in September, after PR had received all the “fire pay” (i.e., reimbursement for work on

      fires) for the season. Beno said that topic would be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Community participant Helen Synder noted that changing fiscal year might require a change in the bylaws.

  1. Fire Chief’s Report: Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin

    1. No report for this meeting since Chief Tomberlin was out of town.

  1. EMS Chief’s Report: EMS Chief Jeff Gee

    1. Fire Fuels Reduction Grant: As one of its final tasks, the brush crew cleared and widened a footpath between the end of Cathedral

      Rock Road and Poorwill Road, creating an additional evacuation route for the residents of both roads. Bob Chew has agreed to pay for a culvert that is needed for the connecting road. A complete report on the work of the brush crew this year will be

      posted at the Portal Post Office. Portal Rescue will apply for the Fire Fuels Reduction Grant this year; if awarded, the brush crew will begin work this winter.

    2. Training: The Southern Arizona Trauma Network (SATNET) annual training will be held in August; PR has received enough scholarships

      for this program to send all its EMTs while paying for only five. The Southeast Arizona Emergency Medical Services Council (SAEMS) has awarded PR a Provider Grant to cover two training devices – a dummy for practicing use of the Combi-Tube intubation

      device and a dummy arm for practicing use of intravenous lines. SAEMS will purchase and ship both devices.

    3. EMS Supplies Budget: Gee had nothing further to report on this, as it had been discussed during the Treasurer’s Report.

    4. EMS Calls: Since the last Board meeting, PR had responded to eight medical calls: two patients were transported by helicopter, the

      other six by Douglas ambulance. Four of the eight patients were undocumented aliens.

  1. Dispatchers Report: Dispatch Representative Misty Webster

    1. Jack Wood Fire: During the Jack Wood Fire in Horseshoe Canyon in June, PR dispatchers and Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin

      received — on the PR emergency line, the dispatchers’ home phone lines, the PR business phone, and Tomberlin’s home phone line — over 100 phone calls. Most of the calls were from residents asking if they should evacuate, where to go, and if PR could

      help them evacuate. Gee and Snyder responded that the level of calls indicated a need to provide some sort of “refresher” to the community on the evacuation plan, and perhaps even update the plan. Snyder suggested that PR might be able to use

      the Portal website during fires to provide updated information from the U.S. Forest Service and other evacuation recommendations, thus relieving Dispatch of some of the burden of communications. Board members and meeting participants discussed the

      particulars of the Jack Wood Fire and residents’ responses to it.

  1. Old Business: No old business

  1. New Business: No new business.

  1. Addenda

  1. Member of the Month: Gee recommended that Bob Morse, resident of Portal and former PR firefighter be nominated “Volunteer of

    the Month.” During the Jack Wood fire, Morse spent two entire nights at the PR building handling dispatch duties to help the regular dispatchers. The Board unanimously approved the nomination.

  1. For the Good of the Order: No additional commentary.

  1. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

June 18, 2008

  1. Call to Order: 6:02 PM

  1. Adoption of Agenda: Approved by all present. Roberta Ward, a member of the community, asked for information about Portal’s Fire

    Evacuation Plan; President Decker said the question would be addressed as an addendum to the agenda.

  1. Acceptance of the Minutes: Minutes from the April 16, 2008 meeting are amended as follows: $1,800 was spent on Brush Truck 9, not

    Brush Truck 6; Bill Wilbur is not a Portal Rescue firefighter; and Lance Shultis’ name was misspelled (i.e., Schultiz). Board accepted April minutes as corrected.

  1. Reports

  1. President’s Report: Maya Decker

    1. USFS Severity Patrol: President Decker reported that she was trying to arrange for a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) representative to

      meet with the Portal Rescue (PR) Board to discuss the extent of that agency’s fire severity patrol in Cave Creek Canyon and other parts of the Chiricahuas. Fire Chief Barney Tomberlin noted that it was unlikely that PR would be able to get a USFS

      representative here during peak fire season.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Maya Decker (reporting for Treasurer Shela Delong, who was out of town)

    1. Revenues: Decker reported the balances in PR’s accounts: $4,449.88 in the checking account, $11,876.60 in the Rainy Day Fund, and

      $15,000.00 in the Kay Muma Fund, for a total of $26,876.00. She said the organization expects to soon receive $14,000.00 from the Fire Fuels Reduction Grant (FFRG) in reimbursement for “Brush Crew” work, and a $6,737.16 payment for PR’s work

      on the Whitmire Fire in the Peloncillo Mountains in May.

    2. Expenditures: Decker reported that PR paid off the $14,684.19 bill for repairs to Engine 2 in May from the Rainy Day fund as

      authorized by the Board in its April meeting.

    3. Planning: Decker advised PR Board members to consider, for future discussion the issue of how the forthcoming payments from the

      FFRG and the Whitmire Fire be allocated between the organization’s checking account and the Rainy Day Fund. Tomberlin noted that some of the funds from the Whitmire Fire must be used to pay firefighters who worked on that operation before the rest could

      be allocated to PR accounts. Board member David Johnson suggested that, in future discussions on allocation of revenues, the Board consider the advantages of keeping only a minimal amount in the checking account and allocating more funds to an

      interest-bearing account. Decker and Tomberlin replied that a certain amount must be readily available in the checking account for unexpected expenses – e.g., truck repairs.

  1. Fire Chief’s Report: Barney Tomberlin

    1. May Activities: Fire Chief Tomberlin noted that the organization dealt with two fires in May: one in “downtown” Portal

      on May 21, and the Whitmire Fire from May 21-23. He said that payment for PR’s work on the latter fire, which ultimately covered 3,600 acres, was expected to arrive within the next week.

    2. Grant Award: Tomberlin announced that the Rural Fire Assistance Grant Program administered by the Arizona State Forestry Department

      and the U.S. Department of the Interior recently awarded Portal Rescue $18,000. Under this “90/10” grant, PR will be reimbursed for 90 percent, or $16,200, of $18,000 it spends on training and equipment. When PR applied for this grant in

      March, it requested $22,000 to be allocated as follows: $4,000 for firefighters to attend Arizona Fire School training programs; $3,750 for personal protective gear; $8,000 for new fire shelters — now mandated by the USFS to replace existing, outdated

      shelters; $1,250 for other equipment, including radios; and $1,000 for miscellaneous supplies. Under the terms of the grant, PR must spend the money and apply for reimbursement by Dec. 31, 2008. Tomberlin noted that PR will be reimbursed for 90 percent

      of expenditures even if the organization spends less than $18,000.

    3. U.S. Forest Service News: Tomberlin said he received a notice this afternoon from the USFS office in Douglas that two prescribed

      burns planned in the southwestern Peloncillo Mountains had been postponed until June 22.

  1. EMS Chief’s Report: Vice President Rick Beno (reporting for EMS Chief Jeff Gee, who was out of town)

    1. Fire Fuels Reduction Grant: Vice President Beno reported that the brush crew had only one more day of work to complete; then Gee,

      who is the crew chief, would apply for payment of the remainder of the grant award, about $12,000. The brush crew worked at more than 60 homes this year to reduce fire fuels on those properties; Gee plans to have a detailed report on the project for the

      July Board meeting.

    2. EMS Activity: PR EMTs responded to six calls in May, and one thus far in June.

    3. Training Activities: Beno noted that the SATNET Trauma conference is scheduled for Aug. 7 & 8 this year. Program Director Clint

      Brown awarded PR several scholarships, making it possible to send all our EMTs to the conference and only pay tuition for five. Three PR EMTs are now certified to administer IVs: Rick Beno, E.T. Collingsworth, and Jeff Gee; in addition, six EMTs, Jeff,

      E.T., Lee, Ken, Walter and Rick, are certified in the use of the Combi-Tube airway. At the ext PR EMS meeting on June 21, EMTs will review diagnosis and treatment of hyperthermia. The next Tucson Medical Center pre-hospital training session held in

      Portal will take place in July.

    4. Other News: EMT Walter Schoepfle continues work on a database to compile information on past EMT calls, which will help the EMS

      department track trends and better serve the community. Beno noted that three of the firefighters on the Whitmore Fire in May were also EMTs, providing a valuable resource for U.S. Forest Service crews on the fire.

  1. Dispatchers’ Report: Dispatch Representative Misty Webster

    1. Dispatch Activity: Webster reported that dispatchers handled one EMT call, two fire calls, and a few “assist” calls

      (requests for EMTs to assist patients who had fallen, etc.) so far in June. She said radio communications with PR firefighters and EMTs in the valley were improving, and that those who couldn’t receive clear radio transmissions contact the dispatchers by


  1. Fundraisers: President Maya Decker

    1. May Fundraisers: Decker reported that the Chili Cook-Off in May netted $1,228.00. The Birdlovers’ Silent Auction, held during the

      cook-off, garnered about $400 of the total raised. Decker extended thanks to the family of Mike Williams for donating items to the silent auction. Decker said the Portal Birdathon, also in May, netted $1,618.00.

    2. 2008 Totals To Date: The money from May fundraisers, combined with the $2,517.00 garnered so far from sales of the new Portal/Rodeo

      Phone Book and the $6,237.00 raised by the Soup Kitchen in February total $11,600 earned by 2008 fundraisers to date, Decker noted.

    3. Future Fundraisers: The next and final PR fundraiser planned for this year is the Pie Festival, scheduled for Aug. 30 at the Rodeo

      Community Center. Last year’s Pie Festival earned $1,400.00, Decker said.

  1. Old Business: Review and Revision of EMS Supplies Budget: President Maya Decker

    1. Decker said review and revision of the 2008 EMS supplies budget would be postponed until the next meeting, due to EMS Chief Jeff Gee’s

      absence from this meeting.

  1. New Business: No new business.

  1. Addenda: Fire Evacuation and Severity Patrol

  1. Portal’s Fire Evacuation Plan: In response to a request made during the adoption of the meeting agenda, the Board discussed how to

    remind the community dissemination of Portal’s Fire Evacuation Plan. Decker said she could email a copy of the plan to anyone who requests it. She also noted that the brush crew had created an egress from Cathedral Rock Road to Poorwill Road; before that

    work, property owners on Cathedral Rock Road could only evacuate via Cathedral Rock Road’s egress onto Portal Road. However, she said, a culvert needed to be placed to complete the connection to Poorwill Road.

  2. USFS Severity Patrol: Tomberlin explained that the USFS Severity Patrol Program in the Chiricahuas this summer consisted of Forest

    Service agents in two trucks, one starting on the east side and one on the west side of the mountain range each day. He outlined their routes and schedules. These crews can be pulled off severity patrol to assist in local fires. In addition, USFS agents

    are manning fire lookouts at Barfoot Park and one other location in the Chiricahuas this summer, he said.

  1. For the Good of the Order: No additional commentary.

  1. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m., motion by Maya Decker, seconded by Rick Beno.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

April 16, 2008

1.0 Call to Order: 6:03 PM

2.0 Adoption of Agenda: Approved by all present.

3.0 Acceptance of the Minutes: Minutes from the March 16, 2008 PR Board Meeting and Annual Elections accepted.

4.0 Reports

  1. 4.1 President’s Report: Maya Decker

      1. 4.11 President Decker expressed Portal Rescue’s appreciation to Bill Wilbur for posting notices of upcoming organizational meetings at four

      sites in Rodeo, NM: the Post Office, Rodeo General Store, Rodeo RV Park, and the Mountain View Laundromat. Decker said she would mail hard copies of minutes to anyone who requested them.

      Treasurer’s Report: Shela DeLong (Any resident who wishes a hard copy of the April budget may request one from Shela by contacting her

      at 558-2334)

      REVENUES: Treasurer DeLong reported that Portal Rescue was currently expecting $29,650 in revenues from grants, most of it from the

      Fire Fuels Reduction Grant. Funds from FEMA and RFA grants, which Portal Rescue applied for and expects to receive awarded were not included in this calculation. In addition, in March the organization received a $100 donation to the Emergency Medical

      Service, and $1,384 from fundraisers. DeLong noted that upcoming fundraisers –sales of the Portal/Rodeo Phonebook, the Bird-a-thon in May, and the Chili Cook-Off also in May – will bring in additional revenues.


      1. Maintenance and Operations: DeLong reported that Portal Rescue had already exceeded, by $177.50, its $400 expenditure budget for

        Maintenance and Oper-ations; EMS supplies accounted for much of the expenditures over budget. She recommended that Portal Rescue increase the budget for this expenditure category. Board members agreed to study expenses in this category for an additional

        month and revisit the issue at the May Board meeting.

      2. Vehicle Operations: Of the $5,000 donation earmarked for the repairs and upgrades to Brush Truck 6, $1,426 was spent in March,

        DeLong reported. This truck will be kept near Sulphur Canyon to serve as the first- response vehicle in that part of Portal Rescue’s coverage area. In addition, said DeLong, the organization recently received a $13,000 bill for pump repair and other

        repairs to Engine 2. DeLong said the repair company had agreed to accept the amount in two payments. President Decker noted that the Portal Rescue checking account currently held only $8,553, because a) the organization has paid workers on the Fire Fuels

        Reduction Program before receiving the grant funds from the state; and b) PR recently paid $951 for brake cylinder repairs to Engine 2 performed after the pump work was complete. After discussing whether to withdraw money from the organization’s

        investment account or pay the bill in two installments of $6,500, the Board voted unanimously to pay half now and the second half as soon as possible in May.

      Fire Chief’s Report: Barney Tomberlin

      1. Twenty Portal Rescue firefighters attended the joint Wildlands Firefighting Training on March 29.

      2. Tomberlin and Portal Rescue EMS Chief Jeff Gee recently accepted from Wal-Mart a $500 donation in the form of two, $250 gift cards; these

        will be used to purchase incidentals such as batteries, drinking water, etc. for their departments.

      3. Tomberlin reported that Portal Rescue members were meeting on Thursday nights at Portal Rescue to continue work on Brush Truck 5,

        including upgrades and changes to the vehicle’s electrical and plumbing systems. EMS Chief Gee expressed appreciation to Bob Dearing, a community member who has put in many hours on his own and with PR members to prepare the truck.

      4. Portal Rescue recently traded a trailer which we no longer use for a diesel fuel tank from Larry Rivers. Tomberlin said the tank resides

        on Jeff Gee’s property, has a 500 gallon capacity, and now contains 200 gallons. There is also a 500 gallon gasoline tank that has 200 gallons in readiness for the coming fire season.

      5. At the request of Cochise County, Tomberlin and PR Assistant Fire Chiefs Geoff Bender and Mitch Webster recently updated the list of

        Portal Rescue vehicles for a FEMA database. (See Appendix A)

      EMT Chief’s Report: Jeff Gee

      Gee reported that the brush clearing planned under the Fire Fuels Reduction Grant was about half done. The crew had removed brush from 35

      homes so far and planned to visit another 25-35 properties. He expected that Portal Rescue would receive part of the grant money within the next few weeks.

      On April 14, Gee submitted an application for a grant from the Southeast Arizona EMS Regional Council. He asked for $1,600 to cover the

      costs of training EMTs; in addition, he requested funds for aids to train EMTs in the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator, administration of intravenous lines, and the use of a Combi-Tube. In addition, said Gee, some of the grant money might be

      used to pay for a new gurney for the organization’s new ambulance, Rescue Vehicle 4.

      Gee reported on several issues regarding readiness to respond to medical calls. He thanked firefighter Lance Schultis, who was working to

      repair a fuel line on Rescue Vehicle 3. Work on Portal Rescue’s new helispot is almost complete, and Gee plans to ask all three med-evac agencies, LifeNet, LifeLine, and CritialAir, for donations of $500 each to pay for gravel for the helispot.

      Gee and Portal Rescue EMT E.T. Collinsworth recently certified to administer IV lines; EMT Rick Beno was scheduled to take the IV

      certification course in May. EMT Walter Schoepfle was scheduled to attend Disaster Event Training in Tucson later in April. Six EMTs – Gee, Collinsworth, Schoepfle, Beno, Ken Joens, and Lee Dyal — have been certified in the use of the Combi-Tube, an

      advanced device for ensuring the patient has a patent airway. Gee noted that effective IV administration and use of the Combi-Tube were both “very important advanced skills to have in a rural area.”

      Fundraising: Maya Decker:

      Decker reviewed upcoming Portal Rescue fundraisers, the Bird-a-thon to be conducted on May 10 in conjunction with the National census on

      Birds, and the Chili Cook-Off on May 31st. Kim Gee is the lead organizer for the cook-off. Decker noted that she was planning to visit businesses in Douglas to obtain pledges from them for the Bird-a-thon. Gee sug-gested that Portal Rescue

      also submit articles about these fundraisers to the Douglas newspaper. After some discussion, the board voted unanimously that, in the course of these publicity efforts, Portal Rescue would promote May as “a fundraising month” for the


      Decker reported that the Sew-What Pie Festival, another event held to raise funds for Portal Rescue, was scheduled for Aug. 30 in the

      Rodeo community center. More infor-mation on this will be available soon. Delane Blondeau is preparing posters for that event.

      Old Business

      1. First Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon: Decker recommended that the First Annual Volunteer Recognition Potluck Luncheon, which

        the board had originally voted to hold on April 26, be postponed until some time in September, noting that Portal Rescue members had too many organization-related activities in March and April to make the original date feasible. The board voted

        unanimously to hold the luncheon at 12 noon on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008.

      New Business

      1. 2008/09 Schedule of Portal Rescue Board Meetings: The board voted unanimously to continue to hold its meetings at 6 p.m. on the

        third Wednesday of every month.

      Addenda: Portal Rescue’s Relations with Rodeo: Firefighter Bill Wilbur commented that, in his experience, many residents of Rodeo,

      NM, are not aware of the ways in which Portal Rescue serves their area, and discussed ways in which to raise awareness. Decker noted that the number of fire and EMS calls to Rodeo is reported every year in Portal Rescue’s annual newsletter. Further

      questions were raised about the process by which Portal Rescue and the Rodeo Fire Department cooperate in response to fire calls. Tomberlin explained that, since being elected Portal Rescue Fire Chief, he had met three times with Rodeo Fire Chief Ramon

      Escobar, and that the two chiefs were working on a mutual aid agreement. In the meantime, joint training sessions in addition to the one held March 29 were being planned. Tomberlin and Gee stated that a number of steps were being taken to ensure a fully

      cooperative relationship between Portal Rescue and the Rodeo Fire Dept., including clarification of protocols for responding to calls.

      For the Good of the Order: No additional commentary.

      Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.; motion by Maya Decker, seconded Barney Tomberlin

Appendix A: Vehicle Inventory FEMA Report


Vehicle Fleet

Portal Rescue

Unit Name

Engine Type






Tender 1

Type 3 Tender





Engine 2

Type 3 Engine





Rescue 3






Rescue 4




Ford-F350 4×4


Brush 5

Type 4 Brush



Kaiser Military 6×6


Being Equipped

Brush 6

Type 6 Brush



Ford-F250 4×4


Tender 7

Type 3 Tender



FMC Ford


Tender 8

Type 3 Tender





Under Construction

Brush 9

Type 6 Brush





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Portal Rescue Incorporated

Board Meeting and Annual Board Elections

Minutes of March 19, 2008

  1. Call to Order: 6:09 PM

  1. Adoption of Agenda: Approved by all present.

  1. Acceptance of the Minutes: Minutes from the Feb. 20, 2008 PR Board Meeting accepted.

  1. Reports

    1. President: Maya Decker

      1. President Decker commented on the challenge of leading this organization and commended numerous area residents for their extensive

        commitment of time, energy, and labor to Portal Rescue. Decker recognized Past President Pi Irwin for comments she wished to make on the evolution of the organization. Irwin recalled that, in focus groups and a community survey conducted during her

        presidency in 2006, respondents had identified top priorities for the organization: recruiting more firefighters, more EMTs, and more Active members in outlying areas. She commended the organization for accomplishing all these goals.

    2. Treasurer Shela DeLong: Review of 2007 Budget and Presentation of 2008 Budget for

Feb. 2008. (see Appendix A for details of Feb. Budget)

  1. 2007 Budget: Projected Revenue, $49,121; Actual Revenue: $56,203. The additional revenue came primarily as a result of a)

    the department earning more on state and federal fires than had been projected; and b) a $5,000 donation earmarked for retrofitting fire trucks. Projected Expenditures, $49,700; Actual Expenditures, $53,000. Greater than projected expenditures

    primarily due to a) pay to firefighters working on state and federal fires (this expenditure is offset by greater than projected fire pay from state and federal fires); and b) greater costs for training of firefighters than had been budgeted.

  2. 2008 Budget: Projected Revenue, $87,000; Projected Expenditures, $92,000. Part of the disparity between

    revenue and expenditures is due to the fact that most of the department’s outlays for retrofitting fire trucks will occur in 2008, but the $5,000 donated for this purpose was made in 2007 and therefore cannot be included in revenues for 2008. The marked

    increase in revenues and expenditures for 2008 compared to 2007 is also due to a $26,000 grant the department received from the state to pay for fire abatement (i.e., brush crew) work.

  3. “Rainy Day Fund” and Kay Muma Endowment: President Decker, Treasurer DeLong, and past treasurer Geoff Bender explained that

    the intent of the department’s “Rainy Day Fund” is to provide funds to cover budgeted expenses for an entire year in the event that donations, fundraisers, grant awards, and other sources of income fall short. They also clarified that the

    $15,000 endowment from the estate of Kay Muma is structured solely to generate interest income; the endowment money is not available for expenditures, but the interest income is deposited in Portal Rescue’s general operating account. In accordance with

    the wishes of the estate, the money is in an insured money market account; as of the end of December 2007, the interest rate on that account was 3.88%

  1. Fire Chief: Barney Tomberlin

    1. On March 29, Portal Rescue firefighters will attend a joint training with the Rodeo Fire Dept. only nineteen of our firefighters are

      slated to attend this training.

    2. Tomberlin and Portal Rescue assistant fire chiefs Mitch Webster and Geoff Bender attended the March 26 Cochise County Fire

      Chiefs’ meeting in Douglas. Participants at the meeting discussed the need for all fire departments in Cochise County to be prepared for an early and intense wildland fire season this spring and summer.

    3. Portal Rescue Firefighters Lee Dyal, David Newton, Walter Schoepfle, and David Johnson participated in a U.S. Forest Service controlled

      burn in the southern Peloncillos for 2 days in early March.

    4. Tomberlin turned the floor over to Tony Godfrey, Portal Rescue Fire Training Officer. Godfrey reported that he had submitted an

      application to the state the previous week for a Rural Fire Assistance grant. Portal Rescue applied for funds to purchase wildland firefighting gear, new fire shelters, and other miscellaneous equipment; as well as to pay for at least 12 firefighters to

      attend the AZ state fire school in Sept. 2008. This grant will cover 90% of costs and Portal Rescue will pay the other 10%; the department should hear about the grant award in late April or early May. Godfrey also reported that he would soon obtain

      donated equipment from the Tohono O’odham Reservation Fire Department consisting of 15 fire shelters, Nomex wildland firefighting gear, and tools to Portal Rescue.

  2. EMT Chief: Jeff Gee

    1. Gee pointed out that Portal Rescue’s property, buildings, trucks, equipment, and gear are worth about $1 million. He noted that, for the

      most part, this growth has been achieved for about 20 cents on the dollar, by obtaining grants and donated equipment, as well as community labor and other support.

    2. Gee reported that of the18 people who started the EMT basic training class held here in the spring of 2006, 14 graduated (a record number,

      he says, for the average volunteer EMT class). Of those, several have since retired for various reasons. Portal Rescue now has 11 active EMTs. While this is a good roster, Gee suggested that Portal Rescue prepare to respond to attrition by offering

      another basic training course in Portal this winter, preferably with at least 10 students. He noted the Portal area needs to have about a dozen committed EMTs to ensure adequate coverage; a minimum of two are required to respond to a call, and

      periodically some EMTs are out of town or otherwise unavailable.

    3. Gee recognized current and retired EMTs at the meeting.

  1. Old Business

    1. President Decker noted that, at the last meeting, the Board unanimously approved a motion to hold an annual potluck recognition luncheon

      for Portal Rescue firefighters and EMTs. The Board unanimously voted to hold the first luncheon on Sat., April 26, 2008. Decker asked for volunteers to assist with the organization of the event.

    2. Proposed Changes to Portal Rescue Bylaws:

      1. Board member Rick Beno summarized the proposed changes to the Portal Rescue Bylaws: Making a member of Portal Rescue Dispatch, chosen by

        the dispatchers, an automatic member of the Board of Directors; clarifying how the Fire Chief, EMT Chief, and Dispatch Representative are elected to the Board; redefining the officers of the Board — President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer;

        and delineating those on the Board who have authority to sign for Portal Rescue financial transactions – the President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

      2. Discussion and Comments: A community member noted that making a dispatcher an automatic member of Board of Directors would reduce from 3

        to 2 the total number of Active members who were elected to the board by fellow Active members. Active member Ken Joens asserted that the board was out of order for voting on the amendments to the bylaws because Portal Rescue had not complied with the

        stipulation in its bylaws that requires 7 days prior written notice to Active members about proposed changes to the bylaws. Joens said almost half of the active members had not been notified in writing, contending that the notice posted at the Portal

        Rescue Bulletin Board at the Post Office was insufficient notification. Decker responded that on March 12, in addition to posting the proposed changes on the Portal Rescue Bulletin Board, she sent a notification by email to 114 households in Portal,

        Paradise, and Rodeo – 26 of which were the households of active members. March 12 was seven days prior to the annual meeting and therefore complied with our bylaws. She went on to cite the Arizona Revised Statues governing incorporated agencies, which

        state that email or public posting satisfies the definition of written notice *(see note at end of minutes regarding steps that have since been taken to ensure that Portal Rescue public notices will also be posted in a timely fashion at the Rodeo,

        NM Post Office bulletin board).

      3. Past President Irwin suggested that the 21 active members present at the meeting could vote as to whether they wished to proceed with vote

        on bylaws amendments or not. A community member suggested that to address the notification issue in accordance with the AZ Revised Statutes, a special meeting could be held to address the proposed amendments to the bylaws. Active member Jackie Lewis made

        a motion to proceed with the vote on the amendments and not have a special meeting; active members Barney Tomberlin and Chris Husband seconded the motion. By a vote of 20 for and 1 against, active members voted to proceed with the vote on bylaws

        amendments instead of having a special meeting. After some additional discussion, the active members adopted, by a vote of 17 for and 4 against, the amendments to the bylaws.

  2. Election of PR Board of Directors (Ballot Counters: Pi Irwin, Alice Newton, Susanne Dyal, & Pat Owens)

    1. Active Member Positions: Five Active members were nominated for the two Active member positions on the board; one declined to serve.

      Of the nominees, Rick Beno and David Johnson were elected.

    2. Community Member Positions: Seven community members were nominated for the four community member positions on the board. Of these,

      Maya Decker, Shela DeLong, Lisa Bender, and Paul Irvine were elected. Decker thanked members of the 2007 Board of Directors for their service.

    3. Election of Officers of Portal Rescue Board of Directors: Decker announced that Portal Rescue Dispatchers had elected Misty Webster

      to serve as their representative on the Board. By voice vote, the Board of Directors nominated and elected officers: Maya Decker, president; Rick Beno, vice president; Shela Delong, treasurer; and Lisa Bender, secretary.

  3. For the Good of the Order: Fire Chief Tomberlin announced firefighters meeting on Sat., March 22.

  1. Adjournment: 8:46 PM; motion by Maya Decker, seconded by David Johnson.

Respectfully Submitted by Lisa Bender, Secretary Portal Rescue Board of Directors April 7, 2008

* Bill Wilbur has graciously offered to post notices in Rodeo P.O., Café, and Laundromat.

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

February 20, 2008Present were:

Maya Decker, President Jeff Gee, EMS Chief

David Johnson, Secretary Jim Algots

Shela DeLong, Treasurer Ken Joens

Barnet Tomberlin, Fire Chief

Absent: Rick Beno, Vice-President and Roberta Ward

1.0 Call to Order at 6.01 PM

2.0 Adoption of Agenda approved by all present

3.0 Acceptance of the Minutes

David gave notice to resign as Secretary. “black”>He would like to remain on the Board but not as Secretary. Minutes were accepted as presented.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President: Maya Decker

  • Thanked everyone for the great job done at the Soup Kitchen.

  • Would like to see a Ways and Means committee to coordinate timing of “black”>future fund raisers as well as recruit chair people to make sure they happen.

  • Reminds the Board of a men’s chili cook-off that has been talked about “black”>as a possibility for April.

  • Maya requests community members to step forward to plan events and provide leadership for fundraising

  • Asks for all newsletter submission “black”>s to be submitted to Lisa Bender by Feb. 29th

  • Reminder of the Annual Meeting next month on March 19.

4.2 Treasurer: Shela Delong Revenue/Expense Appendix A

  • Soup Kitchen raised $6,237.00, $810.00 of which was


  • Spoke to Arizona State Land about our submitted grant. No decision has been made.

  • $8000.00 has already been paid to the Brush “black”>Clearance crew as part of our matching Fire Fuels Reduction grant.

  • Engine 2 was being tested and Shela will be contacted with a progress update.

  • Our checking account balance, cleared through

    2/20/08, is $17,698.00.

  • Shela made a motion, which was “black”>seconded by Jeff Gee, to hold a potluck luncheon to honor current and

    retired Active Members of Portal Rescue “black”>. It should continue as an annual tradition. A committee will be formed to make this happen. Voted on by all present, all 7

    in favor.

  • Ken asked about Firefighters receiving their 1099 Misc for fire pay.

4.3 Fire Chief: Barney Tomberlin

  • Barney asked the Board to vote to ratify “black”>all firefighters as Active Members and made a motion to

    that effect. Maya seconded, all present in favor.

  • 26 firefighters attended the January meeting

  • Barney Tomberlin was elected Fire Chief by the Firefighters

  • Barney announced his appointment of Mitch Webster, and Geoff

    Bender as Assistant Fire Chiefs.

  • Barney met with Rodeo’s Fire Chie “black”>f, Ramon Escobar, to discuss how the Rodeo and Portal departments

    can work better together.

  • Barney is working on the Wildlands Firefighter refresher course, to be held in Portal or close by.

  • Barney spoke about our need to get our Fire vehicles on contract with AZ state land.

  • Barney introduced Tony Godfrey who “black”>will serve as Portal Rescue’s Training Officer.

Tony gave the Board a preview of his thoughts

and plans for training.

  • Portal and Rodeo fire departments should train and work together, “black”>especially since both departments respond to our areas structural fires.

  • Tony will teach Structural Firefighting l & ll.

  • He will offer a Hazardous Mat “black”>erials class that should be required training for all Firefighters and EMTs.

  • Equipment and clothing are being sought from several fire departments in the state.

  • Vehicle driving class for all firefighters.

  • Additional training for vehicle extractraction will take place.

  • Training will also include incident command instruction.

  • The Tohono O’odham Nation will help to supply us with Wildland Firefighting equipment.

  • The mice need to be removed, and kept out of, the new engine house because they will chew & destroy very valuable


  • Training books will need to be purchased for $30.00 each.

Barney asked Tony to give the Board his fire background

  • Tony was involved with different aspects of firefighting for 20 years

  • He was with Bisbee FD for 12 years as Captain, and as Training and Safety officer

  • Tony was with Northwest Fire in Tucson, “black”>and from there went to Casa Grande as a Firefighter and Arson Investigator.

  • Tony holds certificates in Firefighting training, and Hazmat training.

  • Tony has taught at Cochise College, Central AZ College, and AZ State Fire Marshall School.

4.4 EMT Chief: Jeff Gee

  • Training schedule 16 Feb. Wilderness and Patient Packaging.

14-16 March EMT Refresher

24 March with Base hospital Envenomations

  • Went on several medical calls

  • Brush crew update – so far, 10 workers had 98 workdays, which equals 544 work hours. The crew cleared 115 trailer loads

    or 2,874 cubic yards of fuel (brush). The crew completed 25 locations, 7 are almost complete, and project totals expect to be 75 locations. Compared to the last crew that finished 56 locations.

5.0 Old Business:

5.1 Maya explained how we saved

$1,471.00 on our insurance policy. We have increased deductible amounts on all vehicles. We have decreased replacement value on most vehicles.

5.2 Appendix A “black”>: By-Law Amendment “black”>recommendations.

Rick would like to suggest that the Board make several recommendations to the community to change the current by-laws.

Discussion ensued on By-Law changes to recommend to the membership at the Annual



  • To delete wording about students taking the EMT

    course being non-voting Active Members.

  • To include an automatic Active-Member Board seat assigned to the

    Dispatchers like the EMS Chief, and Fire Chief.

  • To specify which Officers are authorized to sign


Motion: to recommend support of “black”>the By-Laws amendment that would allow the Dispatchers to elect their representative to serve as one of the 5 “black”>Active Member seats on the PR Board of

Directors. Vote: 5 for, 2 against (Ken, David)

Motion: made by Barney, second by Shela to leave the wording of student EMT’s

as non-voting Active Members since this would provide liability coverage during their training. Vote by all present, all for.

Motion: 7 for, 0 against to recommend to PR members to support change which identifies

specific officers who are authorized to sign checks.

6.0 New Business, no new business

7.0 Addenda, no additions

8.0 For the Good of the Order

9.0 Adjournment: 7:45 PM motion by Ken, seconded

by Shela, all present voted for.

Appendix A

Recommended By-Laws Changes — 2008

Portal Rescue Incorporated


  1. NAME: The name of this organization is Portal Rescue Incorporated.

  1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is to provide fire protection and emergency medical services to residents of the Portal/Paradise

    (Arizona) and Rodeo (New Mexico) area, and to transients in that area.

  1. MEMBERS: Active Membership shall be available upon application to an individual:

    1. Who is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Emergency Medical Technician, at any level, and

      who is accepted by a majority vote of the Governing Board. Maintenance of such license and maintenance of the requirements of EMT as determined by the Governing Board shall be requirements for continuing Active membership. OR

    2. Who is accepted as Firefighter by a majority vote of the Governing Board and who maintains the requirements of Firefighter as determined by

      the state of Arizona and the Governing Board. OR

    3. Who is accepted as a dispatcher by a majority vote of the Governing Board. OR

    4. Who is a student in an EMT training class given by Portal Rescue instructors for the duration of the class.in a

      Portal Rescue sponsored EMT or Firefighter training class, for the duration of the class. This is a temporary membership and students will be non-active and non-voting. members.

  1. GOVERNING BOARD: A governing Board composed of five (5) Active Members an EMT chief, a Fire chief, a Dispatch

    Director, two (2) Active Members and four (4) members of the community at large, shall be vested with policy-making and budgetary authority for the corporation.

  1. The EMT Chief shall be elected annually by currently active EMTs. The EMT Chief shall have functional direction of all

    Emergency Medical activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing Board.

  2. The Fire Chief shall be elected annually by currently active Firefighters. The Fire Chief shall have functional direction

    of all Fire activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing Board.

  3. The Dispatch Director shall be elected annually by currently active dispatchers. The Dispatch Director shall have

    functional direction of all Dispatch activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing Board.

  4. Any Active Member who has been nominated, and has agreed to serve, may be elected to one of the three (3) two

    (2) Active Member positions on the Board at the Annual Meeting. Only Active Members present vote on these positions. The three (3) two (2) candidates who receive the largest number of votes shall be elected.

  5. Any resident of the Portal Rescue service area who is not an Active Member of Portal Rescue and is not a member of the immediate family of

    a Board Member, and who has been nominated and has agreed to serve, may be elected to one of the four (4) “at Large” positions on the Board. All residents of the service area, including Active Members of Portal Rescue, who are present at the

    Annual Meeting, may vote on these positions. The four (4) candidates who receive the largest number of votes shall be elected.

  1. OFFICERS: The officers of Portal Rescue Board of Directors shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and

    Treasurer, EMS Chief, and Fire Chief. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be selected by the Governing Board from among all current Board Members. The EMS Chief shall be

    selected by the EMTs and the Fire Chief shall be selected by the Firefighters. The EMS Chief and the Fire Chief may also hold one of the other offices. Any officer may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the Governing Board. Any vacancy among

    the officers, or the Board, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board.

  1. The President shall be the designated representative of the organization in any and all business with individuals or organizations, public

    or private. In such business the President shall represent the policies and wishes of the Governing Board. The President shall call and shall preside at meetings of the Governing Board. The President shall have signing authority for

    financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority.

  2. The Vice President shall perform all duties and have all privileges of the President in the event of the continued absence or

    incapacitation of the President. The Vice President shall preside, in the absence of the President, at any meeting of the organization. The Vice President shall also perform any other duties delegated by the President. The Vice

    President shall have signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority.

  3. The Secretary shall, upon the direction of the President, conduct correspondence of the organization and shall prepare and maintain minutes

    of all meetings of the organization.

  4. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all monies of the organization and shall prepare and maintain financial

    reports of the organization. The Treasurer shall present to the membership, at the Annual Meeting, a report of the activities and the financial condition of the organization for the preceding year. The Treasurer shall have primary

    signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority.

  5. The EMS Chief shall have functional direction of all Emergency Medical activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the

    Governing Board. (moved to IV A above)

  6. The Fire Chief shall have functional direction of all Fire activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing

    Board. (moved to IV B above)

  7. All Governing Board members and officers shall serve from their election to the next following annual meeting, or until a successor is

    elected or appointed and installed.

  1. MEETINGS: The President shall call an Annual Meeting of the Active Membership and the general public in the first quarter of the calendar

    year for the election of the Governing Board and for transacting such business as may be brought before the Active Membership and for hearing the Treasurer’s report. The President shall call a quarterly meeting of the Governing Board to conduct any

    business brought before it. The President has the authority to call such other meetings of the Active Membership or of the Governing Board at any time.

  1. The President shall notify each Active Member of the organization of the Annual Meeting and shall post such notice in a public place not

    less than seven days before the date of the meeting. The President shall contact each member of the Governing Board of any meeting of the Board not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.

  2. A quorum for the Governing Board shall consist of two-thirds of the Board Membership.

  3. A quorum shall be required to transact business of the organization. In matters brought before the Board a

    simple majority of the quorum shall carry the vote.

  1. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: The rules contained in Robert Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the organization in all cases in which they

    are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws or the special rules of the organization.

  1. METHOD OF AMENDING THE BY-LAWS: Proposed amendments to the By-laws shall be submitted, in writing, to the Active Membership at least seven

    (7) days before an Annual Meeting, or a Special Meeting called by the President for the purpose of amending the By-laws, and shall require the approval of two-thirds of all Active Members present.

Current By-laws Last Revised on March 15, 2007

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

January 16, 2008

  1. Meeting was called to order at: 6:05 PM

Present were:

Maya Decker, President Rick Beno, Vice-President

Shela DeLong, Treasurer David Johnson, Secretary

Dennis McAvoy, Fire Chief Jeff Gee, EMS Chief

Jim Algots Ken Joens

Roberta Ward

2.0 Adoption of Agenda: One addition, Barney Tomberlin announced that he is running for Fire Chief.

Motion made by Rick to accept the agenda, seconded by Shela. Adopted by all.

3.0 Acceptance of the minutes of December 19 2007

With a change in wording, 4.4 from EMT training to Wildlands Fire School.

4.0 Old Business

4.1 A presentation by Rick on establishing a capital asset budget. Summary points were: Portal Rescue needs the

community’s support as much as the community needs Portal Rescue. And that it was not acceptable for a board member to state otherwise. We have to stop spending our revenues before we have a clear picture of what they are, and we need to rein in our

free-spending habits that have developed. We need to invest in training that benefits all Portal Rescue members instead of training individuals, with no hope of others benefiting from these expenses.

Discussion on proposed 2008 Budget Appendix A. Board decided to first discuss vehicle insurance 5.1 as a means to lower

insurance costs.

5.1 Vehicle insurance: full replacement or liability only?

Action: A motion was made by Jeff to authorize the insurance committee to raise the deductible amounts as a way of reducing the

premiums. Seconded by Shela, voted on all in favor.

Shela reported Revenue/expenses January 2008 Appendix B

??[Author ID1: at Mon Jan 28 15:20:00 2008 ]Shela reported on the status of the repairs on Engine 2. The

repairs now may be as high as $15,000.00 additional, with $1,700.00 already spent.

Maya explained the Board’s original decision to exclude fire pay, and how we might have to rethink that idea.

The Board began to plug some numbers into the budget template.

Rick suggested that we change the fiscal year from ending in December to ending in August. This sounds like a way to get a good feel for

fire revenue.

The budget will be presented to the Community at the February meeting, before the annual meeting in March.

Action: Ken made a motion to accept this budget as our 2008 budget. Roberta seconded. Vote by the Board, six for, two against, (Maya

and Shela), one abstaining (Rick).

4.2 Voice broadcasting system. Reported by David Newton. A summary of this can be found in December’s minutes. This was revisited so that

the Dispatchers could give their input

Action: Board decided that the present Dispatch system is working effectively.

4.3 Placement of radios in Dispatch residences

Action: A motion was made by Dennis to provide the Dispatchers the proper radio equipment, at the best possible price, as soon as

possible. Seconded by Shela, voted on all in favor.

6.0 Reports

6.1 Maya Decker- President. Discussed changes to the By-Laws for the March Annual Meeting. A change suggested is to give Dispatchers a seat

on the Board.

Any other changes will be presented to the Board for presentation to the Community. The newsletter editor is in need of articles; think

about how we each can contribute.

6.2 Shela DeLong- Treasurer presented during the budget discussion.

6.3 Jeff Gee- EMS Chief shared the EMT calendar

January 19, – regularly scheduled EMT meeting

February 16, – EMT training will be held.

March 14,15,16 – Basic refresher course for EMT’s

March 24, – Base hospital training will be held in Portal.

The Brush crew has cleaned brush up around the Firehouse, and they have also cleared the Heliport area.

6.4 Dennis McAvoy-Fire Chief The Basic Wildlands Firefighting classes are under way. Portal Rescue has six new recruits out of the class of

16. This class is being furnished at no cost to Portal Rescue.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Barney Tomberlin announced that he would run for Fire Chief in February.

7.2 Dennis McAvoy announced that he would also run for Fire Chief.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

9.0 Adjournment: Motion by Maya to adjourn seconded by Rick at 9:19 PM

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

January 7, 2008 continuation of December 19, 2007

Special Budget Session

  1. Meeting was called to order at: 1: 00 PM

Present were, Maya Decker, President Rick Beno, Vice-President

Shela DeLong, Treasurer David Johnson, Secretary Dennis McAvoy, Fire Chief Jim Algots Roberta Ward Ken Joens

Jeff Gee, EMT Chief, absent as he had business in Tucson.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda adoption of budget for 2008

Updated revenue/expense report Appendix A

Maya shared an email from Jeff stating he “could live with last year’s budget amounts.”

Maya asked the Board to review the budget, in order to have a clear picture as to what we can expect as income

Fire income: Rick explained the zero budget point for fire PFS figure and how it will apply to the 2008 budget. Rick felt that we should

balance the budget without relying on revenue generated fighting fires. This revenue is unreliable. We can make this budget work, but we have to tighten our budget expenses.

Revenues 2008 Budget

Accounts Receivable: Placeholder created for income not received, such as fire FPS, grants – no amount set.

Investment Interest: Revenue generated from interest on our Edward Jones account and/or from a CD from the Muma fund monies. Agreed

to $1,200.00 by all present

EMS Donation: agreed to as $1,700.00 by all present

Fire FPS: Revenue generated from payment by Arizona Land, or US Forest Service. There is no amount budgeted. Whatever fire FPS we

receive, will go to the Edward Jones account, net, after paying the firefighters.

Donations: $12,500.00 agreed to by all present.

Miscellaneous Credits: Reimbursement by Arizona Fire School – $500.00 agreed to by all present.

Rental Fees: Revenue collected from rental of the community classroom. $500.00 agreed to by all present.

Fundraisers: $13,500.00 agreed to by all present.

Total Revenue expected $29,900.00

Expenses 2008 Budget

Maintenance and operations: $500.00 agreed to by all present.

Utilities: $1,600.00 agreed to by all present

Telephone and Office: Helen Snyder has offered to donate 3-4 phones so that we can utilize a calling card for long distance calls.

Thank you Helen. $1,200.00 agreed to by all present.

EMS Supplies: $2,000.00 agreed to by all present.

EMS Training: A donation of $1,000.00 was given to Portal Rescue, for EMT and fire training, by Lynn and Amy Chenowth.

$4,000.00 for EMS training was agreed to by all present.

EMS Equipment: This expense will be reviewed in three months. The purchase of a new gurney for Rescue 5 may be added. $1,000.00

agreed to by all present.

Fire Supplies: $900.00 agreed to by all present.

Fire Training: There was a lot of discussion on fire training. Portal Rescue has submitted a request for a 50/50 grant totaling

$4,000.00. We will not know the decision on this grant until the end of the month. Dennis told the Board that 2007 expenses were $9,400.00, but that grant money brought the real net down to $3,400.00. In 2007, this line item was budgeted for $7,000.00.

Dennis said that if the grant doesn’t go through, all the money will not be spent. With that, the vote was split, 5 to accept a $7,000.00 amount. Voting against the $7,000.00 were Maya, Rick, and Shela who wanted a smaller figure then last year.

Fire Equipment: $1,000.00 agreed to by all.

Fire Pay: Placeholder created for tracking expenses of fire pay. Net amount of revenue, after paying the firefighters, will be put

into the Edwards Jones account.

Vehicle Operations: The big expense of vehicle registration no longer needs to be budgeted forever, thanks to Dennis and his

perseverance. The Board discussed what to do about the expenses of Engine 2. Again, not knowing the cost, we tabled this until the next Board meeting. With that, a smaller figure than last year $6,000.00 was agreed to by all present.

Radio Operations: $1,200.00 agreed to by all present.

Insurance: Some discussion on whether or not we should have replacement cost coverage on vehicles built with little cost. The Board

has not received a bill for 2008 but with new vehicles, and a new building, expenses should increase. We should know more by January’s Board meeting. A $10,000.00 figure was suggested; all agreed to table until the next Board meeting.

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