Portal Rescue Board Meeting Minutes for 2017

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Nov., 2017

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Portal Rescue, Inc. Meeting Minutes – November 2, 2017


Portal Rescue, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2017


1.0  CALL to ORDER:

The regular meeting of the Portal Rescue, Inc. was called to order at 6:44 by President Bill Wilbur. 5 Board members present. 4 Active and 7 Community members present. David Newton added a 6.6 to New Business.


Motion to approve Agenda by Jackie Lewis and seconded by Ray Mendez.  Motion to accept Agenda as modified by Jackie Lewis and second by Ray Mendez. The agenda was unanimously approved as amended.

3.0  APPROVAL of March,2017 MINUTES:

Jackie Lewis adds bank required paperwork to the minutes.

Motion to approve minutes by Ray Mendez and second by David Newton. The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously distributed.



PRESIDENT BILL WILBUR: Thanks the volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Portal Rescue and the community for their support and feedback.



YEAR TO DATE INCOME: $19,729.56 ($42,770.44 under budget)

YEAR TO DATE EXPENSES: $17,916.23 ($44,583.77 under budget)

Majority of income and expense since last meeting have come from fire income and fire pay.

Fire Income:( not budgeted): $5,477.21

Fire Pay (not budgeted): $2,704.64

Office supplies are over budget from non-budgeted purchase of projector and back up lamp (532), tax prep (150), classroom cleaning for Soup Kitchen (260).

Separate line item was created for NM EMS Training Income and NM EMS Training Expense after budget was set. No amounts budgeted for either column although we have received donations and have incurred expenses for NM EMS.

We have lost $240.24 in interest on the CDs during the first 4 months of 2017. Rick Beno noted that this loss is only incurred if we cash out the CDs before the maturity date.

Checking Account as of 5/16/17: $63,213.43

Rainy Day Fund 2: $31,157.18

Petty Cash: $200.00

Total Assets: $199,594.38

Reminder: Requests for reimbursements need to have the date that the is filled as the purchase dates may differ. Chief signatures need to be on the reimbursement forms before they are turned in to the Treasurer.

2016 Tax Return was picked up yesterday and mailed in today. The paperwork had been given to an assistant and not completed on time. We can expect a letter requesting penalties but Larry Moss will write a letter to tax bureau and we should not have to pay.

We’ve received a notice of non-renewal for Workman’s Comp from Travelers Insurance. Our insurance agent will be contacted to assist. We will, once again, be required to get 3 letters of deferral before Travelers Insurance will provide Workman’s Compensation Insurance to Portal Rescue.



FIRE CHIEF: David Newton

Since March 8, 2017

OPERATIONS: On March 31st in the early morning we responded to a field fire started by a downed power line. On April 1st we responded to a wildland fire North of Sulphur Canyon. On April 13th, Newton and Jerry Racicot participated in a prescribed burn put on by the Palominas Fire District. On April 17th we responded to a small fire off of Killian Rd.

TRAINING: March and April trainings were well attended. One new person took the Basic Wildland course in Benson in late April. One person took the intermediate Fire Behavior Class.

VEHICLES: Brush 8 failed to start today. This is the 2nd time this has happened. The fire pump on Brush 9 needs to be replaced. It is unexpectedly stopping. It uses a $ 500.00 semi-trash pump.

GRANTS: The county’s dispatching radio channel is still mucked up, so I have still been unable to test the pagers purchased under our 2014 AFG Grant. The county finally has the Sheriff’s system working, so I’m told the fire dispatching channel will be fixed by mid – June. We’ve received the equipment we were funded to buy for our VFA Grant and are awaiting an invoice from the state.


EMS CHIEF: Jerry Racicot

CALLS: Portal Rescue EMTS responded to 5 EMS calls since our March meeting, 3 of the calls originated in Hidalgo County.

EQUIPMENT: Rescue4 received maintenance including the alternator being replaced and the A/C system being re-charged. Rescue 3 is still out of service.

TRAINING: Our April meeting was well attended. EMTS will have the opportunity to attend the Southwest Trauma Conference in August. The conference will yield EMTS 12.5 hours of Continuing Education training hours. EMTS are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Education in order to re-certify.

NEW VOLUNTEERS: With the possibility of EMTS retiring this year, we will need to consider holding another EMT class this fall. I have had 1 person express interest in attending a class. If you know anyone who would like to consider becoming an EMT please have them contact me or any Portal Rescue member for information.


5.1 RESCUE 3 REPAIR or REPLACE: After much discussion, it was decided that Rescue 3 should be repaired if Portal Rescue wants to keep a second EMS Rescue Vehicle. Jerry received an estimate from Lance for approximately $5,000 and a second estimate is in order. Terri Farley would call Smith Ford in Lordsburg, New Mexico to get an estimate on approximately how much it would cost to repair and haul to Lordsburg.

5.2 FORM A REVIEW COMMITTEE- SOGs: After a discussion and much input it was decided that Bill Wilbur, Ray Mendez and John Yerger would be the Review Committee. Active members are encouraged to give comments, suggestions and any other input. There will be a 2- week time-frame to have comments, suggestions or any other input posted.

5.3 CREDIT CARD REVIEW: After many questions from if the cards will be insured to who will be enforcing the charges made? Comments like it’s hard to be able to give a credit card over the phone, to what do other Fire Departments use resulted in Ray Mendez will do further research on this matter.


6.1 FUELS REDUCTION: Ray Mendez reads Jerry Racicot’s report which states: As an example to the community, I suggest that we reduce the fuel load around the Portal Fire Station. A safe defendable space of approximately 100’ around the station is my minimum suggestion. If a fire did start on the southern side of our station, it may be difficult to defend. I had spoken with the Douglas Wildland Crew about performing the work with minimal to no charge to Portal Rescue. If this is something the board considers implementing, I would be happy to reach out to the Douglas Crew again to see if they would perform the work for us.

Rick Beno asked about cutting trees, and David Newton says only brush. Jackie Lewis suggests using Fire Wise guidelines. David Newton said not to worry about getting work done for free because the Department of Corrections are cheap enough anyway. Jackie Lewis says we can ask for volunteers also. Lee Dyal asks if homeowners can use the same wildland crew? David Newton said yes, they could. The community requested supervision to make sure the trees were not cut down. Going to have Jerry set this up.


6.3 2 BATTERY OPERATED EXIT LIGHTS FOR CLASSROOM: Jackie Lewis reported that the cost should be less than $100.00 to purchase exit lights with battery back-up flood lights. Bill Wilbur will get estimates for electricians to do the lighting and hardwiring. Suggestion was made on solar operated motion detector path lights as well. Jackie Lewis will research this item.

6.4 AFG GRANT DESK REVIEW: David Newton stated that there is an audit, pagers are still in question, and all paperwork should have been turned in back in August of 2016. Bill Wilbur stated this was out of our hands and for David to get a letter from the county about all the difficulties we have had.

6.5 WORK COMMITTEE CEILING TILE REPLACEMENT: Bill Wilbur stated that Mike Woods came and looked at the roof and there are several screws missing, rubber washers are rotted. Mike Woods suggested replacing worn screws with the next larger size. This will be just replacing the bad or missing ones not a total roof. Mike Woods will do the replacing of screws and classroom ceiling tiles. Jackie Lewis brought up signs that had not been put up around the firehouse and Mike Woods will do this also. Lee Dyal has a scaffolding that he’s offering to let us use for this project.

6.6 NEW FIREFIGHTER: Eric Desfachelle has successfully completed his training! David Newton makes a motion to add Eric Desfachelles as a new firefighter and Jackie Lewis seconded. Motion passed.


7.1 REQUEST TO ADDRESS THE BOARD- Stevie Wayman: Stevie Wayman was not present and Greg Wayman read a letter from Stevie. Stevie wanted it known that she did not retire from Portal Rescue but she quit. Her complete letter is on file.


8.1 BLOOD DRIVE JUNE 16, 2017. Contact Jackie Lewis

8.2 RODEO 4th OF JULY PARADE/ DINNER/ DANCE/ FIREWORKS. Anyone interested in participating in parade or wanting to donate items, cash, gift cards, food, fireworks please contact Aimee Essary @ 575-557-2202

8.3 Greg Wayman had a request for a garden party for the Friends of Cave Creek on June 27th, 2017.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Jackie Lewis made the motion to adjourn and Ray Mendez second. Motion passed.

Minutes submitted by: Terri Farley

January, 2017 minutes

Correction: “Soup’s On” lunch event dates are Feb. 20, 21, and 22.