Portal Rescue Board Meeting Minutes for 2016

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Sept., 2016

July, 2016

Mar., 2016

Jan., 2016

Portal Rescue
Wednesday September 21, 2016

1.0 Call to Order:

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm. All Portal Rescue Board Members are present. There were 16 community residents present and 6 active members.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda:

1.0 Addition of the May 18, 2016 meeting minutes for approval.

2.0 Motion to accept Agenda as revised by David Newton, seconded by Greg Wayman. Motion passed.

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes/Corrections:

1.0 Motion to accept May 18, 2016 meeting minutes by Jackie Lewis, seconded by Rick Beno. Motion Passed.

2.0 Motion to accept July 20, 2016 meeting minutes with corrected date by David Newton, seconded by Jackie Lewis. Motion passed.

4.0 Reports:

4.1 President Bill Wilbur:

He hoped everyone enjoyed the surprise retirement party for Jeff Gee. Jeff retired from Portal Rescue after 23 years of service.
Bill comments at tonight’s meeting; Portal Fire -“Now and the Future“.
Meeting will be open for remarks from everyone present. The Board Members will be recognized 1st to address, with Community next. Discussions to be followed by Motions.

4.2 Treasurer Report Rick Beno:

Budget– $93,553 this year
Expenses $76,307.87. Most of expenses are purchase of new/used vehicle.
Total dollars left from Budget $17.242.13
Total of all funds (Muma, CD’s) $186,281

4.3 Fire Chief David Newton:

Since July 27th
On August 6th we had a lightning strike near Zent Rd. Dyal, Rivers, Lawson, Koford, and myself responded with Brush8, Brush 9, and Tender 1. We had mutual aid from Rodeo Fire ad additional help from Sunnyside, and Douglas, Elfrida, Bisbee, and AZ State Forestry.
On August 20th after fire training, we had a bee call which Koford, and myself handled, and after we returned to the station we turned in the initial report and provided support for the search for a lost Boy Scout.
We have had one regular training which had okay attendance. We have a
night training scheduled for this coming Monday.
Last month I was offered the opportunity to place a firefighter on the crew of AZ State Forestry Engine 363 on very short notice Jerry Ricicot was willing to participate and returned with 2(two) weeks of valuable experience and training on a large wildfire in California at no cost to Portal Rescue.
A tire and steering damper on Brush 8 has been replaced. Brush 6 performed well on the bee call ad on the drive up to Rustler Park for the Boy Scout incident. Brush 5 still has fuel oil entering the crankcase. Brush 9 is out of service with a fuel injector supply line problem.
I finally got the tone specification for our pagers and have programmed one of them. Continuing problems with the county man I am waiting for a test.

4.4 EMS Chief Jerry Racicot:

Portal Rescue responded to 3 EMS calls in the previous 2(two) months. We have a EMT class scheduled for October, we need at least 7 EMT students in order for college to train or we need an agreement to pay the difference for tuition. Currently we have only 3(three) interested candidates for the calss. Portal EMT’s now have training on our EKG machine and will soon have training on Narcan, an anti-opiod medication.

5.0 Old Business:

5.1 Portal Rescue members responsibilities and insurance while attending and supporting outside events.

1.0 Discussion.
Tabled from May meeting. Portal Rescue members responsibilities and insurance coverage at community functions. 1) as a community member (supporter, parent, leader, paying participant , etc)- duty to act – VFIS insurance covers as soon a you begin patient care, 2) as a requested first responder on site – should have policy in place and must have a letter of request that states the requesting organization, date, time, and location of the event, contact person and phone number, the insurance company, contact information and policy number of the insured and that Portal Rescue is added as an additional insured for the event – covered by requesting organization and then by VFIS as soon as patient care begins. The Board determined that a form be developed for the requesting agency to be able to fill out with all necessary information. Jackie will run it through VFIS to make sure all information necessary is requested. A policy page will also be drafted.

5.2 Does Portal Rescue sponsor fire line EMTs and/or firefighters, (non resource(contract) versus resource),

1.0 Discussion.
Community expressed that Portal should only serve Portal and Rodeo first. Community stated the purpose, by-laws, Portal and Rodeo first and if there is enough manpower then consider sending EMTs or firefighters in or out of state. John Yerger, a Portal EMT and Firefighter
stated he feels it’s important to serve Portal/Rodeo area first according to the Purpose of Portal Rescue by-laws but in order to serve this Purpose Firefighters must somehow gain the experience and judgment necessary to safely defend the community from fire. Fire Chief David Newton stated that it is possibly safer to work on highly managed fires and that firefighters gain valuable experience and training on out of state fires. Treasurer Rick Beno that we, Portal Rescue, are not an employer. We, Portal Rescue, are a volunteer fire and rescue. EMS Chief Jerry Racicot stated he gained valuable experience. After a lengthy discussion a call for a motion was made.
Motion, Do we continue Cooperator’s Agreement with the Arizona State Forestry? Motion Passed.
Motion to have Fire Chief David Newton check manpower strength before considering sending firefighters in state or out of state by David Schurian, second by Jerry Racicot. Motion passed.
Payment for Firefighter Jerry Racicot for out of state fire.
Policy states that when invoices are submitted payment will be paid. President Bill Wilbur stated that he would call for a special board meeting or at least regular board meeting to review possible policy changes.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Approve full payment of tuition for EMT student.

Jerry Racicot stated we now have only 4 people interested in becoming EMTs.
Cochise County College needs 7 students to send instructor and have class. Cost to be $8400 for 7 students. Coshise County College will send instructor for those 4 students. Bill Wilbur stated Portal Fire is willing to pay for all perspective 4 EMTs .
Motion to make full payment for EMT class for Portal/Rodeo students only. Outside students will pay for own class tuition. Motion made by David Schurian, second by Jackie Lewis, Motion passed.

6.2 In light of VFIS Financial Health Questionnaire, reconsider purchase of prepaid credit card motion passed July 2016.

1.0 Issue of VFIS credit card procedures. Per VFIS, vanilla card is not compliant. Comments from Board and Community generally stateded that most companies use own cards/invoice for repayment.

2.0 Motion by Greg Wayman to Table policy of issuance of prepaid credit cards until next Board meeting. second by David Schurian. Motion passed.

6.3 Resignation of Treasurer:

1.0 Motion to accept resignation of Treasurer Rick Beno by Greg Wayman seconded by David Schurian. Motion passed.2.0 Secretary Greg Wayman presented out going Treasurer Rick Beno  with a Certificate of Appreciation.

6.4 Vote for New Board Member:

1.0 Nomination for John Yerger for new Board Member. Unanimous Passed.

6.5 Vote for new Treasurer.

1.0 Nomination for Jackie Lewis for Treasurer. Passed.

6.6 Bank accounts signature cards at Washington Federal, Douglas, AZ

1.0 Bank accounts signature cards will include President Bill Wilbur, Treasurer Jackie Lewis, and Secretary Greg Wayman for account number–_____________________________________

7.0 Addenda:

8.0 Good of Order:

8.1 Donation Drive begins October 1st.Morgan Jackson is working on the letters

1.0 E-mails and mailings out.

8.2 Oktoberfest:

1.0 Fire Chief David Newton will man the table.

8.3 Red Cross Blood Drive:

1.0 Blood Drive is November 11, 2016.

8.4 Chief Lunch:

1.0 Chief Luncheon by Portal Rescue is Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

9.0 Adjourn:

9.0 Motion to adjourn passed.

1.0 Next meeting November 16,2016 at 6:30 pm at Portal classroom.

Portal Rescue Board Meeting
Wednesday, July 28, 2016

1.0 Meeting called to order by President Bill Wilbur at 6:40pm. Bill Wilbur, David Schurian, Rick Beno, Jerry Racicot, David Newton and Jackie Lewis present.  Greg Wayman absent.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda. Jackie moved to adopt agenda with said changes, David Newton second, passed.  2 Additional training for firefighters moved to 8.0 for the Good of the Order.  Add 6.3 Vehicle replacement considerations and 6.4 Furnishing lead personnel with financial needs.

3.0 Adoption of May meeting minutes was postponed to the September 21st meeting as a copy was not available.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President Report – Bill Wilbur: Bill will be out of commission for at least one month following knee surgery scheduled for August 9th.  He has received apologies from residents for calling in false alarms.  No apologies necessary!! We’d rather have a false alarm than not to be notified at all in case of an emergency.  We need more volunteers for EMT and Fire.  How can we increase the search?  Thank you to those who are currently members.  Your time is valued.

4.2 Treasurer Report – Rick Beno: Year to date revenue – $70,996, Year to date expenses – $72, 361.  $104,544 in CDs.  Muma CD matures in October and plans for it will be decided at the September meeting.  $185,800 total cash assets.

4.3 Fire Chief Report – David Newton: Since May 18, 2016

4.3.1  Operations: May 30 mutual aid to Rodeo FD for a wildland fire and then a vehicle fire on Foothills Road, May 31 Portal Peak fire – 3 days, June 9 Sulpher Draw fire, June 27 Krentz fire, July 7 Sulpher Canyon fire (yucca), July 17 Emigrant fire, July 21 house fire

4.3.2 Training: We’ve had three monthly training days since last Board meeting.  They had okay attendance and we worked on basic water handling skills with our 3 new firefighters.

4.3.3  Vehicles: Tender 1 and Brush 8 got new tires.  Brush 6 is back in service after replacement of several ignition parts.  Brush 8 now has a hose reel and has seen service on several fires.

4.3.4 Grants: I recently completed a twice-yearly financial report for our AFG (pager) grant.  Implementation remains stalled while the Sheriff’s Office continues to work on a radio transition.

4.4 EMS Chief Report – Jerry Racicot:

4.4.1 There have been 5 EMT calls since last meeting.

4.4.2 EMS supplies have been updated. Several items have been ordered to assist with possible firefighter needs while working on fires.  Epi-pen grant is being completed on line.

4.4.3 Douglas Police Dispatch has asked Portal Rescue to determine how far south EMTs will be able to be sent on a 911 call. Halfway point for Douglas Fire is milepost 402.  Tex Canyon Road at milepost 398 is being considered and will be discussed with Douglas Police Dispatch before any confirmation is made.

4.4.4 Retirement: I’d like to thank Jeff Gee for his many years of service as a Portal Rescue EMT.  Jeff has decided to retire from EMS service as of July 2016.  Jeff became and EMT in 1993, he served as EMS Chief for many years.  We appreciate all that he has given to our department and our community.  He will be missed.

4.4.5  Acknowledgement: I would like to extend a heartfelt hug of appreciation to our EMTs.  The last few months have been incredibly difficult for some on our team.  We have had very difficult calls, that will leave a life-long impression on many of us.  Through these difficult times, we have supported each other and kept our team strong.  We will continue to answer the call and provide for the needs of our community.  For this, I thank each of our EMTs for their hard work and dedication.  I am humbled by the efforts of our Portal Rescue EMS team.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 RCO Software Update: It has been determined that the desktop donated by Pi Irwin many years ago is unable to be updated.  It will be retired.  The laptop computer will be set up for the RCOs and will be connected to the HP Laserjet printer via USB cable.

5.2 Are printers up to date?: Laserjet is connected.  Inkjet is not wireless as thought and will need to be connected via USB cable to the laptop to print.

6.0 New Business

6.1   Portal Rescue as sponsor for fireline EMTs:  Currently 2 EMTs are applying to be fireline EMTs.  Understanding is that the EMT will be dispatched personally and not dispatched through Portal Rescue and will travel to fires in a privately owned vehicle.  However, a sponsor agency is needed to submit fire pay requests, receive the fire pay and then disperse it to the EMT.  Is Portal Rescue responsible for the insurance for EMTs working on the fires?  Chief Newton will try to find out.  The vote to have Portal Rescue act as sponsor was tabled until the next meeting when the answer about insurance will be available.

6.2   Moved to 8.0

6.3   Vehicle replacement options:  Is it time to retire Brush 6?  It seems that it is unreliable.  Chief Newton feels that it is not yet time to find a replacement for Brush 6.  It needs to be driven, as do all of the Portal Rescue vehicles, to work out the kinks.  Firefighters are encouraged to drive the vehicles.  Please let Chief Newton know when you are going out or make a radio call when you leave the station.  Do the same when you return to the station.  Let Chief Newton know if there were any issues with handling or operations of the vehicle.

6.4   Furnishing lead personnel with financial needs:  Several active members do not have available funds (cash and/or credit card) for prepayments or emergencies that may arise when on an active call.  Credit cards have been miss used in the past and the Board does not feel they are an option.  Can we purchase prepaid cards?  By-laws state that financial transactions must have signatures of two signing members; except that the treasurer shall have single party signing authority for financial transactions of the Board with established vendors as defined in the Treasurer’s Duties documented in the Policy Manual.  The credit card transactions do not follow these set guidelines.  Jackie Lewis made the following motion:  A check may be written to the Chief with two signatures in order for them to purchase the prepaid credit cards.  The prepaid credit cards will be a monitored petty cash account with receipts required for all transactions.  The accounts will be monitored.  David Schurian second.  5 in favor with Rick Beno opposed.

6.5   Rick Beno voted no given that he cannot think of anything good about this proposal.  Portal Rescue is not a bank.  We do reimburse promptly for expenses that occur when involved with Portal Rescue business.  This prepayment for expenses would set a precedent of funding that violates our standard operating procedures, and his personal code of operation.  Rick does not feel that he can in good conscious write these check requests in advance of expenses occurred,  and as such will retire following the meeting on September 21st.

7.0   Adenda:  None

8.0   For the Good of the Order:

8.1   Additional training classes for firefighters.  Bill will put together a proposal with the Chiefs providing information on training opportunities for firefighters and EMTs.

8.2   Agenda must be made available to the Board one week prior to the meeting so members can come ready for efficient discussion of the motions.  It must also be made available to the public at least 24 hours (preferably 48) prior to the meeting.

9.0   Adjournment:  Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Jackie second.  Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jackie Lewis, Secretary Pro-tem

Portal Rescue Inc. Board Meeting
Saturday, March 16, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
Portal Rescue Classroom

1          Call to Order. President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6.33 p.m. Seven Board members and thirteen active and community members were present.

2          Adoption of Agenda. The published agenda was adopted with the addition of item 7.1 and the correction of the date of the last Board meeting. Motion proposed by Jerry Racicot, seconded by David Schurian, and passed unanimously.

3          Acceptance of Minutes. The minutes of the meeting of January 20, 2016 were accepted. Motion proposed by Jackie Lewis, seconded by Jerry Racicot and passed unanimously.

4          Reports

4.1 President: Bill Wilbur

Bill welcomed Delane Blondeau, Jeanne Williams and Barbara Miller, who were pioneering members of Portal Rescue, and he acknowledged their great contributions. Bill also thanked the current Board members for their support. Bill said it had been a good year thanks to the support of residents both of Portal and of the outlying areas. It had been a pleasure for him to serve and he looked forward to doing so in the future.

4.2 Treasurer: Rick Beno

Rick reported on our revenue and expenses:

Revenue (imported from 2015 and year-to-date): $50,658.81

Expenses (year-to-date): $40,050.67

Summary of Assets: Currently our investment and  checking accounts, including petty cash and earned interest, total approximately $194, 326.41.

4.3  Fire Chief: David Newton

“Operations:  There’ve been several fires since our last Board meeting, one of which was outside our small response area and  I was able to bill State Forestry for $4800+.

Training: monthly training had okay attendance in February.

Vehicles: Brush 9’s tires were approaching 20 years old and had started to throw chucks off the sidewall so we replaced 5 of its tires.  (One was new a couple of years ago). White Brush 6 broke down while being backed into the station.  In recent years it has been unreliable, so I am not sorry to see it out of service.

Grants: The pagers from the AFG grant have arrived and I am testing them.  95% reimbursement has been received from FEMA.”

4.4  EMS Chief: Jerry Racicot

“I want to thank all of our EMTs for their hard work and dedication providing emergency medical care for our community. They spend many hours per month training and honing new skills to be prepared for what they may encounter.

We currently have 9 EMTs on the roster and are seeking volunteers to be trained in a new class in the Fall.

Last year we responded to 13 calls, so far this year we have responded to 4.

This year we will add new skills to our toolbox as well as some new equipment. The Cochise County Sheriff’s office has donated an EKG machine, which will allow us to provide early charting of cardiac rhythms. This will help doctors of cardiac patients to have an early record of cardiac rhythms. We will equip a fire brush truck with medical and rescue equipment, and it will be parked at a southern location. This will allow us to respond more quickly to those patients who live south of Portal. These patients account for about 20 percent of calls.

Many of our neighbors in Rodeo have asked about Portal Rescue responding to medical calls in Hidalgo County. Yesterday I met with representatives of Hidalgo county EMS; we are trying to work out the details for Portal Rescue to be dispatched to these areas. I am optimistic that we will soon be able to provide care for our Rodeo neighbors.”

5          Old Business

5.1  Retiring members.

David Newton announced that Ken Joens and David Johnson who had served both as active members and Board directors have now retired. Their service has been greatly appreciated over the years and gift certificates will be presented to them.

5.2  Signs for site.

Bill Wilbur said that he had ordered signs advising the public that emergency services are not available at the PR building and that people in need of urgent assistance should dial 911. The signs will be up on about March 26th.

5.3  What to do with old White Brush 6?

After noting that White Brush 6 is virtually inoperable and not worth repairing, the Board debated methods of disposing of the vehicle and finally agreed sell it to to Larry Rivers as-is, for $600.  The motion was proposed by Jerry Racicot, seconded by Rick Beno, and passed by the Board with one  abstention.

5.4  Update, Hidalgo County residents calling Cochise County Dispatchers for PR assistance

Jerry reported that he and David Whipple, coordinator of EMS services for Hidalgo County, are currently discussing various means of enabling Hidalgo county dispatchers to call on Portal Rescue for assistance.

6          New Business

6.1  Grant submission for new vehicle

Bill reported that Kinder Morgan might supply us with a surplus vehicle from their fleet, with the intention of it becoming a brush truck. Negotiation continues. Lee doubted that we could use an addition truck at this point but we’d like the option to ask for it later. David reported that a vehicle from KM might be superior to Brush 9. Board felt we should continue pursuing this possibility.

6.2  New vehicle

Bill reported that a new Ford truck has been purchased in California. The seller is currently seeking bids for a transport company to bring the vehicle to Portal.

6.3  New firefighter

David Newton proposed and Jerry Racicot seconded a motion for the Board to approve Tim Lawson as a new firefighter.

6.4  Election of Board

Bill Wilbur, Jackie Lewis, Jerry Racicot, Rick Beno, David Newton, David Schurian and Greg Wayman were nominated and elected by acclamation.

6.5  Election of officers

Bill Wilbur was elected as president, David Schurian as vice president, Greg Wayman as secretary and Rick Beno as treasurer.

        For the Good of the Order

7.1 Blood drive. Jackie reported that the new date for the Blood Drive was May 11th.


Jackie Lewis, seconded by Jerry Racicot, proposed adjournment and the meeting was adjourned at 7.41 p.m.


Portal Rescue Inc. Board Meeting

Wednesday Jan. 20, 2016

6:30 p.m. in Portal Rescue Classroom

1          Call to order. President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6.38 p.m. Seven Board members were present.

2          Adoption of agenda. The published agenda was adopted. Motion proposed by David Newton, seconded by Jackie Lewis and passed unanimously.

3          Acceptance/correction of minutes. The minutes of the 12-16-15 Board meeting were accepted. Motion proposed by Jerry Racicot, seconded by David Schurian and passed unanimously.

4          Reports

4.1 President: Bill Wilbur

Bill reported that he had been making extensive enquiries, in several states, about vehicles of all types to replace White Brush 6. He had contacted Ritchie Bros., O’Reilly Chevrolet, Duncan Valley Electric and Grant Valley Electric and other sources to find an appropriate vehicle and he outlined various possible vehicle purchases to the Board.

4.2 Treasurer:

Rick Beno reported:

Revenue (2015 year): $55,603.00

            Expenses (2015 year): $29,000.00

Summary of Assets: Currently our investment and checking accounts, including petty cash and earned interest, total approximately $213,670.00.

4.3 Fire Chief: David Newton

Operations: In late December Tender 1 and two firefighters ran a mutual aid response to an early morning structure fire in New Mexico.

Training: Monthly training in December was well attended and was decent in January too.

Grants:  Regarding the AFG mini-grant, David filed our end of year financial report and obtained one quote for the required equipment.  A second quote will arrive soon and he can then purchase the fire-pagers.

Vehicles: We have restored the drafting (suction) capability to Brush 5.

Garage: The skylight cracks have extended and are leaking a bit again.

Retirements: After years of service to Portal Rescue, Ken Joens and David Johnson have retired.

4.4 EMS Chief: Jerry Racicot

Calls: EMTs have responded to one call since December; the patient was transported via air ambulance.

Training: Seven Portal Rescue EMTs completed their refresher course in January. During the refresher course, Portal Rescue hosted six EMTs from other departments.

Equipment: Portal Rescue would like to thank Sgt. David Noland and the Cochise County Sheriffs for their generous donation of EMS equipment to our department. Items donated include an AED, cardiac monitor and rescue equipment.

Hidalgo County: Noting that Hidalgo County and Portal Rescue have a mutual aid agreement, Jerry asked Hidalgo County commissioner Dar Shannon why Portal Rescue is not being dispatched by Hidalgo County. Ms. Shannon has promised to find out. Jerry suggests that Hidalgo County residents contact Ms. Shannon or Mr. Whipple to voice their concerns.

5          Old Business

5.1 Vehicle donations

Bill suggested we wait to see what our utility companies can donate before purchasing a vehicle to replace Whitebrush 6. If the utilities don’t offer us anything, we need to decide what type of vehicle we should buy. Some of the existing equipment (pump) could be transferred to the new vehicle, other equipment (tank) would need to be acquired. Board members noted that a truck with a diesel engine, 150 gallon tank, single cab (8 foot box, 9 foot bed), 4WD, would be suitable. Some Board members considered that $30,000 would be an appropriate price for a truck (including equipment).

5.2 Update on White Brush 6. The vehicle is almost fully loaded with medical equipment but not rescue equipment, and is stored at Jerry’s house. The vehicle is in poor condition. If it stalls, it might not start. The Board’s aim is to dispose of the vehicle and replace it.

5.3 GPS Units in vehicles. Jerry said that we were getting an iPad for one rescue vehicle and would not, therefore, need a GPS unit for that vehicle. Rick stated that his GPS unit was effective and useful in the Portal area. Item tabled for future discussion.

5.4 Gift certificates for retirees. The Board had previously decided that retirees should receive certificates of recognition together with the offer of a dinner for two. Some members of the Board expressed disquiet with the notion that members of a voluntary organization should receive items with a cash value in addition to the certificate. Other members pointed out that the decision had already been made and should be followed now. Jerry Racicot proposed and Jackie Lewis seconded a motion that retirees Ken Joens and David Johnson be granted certificates and free dinners for two at venues to be chosen. A majority of the Board voted in favor and the motion was carried.

5.5 Finalize budget for 2016

After discussion the Board arrived at the following budget:

Revenue $94,550

Expenses $94,550

Jackie Lewis proposed and Jerry Racicot seconded a motion to accept the budget. Motion carried by a majority.

5.6 Review EMT locations

Jackie Lewis presented a map showing the current location of all EMTs and the sources of EMT calls over the last five years.

5.7 Question about FEMA grant for radios.

David Newton is in the process of deciding which vendor to select for fire pagers, to be paid for from a FEMA grant we have received.

6          New Business

6.1 Finding a new secretary

As Harold Farmer will not be available to run for the office of secretary next year, Board members will look for a person who might replace him. Anyone willing to volunteer for this essential task, please contact Bill Wilbur.

6.2 Alice Newton’s book, Paradise Revealed. Alice has sold as many copies as she can and has invited Portal Rescue to store and sell the remainder, possibly at the Soup Kitchen. Profits would continue to go to Portal Rescue (Wilderness EMS Plan). Jackie Lewis proposed and Harold Farmer seconded a motion to accept Alice’s offer. Motion carried unanimously.

7          Addenda

8          For the Good of the Order

8.1 Soup Kitchen: Feb. 15th , 16th & 17th

Plans for the Soup Kitchen are progressing smoothly but Chris Wilbur would still appreciate offers of soup, bread, desserts and assistance.

9          Adjournment

Jackie moved adjournment, seconded by David Schurian. The motion was passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 9.00 p.m.