Portal Rescue Board Meeting Minutes for 2011

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Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

October 19, 2011

1.0 Call to Order: President Jackie Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.  All Board members were present. 2.0 Adoption of Agenda Susanne moved to accept the agenda with no changes or additions.  Dinah seconded.  Motion carried unanimously. 3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes of August 17, 2011 David Johnson moved that the minutes be accepted.  Susanne seconded and the motion carried unanimously.   4.0 Reports

4.1 President:  Jackie Lewis

The EMT class began Saturday, October 15th with 10 students.  It looks like a great team!  A huge “thank you” to each of the students for helping make this class happen.  Your donation of time and commitment show a strong link to your community.  Thank you also to the many community members who are showing support by sponsoring a student, baking goodies and providing verbal support to the students!

4.2 Treasurer’s Report: Bill Wilbur

An EMT Tuition column has been added to the financial report to remind us that this will be a reimbursement expense in 2012.  The CPR class was paid for by another sponsor, because student sponsorships were covered.

Income through October 15th is $43,738.91, or $6,761 below budget projection.  Our expenses of $72,334.80 are over budget but include approximately $33,000 payout to firefighters.  Remove the payout and we are well within the budget for 2011.  (Fire pay for the Horseshoe Two Fire came in on Thursday, October 16th.)  About $8-9K coming back from grants may be received before end of year.

Radios expense was listed in the wrong category (fire equipment) and was moved from there to radio operations.

Balance sheet:  The Muma Fund CD matures Oct 22nd and must be rolled back into the account then.  Plans to cash the Rainy Day Fund 1 were scrapped when the check for fire pay came in.  Current cash assets include $63,568 in Edward Jones CDs and $18,626 in checking.  Total cash assets are. $82,244

Workman’s Comp:  Bill received an audit informing us that our people earned $86,000 last year and that the insurer wanted a $1,100 “past due” payment.  They decided that all volunteers should be listed as being paid $400/month (their minimum amount), even though we are a volunteer department and firefighters are paid only when they are working on a billable fire.  Bill was also told that claims cannot be made for workman’s comp if fire fighters aren’t paid.  Clifton Insurance Company says we must have a workman’s comp policy.  When Bill called Diana Rodriguez at Clifton he was told that the policy that would have paid a claim was cancelled by PR in February 2011, but she could not tell us who cancelled.  (The Board has no knowledge of this cancellation.)  If this policy is in place when a claim to Workman’s Comp is rejected, we would then submit the claim to Clifton Insurance and they would pay.

4.3 Fire Chief: David Newton

1.   Red Brush 9 returned from its pump repair in Glendale and is working well.  Keith Klassen gave us a great all day training on the foam system on October 17th.  The repair to the foam equipment was $3,939.  Total training cost was $782 for 10 firefighters.  The utility of foam is that it places persistent water where it can cool and the reduction of surface tension for better penetration into carbon fuels.

2.  The department’s yearly NIMSCAST survey was completed in September.  This Incident Management System self assessment is required for participation in federal grants.

3.  David purchased 7 new handheld radios on our RFA 90/10 grant for $6,799.

4.  David purchased foam and nozzles on our VFA 50/50 grant for $2,013.   He has requested reimbursement.

5.  The replacement water tank for Brush 9 is complete and will soon be shipped.  Cost $3,383.

6.  We received a letter from the State Forester addressed to all departments.  It apologizes for the delay in payment for the summer fires and implies that we’ll be paid within 45 days.  Two reasons were given for the delay 1) lack of a continuing resolution funding the USFS and 2) FEMA spent all their money on hurricane Irene.

7.  Transfer of Tender 8 to Huachuca City FD is complete.

8.  Shane Burchfield presented a fire prevention talk to K-2nd grade students in Animas on October 18th.

4.4 EMS Chief: Jackie Lewis

1.  At the September meeting we checked equipment and relocated items from Rescue 3 to Rescue 4.

2.  There was one call since last meeting.  3 EMTs were able to respond, 1 EMT assisted with radio control, and one RCO came to the station.  A generous donation was made to the EMS fund.

3.  Current EMTs will be assisting at the EMT class each weekend and during a weeknight study session.

4.  Continuing education will be held in Douglas on Tuesday, November 16th from 10am – 3pm.

5.0       Old Business:

5.1       Portal Rescue Member Introduction Poster or Photo Wall

Reed would like to promote community involvement in PR by introducing Portal Rescue members with a photo and a little information about the member.  We would like to ask all current Firefighters and EMTs, RCOs, EMT students and current Board members to submit a photo that can be placed on the bulletin board at the Post Office.  Please include why you are a Portal Rescue member and how long you have been a member.  Jackie will email everybody and Reed will laminate the photo/bio.

6.0       New Business – None 7.0 Addenda – None 8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1       Donation Drive Update

As of 4:30 this afternoon $19,841.75 have been donated..  More donations are still coming in.  Thank you, everyone, for contributing to the 2nd Annual Donation Drive.

8.2       Lunch for Chief’s Meeting November 16:

Since Chris is taking the EMT class, Jackie will be coordinating the luncheon this year.  We need volunteers to help set up, decorate, cook, serve, clean and restore the classroom to order.  If you can help with any of the listed tasks please call Jackie at 558-2287 before she starts calling you.  Active members are invited to attend.

9.0       Adjournment: Dinah moved to close the meeting at 7:35 pm.  Susanne seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Return to top

Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

August 17, 2011

1.0 Call to Order President Jackie Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  All board members were present, and three community members (Rick Beno, Lee Dyal, and Barbara Miller) also attended.   2.0 Adoption of Agenda The agenda was adopted without change (Susanne moved, Dinah seconded, vote unanimous). 3.0 Acceptance/Correction of June Minutes No amendments were proposed to the minutes.  Susanne moved that the minutes be approved without change, and Bill seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously. 4.0 Reports

4.1 President (Jackie Lewis)

We have procured a class date for an EMT Basic Course through Cochise College.  Classes will be held in Portal on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 – December 11 (November 26 & 27 off), with finals in Douglas during the week of December 12.  A minimum of 10 students will be required to conduct the class.  We have advertised the opportunity to other units in ‘nearby’ communities.

The phone tree for flood warnings has turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, due to problems with projecting water levels based on up-canyon information.  Nevertheless, efforts will continue.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Bill Wilbur)

Revenues: Income totaled $28,379.  We’ve received $1,690 for June through present, and $1,062 from fundraisers, mainly from tee-shirt sales at the Museum).  Rental income includes both $100 from Dr. John and $4,700 from the State for use of building during the Horseshoe II fire.  Fire income totaled $1,833.63, and we are still awaiting payment for the balance of the Horseshoe II fire, as well as for the Hilltop fire.

Expenditures: Expenditures totaled $53,378.  We had outlays of almost $1,000 for utilities, due mainly to heavy use of utilities during the fire.  Some fire and EMS equipment was purchased.  Payments to fire-fighters totaled $34,578, and vehicle ops cost us $5,492.  Insurance and workman’s compensation payments totaled $6,014.90.  EMS training (SATNET) cost us $210.  We’re expecting about $90,000 from the State for expenses incurred during the fire.

Our current balance in the Rainy Day Fund is $63,406.13, up from $62,904.59  at the start of the year.  We also have $23,393.68 in checking.

Bill expressed thanks to Rick Beno for all the work he did getting our finances and budgeting process in order.  It has made Bill’s life much easier.

4.3 Fire Chief (David Newton)

Tender 1 completed its work on the Horseshoe 2 fire on June 26th.  David has invoiced the State for $91,390.93, and that invoice has passed review.  We paid our fire-fighters $33,137, and our net proceeds with be about $58,254.

On July 14th, Brush 5 responded to a burning oak tree in Whitetail Canyon, inside the Horseshoe II perimeter and flaring up weeks later, even after rain.  David invoiced the State $472 for that fire.

At last month’s training, we talked about flood response and familiarized ourselves with creekside residences in Cave Creek Canyon.

We’ve had no word on our 2011 VFA grant application.

Installation of the new tank for Brush 9 is awaiting drawings from the company.

David has accepted the resignation of Sue Sheffer from the department and thanks her for her two years of energetic service.

Two firefighters will be attending AZ State Fire School in Mesa in early September.

David expressed thanks to JoAnn Julian for last year’s fundraising success that has allowed us to pay all the firefighters in a timely manner for their extended work on the Horseshoe II fire.

4.4 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

PR EMTs answered one call in the interval since our last meeting.

Portal Rescue hosted a Trauma Day presentation by Dan Judkins of UMC.  Prospective students Chris Wilbur, and Donna and Joe Meenach joined us.  About 8 people came in from other agencies.

Six EMTs attended training, and another training session is coming up on Saturday. Susanne and David Newton helped with RCO training. Thanks to Susanne for sending out information to RCOs who were not able to attend, as well as to David for designing excellent exercises for group practice.  We’ll try for another RCO event this winter.

5.0       Old Business – Policy Manual, Treasurer’s Duties (postponed).   6.0       New Business

6.1       Disposition of Tender 8 (David Newton)

Tender 8 and Brush 5 were acquired originally from Huachuca City, using special AZ State Forestry monies for building up fleets.  In addition to the 3-4 ton flatbed truck, we purchased steel for fabricating tanks for each vehicle.  That work was completed on Brush 5, but not on Tender 8, because funds were inadequate for that task, and the remaining steel still sits on the back of that Tender 8.  David Newton moved that we sell the vehicle and steel back to Huachuca City for $10, and Susanne seconded his motion.  In response to a question from David Johnson, it was concluded that we have no contractual agreement to keep the vehicle or to complete fabrication of the tank.  It was agreed that everything that came with the vehicle but did not go into Brush 5 should go back to Huachuca City.  During the Monument Fire, that agency had one tender on each of two fires (Monument Fire and Horseshoe II Fire) and was short on tenders to deploy in the City itself if needs arose.  The motion was restated passed unanimously.

6.2       Policy manual – fire chief duties (David Newton)

The Board considered and commented on David’s list of duties.  Jackie moved (Susanne seconded) that David’s list be added to the developing Policy Manual.  The vote was unanimous.

6.3 EMT student up-front tuition payments

The Board considered whether or not PR could pay student tuition up front, rather than after certification and active membership in Portal Rescue.  This year’s class will cost approximately $1,000, considerably more than the last class given here.  Additionally, students must travel one or more times to Sierra Vista to have contact with the required 10 patients, so there would also be transport and food costs for a 12-hr day.  We currently have seven prospective students on the list, including two couples, for whom costs would be $2,000.  Additional individuals might sign up if PR could advance the money.

Susanne pointed out that, in the past, no one who received scholarships ever successfully certified and joined the organization.  She argued that a personal investment is necessary for folks to have a real commitment.  She then proposed that PR subsidize costs with a scholarship of $500 for any student for whom costs would be prohibitive.  The portion of costs born by students would be reimbursed later, assuming success.  This investment by PR is warranted given the need for new EMTs.  It was also suggested that, to insure scholarships would be repaid, community members could step up and offer scholarships without PR being involved.  (As of the writing of these minutes, two offers of scholarships have been made.)  The vote was unanimously in favor of such subsidies by PR where necessary.

6.4       Lodging and meals for EMT course instructor (and possibly one aid)

Normally PR would be paying lodging and meals for students taking the course elsewhere.  If the course is given here, such costs (just Saturday night lodging, and 9 am to 6 pm daily) would be incurred only for the instructor and perhaps one assistant.  David Newton moved (Susanne seconded) that PR cover those costs.  The Board was in unanimous agreement, but no vote was taken, because lodging and food are always a known training expense.

Note that, in view of people’s time commitments to the EMT class, Oktoberfest has been moved up until October 8th.

7.0       For the Good of the Order

7.1       Letter of gratitude from the May’s (retyped below minutes)

7.2       Donation drive (Jackie Lewis)

JoAnn Julian has the business letters ready to mail out and brochures (with minor changes) have been reordered.  PR will have a table near the donation thermometer at Oktoberfest.

7.3 Recruitment Sunday social  (Jackie Lewis)

The event takes place this upcoming weekend.  PR is looking for prospective new fire-fighters, EMTs, RCOs and phone tree people.  JoAnn Julian is doing name tags.

7.4       SATNET attendance report (Lee Dyal)

Lee, Susanne, Jeff Gee and Ken Joens attended, and Lee reports that this event was more useful than usual, since 75-80% of presenters were first responders, rather than nurses.  Combat injuries were emphasized, but the information could also pertain to accidents.  There were also reports of new coagulants.  Other helicopter services are either now offering or anticipating offering insurance plans.  AirEvac out of Safford seldom services our community, but the large LifeNet company hopes to write policies no matter who carries a patient.  Stay tuned for updates.

8.0       Adjournment (Jackie Lewis) At 7:57pm, Jackie moved to adjourn, Bill seconded her motion, and the vote was unanimous.  Our next board meeting will be held at 6:30 pm on October 19. Letter from the Mays: Dear Portal Volunteers, Our sincere gratitude for all the hard work and selfless devotion you showed during the “Horeshoe 2 fire.” We also want to say a special thank you to Lee Dial and Walter, who came up to Whitetail Canyon and put out and monitored a large oak that was burning here several weeks after the fire was through. God Bless All of You, George and Lynne May Return to top

Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

June 22, 2011

1.0 Call to Order President Jackie Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm, in the back room of the Portal Store and Café.  All board members were present, and two community members (Rick Beno and Barbara Miller) also attended.   2.0 Adoption of Agenda Jackie suggested that one item be added to the agenda under “For the good of the order”.  She proposed to discuss circulation to the community of information on PR’s role in the Horseshoe Two Fire.  Dinah moved that we adopt the agenda with this addition, and Susanne seconded her motion.  The vote was unanimously in favor. 3.0 Acceptance/Correction of April Minutes No amendments were proposed to the minutes, and Bill moved for acceptance without change.  Reed seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously. 4.0 Reports

4.1 President (Jackie Lewis)

The following statement from the President was read into the minutes:  “The start of the Horseshoe Two Fire on May 8th has shown that our neighbors are not only next door but also miles away.  I will probably accidentally omit someone or group if I begin to say “thank you” but I feel I must make an attempt.  (Thanks) to Portal Rescue and Rodeo firefighters who provided support on the initial attack and throughout the fire, to Bill Wilbur and Rick Beno for making the midnight evacuation calls, to the Rodeo Community Center for providing shelter and a meeting place, to the communities of Rodeo and Animas for providing meals and beverages to those sheltered, to all neighbors helping each other move animals, cut lines, stamp out embers, and who offered and/or provided lodging, meals and phones.  To everyone who baked for the firefighting teams, to local businesses for extending business hours and supporting the Incident Management Teams and thousands of hard working men and women.

Thank you, EVERYONE, for your roles as caring community members.

The fire has interrupted our lives, and it will take a little time to get back into our daily routines.  I appreciate your patience during this time.”

Other board members commented on how the fire had produced shared experiences that brought us together as a community.

Rene Blondeau’s birthday celebration could not be held at the Portal Rescue classroom as planned, and we will be returning the rental fee to the Blondeaus, who graciously accepted the need to make alternative arrangements.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Bill Wilbur)

Revenues: Donations remain well under budget, possibly because donors are waiting for the annual drive.  A maturing CD was not rolled over, but rather deposited in the Rainy Day fund and then reinvested at a then-available rate of 3.2%.

Expenditures: Expenditures are well under budget except for fire pay (nothing budgeted under new accounting system) and vehicle operations (higher than anticipated, though still under budget, due to Horseshoe Two).

Balance sheet:  Revenues on hand total $112,532.83, with slightly over $48K in checking and $62,317 in investments.

4.3 Fire Chief (David Newton)

Tender 1 has been out every day on Horseshoe Fire Two, and Brush 5 was used on the first morning and afternoon.  Tender 1 will be released Sunday afternoon, June 26th.  Based on usage of these vehicles, David estimates that we will bill the state for about $91,000 and net perhaps $56,000 after fire pay (about $28 K) and fuel costs ($2-3K) are subtracted.   Participating firefighters (Shane Burchfield, Lee Dyal, Jeff Gee, Chris Husband, Ken Joens, David Johnson, David Newton [2 days], Walter Schoepfle, Larry Rivers, and Bob Walton) made about $300 for themselves and $500 for PR per work day. Some additional income will come in for classroom rental (currently about 35 days at $100 per day).

No word is available yet on the success of our VFA application.

Red Brush 6 is a reliable vehicle, but its pump and plumbing are not.  A suggestion was made to tear out the ‘fancy’ pump and install the pump from White Brush 6.

4.4 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

Our May meeting was cancelled because of the fire.

The Trauma Day meeting on July 6th is completely booked, with 21 people enrolled, including all PR EMTs.  Joe Meenach and Wynne Brown have expressed interest in becoming firefighters.  One EMS candidate has decided against training this year, and two other candidates are still deciding whether or not to attend classes.

Three EMS calls came in, all resulting in patient transport only, because patients could not be handed off to our lower level of care.

So far, three EMTs have registered for the SATNET conference in August.  Meal costs have increased, since lunch is now included, in addition to a break.

5.0       Old Business:

5.1       VTC grant application (Bill Wilbur)

5.1.a    Alternative of cell tower (Dinah Davidson, Bill Wilbur)

Neither Bill nor Dinah has contacted Giffords’ office yet to see where things stand on this, so the matter is tabled until our next meeting.

5.1.b    Mobile repeater (David Newton)

David Newton reported that Action Communications in Tucson sells something that is hardwired into vehicles to serve as a higher powered radio with which EMTs could communicate on their handhelds.  To use this system, we would need to apply for another radio frequency from the FCC.  Costs for equipment and license are estimated at $2,000.  Such a unit could be installed in Rescue 4, or in both rescue vehicles for twice the price, but a second unit is likely not warranted in (older) Rescue 3.  Crews from the two rescue vehicles might well be close enough in proximity at incidents to utilize a single mobile repeater.  The greatest use of a mobile repeater would likely be in search and rescue operations.  The issue was tabled for more research until next meeting.

5.2       Treasurer’s Duties update for Policy Manual (Jackie Lewis and Bill Wilbur)

Absent time for adequate preparation, this matter is also tabled for a future meeting.

  6.0       New Business

6.1       Purchase water pump for PR water tank on McAvoy’s property (David Newton)

David got an appropriate water pump on a grant last year.  It’s a ‘done deal’, and no vote is required.

6.2       Replacement of water tank for Brush 9 (David Newton)

The tank on Brush 9 loses about 150 gal/day, currently resupplied from David’s well.  A replacement tank would cost $3K, including shipping, even with a substantial discount.  This is probably not a reason to get rid of the truck, because the truck and pump are in good condition, and firefighters paid $2K+ out of pocket to bring the truck online.   Also, given where fires have been starting, it’s probably a good idea to leave the truck at Dave’s.   If we invest in a new tank, we can probably sell the truck/tank if it is ever deemed unnecessary.  Susanne moved to buy a new tank, and Bill seconded her motion, which passed unanimously.

6.3       Compensation pay for EMTs (David Newton and Jackie Lewis)

This matter was considered long ago and has come up again out of concern for attracting and keeping EMTs.  David has talked to some EMTs who might be more interested if paid.  Similar organizations pay $30/call, which isn’t much given driving distances here, and studies have shown that this amount is insufficient to have a detectable effect on EMT recruitment.  Several factors mitigate against EMT pay for PR calls.  Most importantly, pay would increase both community expectations and PR liability.  Second, unlike firefighters, EMTs don’t earn money for PR, so the community might not accept paying EMTs to respond to calls.

Two suggestions emerged from this discussion.  First, reimbursement for gas and mileage is already available for EMTs who file appropriate forms, including for travel to training and monthly meetings.  Alternatively, such contributions may be taken as donations, with a receipt being provided by the Treasurer on request.  Some EMTs in other departments are also paid hourly for driving or attending training.  Second, several ideas were advanced for awarding recognition in place of pay.  One recognition luncheon was well attended, but only half of our firefighters attended.  Reed suggested that we use the PR bulletin board at the Post Office to post EMT photos and make EMTs more visible for recognition by community members.  The unanimous consensus of the Board was not to pay for EMT calls, and no vote was taken.

6.4       Length of Service Award Program (David Newton)

The matter was tabled until David hears back from those he has contacted.  Bill will look up insurance information.  Life insurance would be prohibitively expensive, and each person would have to be qualified individually.  Badges, like those worn proudly by Boeing employees, might be an option.

6.5 Approval for SATNET lodging over allotted amount (Jackie Lewis)

With one exception, participants are sharing rooms at the Star Pass Resort unless any current ‘roommates’ drop out.  Last year, some participants found alternative accommodation, but the savings did not justify the inconvenience of staying off site.  One participant has requested a waiver of PR rules in order to room with his wife, who is not an EMT, nor attending meetings.  According to this proposal, PR would pick up the added expense.  In accord with prior discussion about attracting and keeping EMTs, it was moved (David Newton) and seconded (Bill Wilbur) that we permit this exception.  The vote was unanimously in favor.

  7.0 Addenda (none) 8.0 For the Good of the Order 8.1       FireWise Program (Jackie Lewis) We have now seen the destructive power of fire in habitats protected from normal periodic and ‘cool’ fires for decades to a century.  Remaining (unburned) areas could still be susceptible to catastrophic fires, and the joint Firewise and CWPP efforts will continue to address these concerns in the future.  Residents can help to create defensible space around their homes by working with the FireWise program.  Contact Jackie (558-2287) for more information.  No FireWise assessments will be completed until after monsoon rains begin, but there are things residents could do to prepare in advance.  Just three property owners have signed up for assessments at this point. 8.2       Cochise County fireworks ban (Jackie Lewis) At a special meeting of the County Board of Supervisors, use of fireworks was banned in all unincorporated areas through July 29.  Residents with questions may contact the County Sheriff’s office for additional information.  It was suggested that we put information about the fireworks ban on the fire danger signs in our area. 8.3       PR participation in the Horseshoe Two Fire JoAnn Julian will compile and circulate (to her email list) information on how PR participated to aid individuals and the community during the recent fire.  She would welcome your accounts of such participation regarding times before and during fire. 8.4 Evacuation calls (Bill Wilbur) Attempts to contact residents about evacuation often just reached answering machine, as phones had been turned off for the evening.  Residents are advise to leave telephones on at night during fire season, or to purchase a ‘Princess phone’ (available at Walmart for $5) that works when power is turned off. 8.5 Sandbags (David Newton) PR has sandbags in storage, and the County may provide more.  David has requested information on the best place to fill bags. 8.6 Meeting at Portal Café (Jackie Lewis) Jackie expressed the Board’s thanks to Lonnie and Mitch for use of café facilities for tonight’s meeting 9.0 Adjournment At 7:15 pm, Susanne moved to adjourn, and Reed seconded her motion. The vote to adjourn was unanimous.  Our next meeting will be held on the third Wednesday in August (August 17) at 6:30 pm. Return to top

Portal Rescue Incorporated Board Meeting

April 20, 2011

1.0 Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 6:07 pm by President Jackie Lewis.  All board members were present (for the action item, see section 6.1), and community member Rick Beno also attended. 2.0 Adoption of Agenda Two changes were proposed: (1) moving item 5.1 forward to the Treasurer’s report, and addition of a letter of thanks from a community member at the end (see section 8.2).  David Newton moved that we adopt the agenda as amended, Susanne seconded, and the Board voted unanimously in favor. 3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

3.1 February 2011 minutes

David asked for a one-word amendment, then moved for acceptance (Susanne seconded), and the vote was unanimous.

3.2 Extraordinary March meeting

No minutes were available at the meeting, but they are up on the PR website.  These minutes will be considered at the next board meeting.

3.3 March 2011 minutes

Bill proposed that minutes be accepted as written, Susanne seconded his motion, and the vote was unanimous in favor.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President  (Jackie Lewis)

Jackie has received, and is reviewing, PR board meeting documents and files from as far back as 2004.  If she finds action items that were not closed, she will bring them to the Board for discussion and action.  She hopes to have the Policy Manual as complete as possible by the end of this year.  This is an important priority, in part because the Board often revisits items voted on as policy in the past; having written records will enable issues to be changed more easily if necessary.  The Policy Manual will also provide guidelines for new board members.

Jackie, David Johnson and Dinah visited Chase Bank to fill out signature cards.  Edward Jones has sent paperwork to be filled out and signed by the newly elected treasurer, president, and vice-president (see section 4.2).

4.2 Treasurer (Bill Wilbur)

Bill posed the question of who should have signing authority for the Rainy Day Account with Edward Jones.  Activity on that account occurs just occasionally, and previously, only Rick Beno (then Treasurer) possessed this authority.  Bill had the VP and Treasurer added to the account already bearing his name and made the form available for the signatures of these two officers.  Dinah waived signing authority for the Secretary.

Bill announced that Walmart surprised us by responding to our grant request for $500 in 2012 by donating $1,000 in 2011.  He will write a letter of thanks.

Bill also reviewed income and expenditures for the month.  Donations totaled $1,243, and $147 came in from fund-raising (phone-book sales and aluminum recycling).  We earned just $18.07 on investments, but interest is paid out irregularly.  A small amount ($100) of fire income came in for dust abatement at Carl Anderson’s.  Monthly income totaled $2,614.

Expenditures for the month totaled $3,707.09, including $1,665 paid out for insurance.  519.54 in fire equipment and $958.86 in vehicle operations.

In addition to investments in the Rainy Day Fund, we have $56,949 in checking.

Bill thanked Rick for his help working out the highly specific PR accounting system and inquired whether board approval was needed for CD rollovers.  The Board agreed that a vote was unnecessary.  Jackie noted that it would be appropriate to include this decision in the new Policy Manual.

4.3 Fire Chief (David Newton)

David reported no operations for the month.

Ten fire-fighters attended the refresher class.

David has submitted a 50:50 VFA grant application that, if funded, would obligate us to spend $1100 on training, $320 on supplies, and $1060 on equipment, in order to be reimbursed at the level of $1,250.

The question was raised as to whether we should we repair the timer on the battery charger, in view of the recent overcharging of two expensive (>$160) batteries.  We will look into buying a new charger (estimated cost just $40-$80) with the capacity for maintenance charging.

4.4 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

Susanne and Jackie attended the Tucson Medical Center’s Quality Assurance meeting on April 5th.  Many standing orders are being changed, and PR EMTs will need to attend continuing education classes (in Douglas, due to budget cuts).  We will carpool to the extent possible.  On April 28, Dawn will review all of the standing orders.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) had to be written in order for PR to comply with ADHS rules regulating our EMS drug box.  Jackie wrote both the SOP and a checklist for the drug box.  Both were approved by Dawn and will be instituted immediately.

Jackie has spoken to two people about becoming EMTs.  One is seriously considering the proposition.

Seven of our eight EMTs attended our meeting on Saturday, April 16.  We discussed the drug box SOP and first-care forms and performed vehicle checks.

The charger was left on the batteries for Rescue 3.  David Newton will purchase two new 12-volt batteries.

5.0       Old Business

5.1       Update on Wal-Mart grant application (Bill, see section 4.2)

5.2       Update on VTC grant application (Bill)

Bill spoke with the VTC Vice-President in Willcox about the types of awards they grant.  They are interested in an application from PR, but it must be for a specific item that falls within their area of interest (communications).  The amount needed for reprogramming narrow band radios is too small.

Rick Beno suggested that we apply for funds for a mobile repeater so that people in the field could talk directly to base over handhelds, without returning to vehicles or relaying information by (error susceptible) voice commands.  This item would cost approximately $5,000, plus the price of an antenna, power supply and new license.  Bill moved to table discussion until we have accurate figures.  Dinah seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Bill has spoken with a representative of Verizon, who verified that they could not erect a cell tower unless they could project a profit from it.  Dinah noted that Giffords’ office was pursuing such a tower, and Bill will contact them directly.

5.2       Update on classroom usage (Jackie)

Cleaning would be simpler if a push broom were made easily available.  Ours is now housed in a closet with IVs, needles, etc., i.e. things that must be locked up.  Cleaning equipment should be removed to a more accessible location, e.g., perhaps a supply closet in the ladies rest room.  Jackie will follow up on this.

6.0       New Business

6.1       Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly Board Meetings (Jackie)

Jackie suggested that we may wish to reduce the number of meetings held each year.  Our By-laws require us to meet only quarterly, and we could choose either to meet on that schedule or in alternate months.  Such a change would not preclude special meetings (with 24 hrs, or preferably greater notice) to deal with items of new business advanced by board members, or community members (through board members).  A monthly budget report should still go out to board members, and members of the Board could legitimately phone Bill to ask about budget matters, so long as no action item is discussed.

Both Susanne and Dinah spoke in favor of starting with alternate months, to determine how a reduction in meetings works out.  Dinah moved that, beginning immediately, we meet bimonthly (so next meeting would be in June), with the annual community meeting in March organized as a separate (seventh) meeting.  (It was suggested that the community meeting could even coincide with Community Health Day.)  Susanne seconded this motion, and the vote was unanimous in favor.

Dinah should ask Karen to post the budget summary, along with the minutes, on the PR website.

Jackie requested that agenda items generally be submitted to her at least 2 wks before meeting, so that the intervening time can be used to research and educate ourselves about the issues involved.

To accommodate the schedule of new board member Reed Peters, future meetings will now be scheduled at 6:30 pm, rather than the customary 6:00 pm.

  7.0 Addenda (none) 8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1       Community Health Day Review (Susanne)

About 60 people attended, and feedback was good.  We will repeat this program next year, perhaps following up on suggestions for adding information on choking and snake bites to a refresher on CCC and strokes.

Community members not attending the event in March, 2011, may contact Susanne with information on the helicopter insurance program.  Please note that there is no guarantee that people with insurance will get one of Lifeline’s helicopters, since TMC will choose the closest and best for each health emergency.

8.2              Dog droppings (Dinah)

A community member brought the Board’s attention to the dog waste accumulating during the veterinarian’s visits to Portal (next scheduled for May 7).  Board members pointed out that the problem exists at other times as well.  It was decided to post signs requesting owners to clean up waste deposited by their pets.  Bags will be available on days of vet visits.  Community members are advised please to not walk dogs in the immediate area of PR, and to insure that dogs running loose do not contaminate the area.

8.3 Wheelchair ramp (Jackie)

Jackie read a letter from Carolyn Dearing, thanking the Board for purchasing the new wheelchair ramp and urging ample labeling to avoid theft.

  9.0 Adjournment (Jackie) There being no further business, Jackie asked for a motion to adjourn.  Dinah so moved, Susanne seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm with unanimous consent. Barring the need for a special meeting, our next meeting will be held on June 15th at 6:30 pm.  NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME! Return to top

Portal Rescue Inc.,  Minutes of Annual Community Board Meeting

March 16, 2011

1.0 Call to Order (Bill Wilbur) The annual community meeting of Portal Rescue was called to order at 6:04 pm by President Bill Wilbur.  Other board members attending included Susanne Apitz, Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, David Johnson, Jackie Lewis, and David Newton.  Nineteen community members attended: Delane and Rene Blondeau, Carolyn Dearing, Lee Dyal, Marvin Goldfogel, Gerry Hernbrode, Janice Hurd, JoAnn and Doug Julian, Barbara Miller, Robert Morse, Ken Pease, Reed Peters, Evelyn Squier, Chris Wilbur, Jeanne Williams, Mary Willy, Richard and Fran Zweifel.  The active members present were: Susanne Apitz, Rick Beno, Lee Dyal, David Johnson, Jackie Lewis, and David Newton. 2.0 Adoption of Agenda (not enacted)   3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for February 16, 2011 (no action)   4.0 Reports

4.1    President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill reported that it has been a good year, and he reiterated his thanks to Jackie Lewis, Susanne Apitz, JoAnn Julian, and everyone else who has contributed substantially to Portal Rescue.  Thanks also to Rick Beno for his work on the new RCO office.  Meeting participants were invited to inspect this facility after tonight’s meeting.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Rick reviewed the past year’s income and expenses in detail (see also recent past PR Board meeting minutes).  Among the highlights:


    • Portal Rescue currently has $111, 746 on hand, and that amount constitutes an increase from $87,501 at the start of last year.
    • The organization earned $1,974 in interest income, more than the $1,400 projected, despite the current difficult climate for investment.  Rainy day funds invested in CDs are earning 2.65%, and are relatively liquid since the penalty for early withdrawal is just the current month’s interest.
    • We received about what was anticipated from grants, although more than half of that was not reimbursed until February 2011.
    • Donations totaled $31,478, or approximately double funds anticipated, due principally to income from the donation drive, headed by JoAnn Julian and her committee.  When we asked for donations, the community responded, and we will be proactive in asking again next year.
    • Fund-raisers (absent the pie festival) contributed $10,948, somewhat less than the anticipated $13,000.
    • Fire income of $14,510 was lower than the $20,000 projected at the start of 2010.


    • Office expenditures were slightly over budget, but funds for construction of the RCO office were slightly less than anticipated.
    • We spent much less than projected on EMS supplies and equipment, since we were already well-stocked, and a surplus of almost $3,000 was registered for the two budget categories together.
    • EMS training expenditures were under budget by more than $2,000.
    • We utilized just half the funds allocated for fire training.
    • In bringing fire-fighting equipment up to certification for our AZ state contract, we were a little over budget in the combined categories of fire supplies and equipment, but were substantially under budget in vehicle operations, thanks to a good deal of maintenance help from active members and board members.
    • Expenditures for insurance were right on target.
    • No funds were expended for structure maintenance.

Altogether, we took in about $62,999 and spent $43, 849.  Most of the extra funds came from the donation drive.

4.3    EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

    • During the past month, we had one EMS call.
    • Regretfully, we accepted the resignation of EMT Walter Schoepfle
    • A new wheel chair ramp has been purchased for the PR classroom.
    • Community Health Education Day is coming up on Saturday, March 26, at 10:00 am in the PR Classroom.  All community members are cordially invited to attend.  Highlights will include: (1) instruction in CCC, the new and better Continuous Chest Compression procedure that replaces CPR;  (2) presentation of a stroke awareness program;  (3) explanation by Lifeline helicopters of an insurance program covering unreimbursed medical evacuation expenses.  A lunch of bratwurst sandwiches will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring a cold dish or dessert.  Please RSVP to insure that we have sufficient food and chairs.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

    • David reported no operations during the previous month.
    • A productive vehicle maintenance day was held yesterday.
    • Guidance has come out for this year’s VFA grants, and Dave will prepare our application.
    • We have purchased some fire supplies and equipment (portable pump, adapters, 2 chain saws, etc.) from our 90:10 grant and 50:50 grants.

David expressed appreciation for all the support given PR by the community.

5.0    Old Business

5.1    Addition to ‘Wall of Fame’

President Bill Wilbur presented the ‘Wall of Fame’ plaque, newly honoring Robert Squier for his service to Portal Rescue.  Bob was active in PR from 1989 through 1999, when failing health and hearing forced him to retire.  His passion was serving as an EMT, and PR honors his many contributions to the organization over the years.

5.2 This year’s budget (Rick Beno)

Rick reviewed the 2011 budget approved at the February board meeting, and also described a new procedure designed to facilitate budgetary planning.

New procedure

Annual variation in fire income is very difficult to project, and because this income often contributes substantially to our budget, uncertainty extends to the budget as a whole.  Rather than guessing fire income in advance, we now list no anticipated income and then ‘deficit spend’ from this category, nevertheless anticipating reimbursement of those expenditures.  (Uncertainty this year is compounded by the fact that the government is operating on continuing resolutions.  BLM 90:10 grants have not yet been advertised, but USFS has issued requirements for its grants.)  The budget will be written for no more than one half of the available funds minus the value of the Muma fund.

Review of budget

    • Office expenses have been bumped up a bit relative to 2010, taking account of expenses for the donation drive.
    • Expenditures for EMS classes are not included, because no potential candidates have come forward.  However, the Board has voted to send students if any apply.
    • Most of budgeted funds for equipment and training will likely be reimbursed from grants. Much of what is budgeted is for new radios and upgrades to comply with narrow band and requirements for radios in 2013.
    • In the category of fund-raising expenses, those for the Soup Kitchen are typically reimbursed by the Julians.

In response to questions from community members, Rick clarified the definition of fire income.  On fires outside our tiny local area, we are paid a contracted hourly rate per vehicle that varies from $86 to $125.  From that vehicle rate, firefighters that crew the vehicle are paid $20/hour each.

Overall, we anticipate $50,500 in revenues and expenses, and expenditures for 2011 have so far totaled $9,342.  Donations will likely come in late in the year, during the October donation drive.

5.0 New Business

5.1       Proposed changes to By-laws (action item)

Rick projected proposed By-laws changes to the screen from his computer.   Due to the small size of the community served by PR, and to the difficulty constituting the 9-member Board and achieving a 7-member quorum for each meeting, it is proposed that the Board now consist of 7 members, with five attending members needed to reach a quorum.  In response to Bill’s request for discussion, Doug Julian spoke forcefully in favor of the change – referencing the observation (Parkinson’s Law) that there is no relationship between the size of the workforce and the amount of work done.

Only the six attending active members were eligible to vote on these changes.  (Jackie expressed disappointment that, other than active members on the Board, just one active member attended this year’s annual meeting, and that same number of members was present last year.  PR has 12-15 active members, and just a third or fewer are in attendance.)  Rick put forward, and Jackie seconded, a motion to accept the above changes to By-laws.  A voice vote in favor of the By-laws changes passed unanimously.

Several community members spoke to the need to recruit more active members, especially EMTs.  (Although four people have expressed interest in fire-fighting – commitments that must be made very soon – the situation for EMTs is approaching “critical”.)  A substantial problem is that courses are given only through Cochise College (each semester), and thus require substantial commitments in transportation time and overnight (or entire month) stays for participants from Portal.  Board members continue to talk with potential recruits, and we strongly encourage community members to do the same.  Lee Dyal pointed out that the situation will likely become even more difficult, because the hours requirement will increase for EMT training.  Moreover, existing EMTs will soon need to take 30-50 hours of coursework in order to recertify.  The main difficulty in our community is that most younger community members work (either full-time or part-time) and/or are just part-time residents.

5.2       Nominations and elections

Active members

Jackie nominated David Johnson, who accepted.

Susanne nominated Rick Beno, who declined.

Rick nominated Susanne Apitz, who accepted.

Bill solicited discussion, but there was none, and since all candidates were running unopposed, active members elected the slate of active member candidates by acclamation.  Bill thanked and welcomed participation of these board members.

Community members

Barbara Miller nominated Bill Wilbur, who accepted.

Bob Morse presented the nomination of Reed Peters, who accepted.

Barbara Miller nominated Dinah Davidson, who accepted.

The slate of candidates was again running unopposed, and the community voted to elect them by acclamation.

Bill Wilbur expressed great thanks to Rick Beno, who has done a tremendous job of keeping our accounts, and of tailoring the budget system to our specific needs.

Delane Blondeau expressed her gratitude to EMTs, Fire-fighters and board members for their work on behalf of the community.

7.0    Executive Session

The Board then went into Executive Session, in order to determine which members would occupy specific offices.  They returned and announced the following appointments:

President:                     Jackie Lewis

Vice-president:             David Johnson

Treasurer:                     Bill Wilbur

Secretary                      Dinah Davidson

8.0 Addenda (none)

9.0 For the Good of the Order (nothing)

10.0 Adjournment

There being no further business, Bill moved to adjourn, Susanne seconded the motion, and the decision to adjourn passed unanimously at 7:?? pm.

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Proposed Changes for 2011 Portal Rescue Incorporated By-Laws

  1. NAME: The name of this organization is Portal Rescue Incorporated.
  2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is to provide fire protection and emergency medical services to residents of the Portal/Paradise (Arizona) and Rodeo (New Mexico) area, and to transients in that area.
    1. Active Membership is required by and available upon application to an individual:
      1. Who is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Emergency Medical Technician, at any level, and who is accepted by a majority vote of the Governing Board. Maintenance of such license and maintenance of the requirements of EMT as determined by the Governing Board shall be requirements for continuing Active membership OR
      2. Who is accepted as Firefighter by a majority vote of the Governing Board and who maintains the requirements of Firefighter as determined by the state of Arizona and the Governing Board
    2. Active Membership is not required, but is available upon application to an individual:
      1. Who performs a defined, recurring task on behalf of Portal Rescue and is accepted by a majority vote of the Governing Board.
    3. Non-active Membership is not required by but is available upon application to an individual:
      1. Who is a student in a Portal Rescue sponsored EMT or Firefighter training class, for the duration of the class. This membership will be non-voting
  4. GOVERNING BOARD: A governing Board composed of the EMT chief, the Fire chief, three two (32) Active Members who are EMTs or Firefighters and four three (43) members of the community at large (including members defined in section 3B), shall be vested with policy-making, enforcement of the policies contained in the Portal Rescue Policy Book, and budgetary authority for the corporation.
    1. The EMT Chief shall be elected annually by EMTs who are Active Members of Portal Rescue. The EMT Chief shall have functional direction of all Emergency Medical activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing Board.
    2. The Fire Chief shall be elected annually by Firefighters who are Active Members of Portal Rescue. The Fire Chief shall have functional direction of all Fire activities subject to the policy and budgetary direction of the Governing Board.
    3. Any Active Member who has been nominated, and has agreed to serve, may be elected to one of the three two (32) Active Member positions on the Board at the Annual Meeting. Only Active Members present vote on these positions. The three two (32) candidates who receive the largest number of votes shall be elected.
    4. Any resident of the Portal Rescue service area who is not an Active Member of Portal Rescue and is not a member of the immediate family of a Board Member, and who has been nominated and has agreed to serve, may be elected to one of the four three (43) “at Large” positions on the Board. All residents of the service area, including Active Members of Portal Rescue, who are present at the Annual Meeting, may vote on these positions. The four three (43) candidates who receive the largest number of votes shall be elected.
  5. OFFICERS: The officers of Portal Rescue Board of Directors shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be selected by the Governing Board from among all current Board Members. Any officer may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the Governing Board. Any vacancy among the officers, or the Board, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board.
    1. The President shall be the designated representative of the organization in any and all business with individuals or organizations, public or private. In such business the President shall represent the policies and wishes of the Governing Board. The President shall call and shall preside at meetings of the Governing Board. The President shall have signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority.
    2. The Vice President shall perform all duties and have all privileges of the President in the event of the continued absence or incapacitation of the President. The Vice President shall preside, in the absence of the President, at any meeting of the organization. The Vice President may also perform any other duties delegated by the President. The Vice President shall have signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority.
    3. The Secretary shall, upon the direction of the President, conduct correspondence of the organization and shall prepare and maintain minutes of all meetings of the organization. The Secretary shall have signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all monies of the organization and shall prepare and maintain financial reports of the organization. The Treasurer shall present to the membership, at the Annual Meeting, a report of the activities and the financial condition of the organization for the preceding year. The Treasurer shall have primary signing authority for financial transactions of the Board when that signature is accompanied by one other authorized signing authority; except that the treasurer shall have single party signing authority for financial transactions of the Board with established vendors as defined in the Treasurer’s Duties documented in the Policy Manual.
    4. All Governing Board members and officers shall serve from their election to the next following annual meeting, or until a successor is elected or appointed and installed.
  6. MEETINGS: The President shall call an Annual Meeting of the Active Membership and the general public in the first quarter of the calendar year for the election of the Governing Board and for transacting such business as may be brought before the Active Membership and for hearing the Treasurer’s report. The President shall call a quarterly meeting of the Governing Board to conduct any business brought before it. The President has the authority to call such other meetings of the Active Membership or of the Governing Board at any time.
    1. The President shall notify each Active Member of the organization of the Annual Meeting and shall post such notice in a public place not less than seven days before the date of the meeting. The President shall contact each member of the Governing Board of any meeting of the Board not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.
    2. A quorum for the Governing Board shall consist of two-thirds five of the Board Membership.
    3. A quorum shall be required to transact business of the organization. In matters brought before the Board a simple majority of the quorum shall carry the vote.
  7. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: The rules contained in Robert Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the organization in all cases in which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws or the special rules of the organization.
    1. METHOD OF AMENDING THE BY-LAWS: Proposed amendments to the By-laws shall be submitted, in writing, to the Active Membership at least seven (7) days before an Annual Meeting, or a Special Meeting called by the President for the purpose of amending the By-laws, and shall require the approval of two-thirds of all Active Members present.

Revised on March 17, 2010

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Extraordinary Meeting of the Portal Rescue Board

March 2, 2011

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. All board members and no community members attended.

Bill noted that the purpose of this meeting was to consider a temporary reduction in the number of board members, and in the quorum needed to conduct business, because it has recently been difficult to attract new members to the Board.

Rick Beno noted that: (1) this has been a long-term, not just a temporary problem, and that (2) the Board, as presently constituted, is rather large compared to the community it serves. He suggested that we might wish to permanently reduce the Board to seven members, including the two chiefs, two other active members, and three community members. The requirement for a quorum could then be reduced from six members to five. Subsequent discussion was wholly in favor of these propositions.

Dinah moved that we adopt Rick’s suggestions. This proposed change to the by-laws would be presented to the community at the annual meeting. The active members would then vote on the matter before nominations are considered and the elections are held. Susanne seconded the motion. There was some discussion as to whether or not we should still elect a Vice-President, and it was decided that we should, so long as it was possible to find someone to serve in that capacity.

The vote taken was unanimously in favor of the motion. Rick volunteered to provide copies of the original by-laws (last modified in 2010) and the proposed new by-laws incorporating the above changes. These documents will be circulated to the community prior to the March meeting.

Bill Wilbur moved that we adjourn, Cheri Greenwade seconded his motion, and at 6:10 pm, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, February 16, 2011

1.0 Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by VP/Treasurer Rick Beno. Attending were all board members except Bill Wilbur (injured) and Cheri Greenwade. Area residents Barbara Miller and Bob Walton were also present, as were Boris, Yana and Sharon Karp, who came to make a presentation.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

It was decided to reverse the order of items under Old Business. Susanne moved acceptance of that altered agenda, Dinah seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for January 19, 2011

The minutes were accepted without modification (Jackie moved, Dinah seconded, unanimous).

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Rick Beno)

Rick introduced Yana Karp (San Simon School system) and Boris Karp (Apache School) for their presentation. As a 4-H community service project benefitting Portal Rescue, the two students organized and implemented a Walkathon event on January 22, 2011. Donations were solicited from Portal and nearby communities, and on the cold morning, 22 participants walked the approximately 2.5 mile round-trip between the Portal Ranger station and Sunny Flat Campground. Water and a hotdog lunch, as well as cookies and cupcakes, were provided by the two students. Donations from the Portal-Rodeo area, Animas, Lordsburg, and Silver City totaled $1,560 (net proceeds), and Western Bank of Lordsburg was a particularly generous donor. In addition to proudly presenting their contribution to Portal Rescue, Yana and Boris reported that they had not only learned organizational skills but also gained an appreciation for the generosity of people, even in the ‘down’ economy. Supplementing the large check, Yana and Boris also donated four cases of water to our organization.

Rick and other board members congratulated the two enterprising students on their initiative and great success. Their substantial check to our organization brought contributions from fundraisers to more than we had anticipated for the year (see below), and we applaud their motivation to contribute to the community, even at their young ages. They are model citizens and set a great example for the rest of us.

Rick also expressed the Board’s great thanks to JoAnn Julian and all who assisted with the recent Soup Kitchen fundraiser. On this, JoAnn’s ninth year (!!), the Soup Kitchen and associated events (raffle, sales of phone books, cook books and plants) set a new fund-raising record (see below). Thanks also go to Sheila Clark, who donated her time for an ‘extreme clean-up’ prior to the Soup Kitchen. Rick will send her a donation receipt for that work

Finally, Rick showed a brief video depicting symptoms of a real-life TIA (transient ischemic attack, or ministroke).

4.1 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Rick announced that we had already exceeded the previously agreed upon goal for contributions from fund-raising in 2011. In addition to the $1,560 from the Walkathon, proceeds from the Soup Kitchen and associated raffle, sales, and donations totaled a record $8,777.97. Of this amount, $4,264 came from the raffle. JoAnn and Doug Julian donated all supplies purchased for the event.

With respect to other income, we have received a $900 check reimbursing us from one of the fire grants, and another such reimbursement of $2,400, from a second grant, is coming soon. This closes out the 2009 grant reimbursements that we had anticipated receiving last year.

Donations are trickling in at a lower rate than in previous years; some folks who normally gave earlier may be waiting for the 2011 donation drive.

We earned $52 in interest in January, and $63 in rent.

Included among expenditures were those for office expenses (mainly the newsletter), EMS supplies, vehicle operations, training (Bob Walton at a controlled burn) and the first insurance payment.

Altogether, and not counting today’s contributions from fundraisers, we have $111,130.73 on hand, with $48,033.46 in checking and $62,904.59 in the Rainy Day Fund.

4.3 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

Six EMTs attended the monthly meeting in January. Five of these, joined by three fire-fighters, continued on to the Walkathon.

Some supplies have been purchased.

Trauma day at Portal will not cost us anything.

Jackie is investigating the possibility of local citizens obtaining Lifeline subscriptions to defray unreimbursed costs of helicopter transport, though helicopters dispatched here are not always from Lifeline, and the service may not be available in SE Arizona. She will keep us posted.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

David reports no operations during the prior month.

The FCC accepted our application for a license.

A check for $2400 should come in next week and close out reimbursement from the 2009 RFA grant.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Classroom use

Those renting the classroom for events not open to the community must now send both the rental payment and a second $50 check as a cleaning deposit. The latter would be retained by us only if post-event cleaning proved inadequate, or returned and marked void if the classroom is clean. Susanne will forward an electronic copy of the rental agreement with those specifications to Barb Miller, so that she may forward the document to potential renters. Barb will also check the condition of the classroom after use and assess whether cleaning has been adequate. Rick moved that the cleaning deposit be reduced to $30, the amount we pay for cleaning, but he withdrew the motion when subsequent discussion indicated lack of support.

The cleaning requirements have been conveyed to SewWhat, as they apply after forums and other SW events.

Rick reiterated that a new lock has been placed on the classroom door, and that a key has been placed in a lock box. Those requiring legitimate entrance to the classroom should contact Barb for combination to the lock box.

5.2 Final acceptance of budget

The new budget will be presented at the community meeting next month. Rick proposed increasing anticipated revenues from fundraisers by $3,000, in view of recent successes of the Walkathon and Soup Kitchen. This would reduce the Rainy Day draw (see last month’s minutes) to $5,100. No board member had any additional changes to propose. Susanne moved to accept the budget with only the aforementioned changes, David Newton seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Next year’s budget list $50,050 in expenses.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Nomination

On the advice of Delaine Blondeau, Jeanne Williams and Bob Morse, Bob Squier has been nominated for inclusion on the PR Wall of Fame plaque, and Jackie will present that nomination at the annual meeting. Susanne will take the plaque in to have it engraved at the trophy shop in Douglas.

6.2 Board candidates

Pat Crowley Mauzy has agreed to be nominated for the Board, but not as secretary or treasurer.

The Board currently consists of four community members and five active members, and it is uncharacteristically large for the size of our organization. In part, this explains our difficulty in recruiting new board members. A change in the By-laws would be required to alter the size of the Board and the required quorum. The proposal is to set membership at three community members and four active members, and to revise the quorum from six to five members, if a nine-member board cannot be constituted. With the required notice to the community, this change would need to be voted on by the Board at an Emergency meeting at least two weeks before next month’s community meeting in order to be placed on the agenda for the Community Meeting (March 16th ). Appropriate notice will go out to the community to announce an extraordinary meeting of the Board on March 2, at 6 PM. Phrased as a motion by Susanne, and seconded by Dinah, this proposal passed unanimously.

7.0 Addenda (none)

8.0 For the Good of the Order

Susanne reminded us of the community health event to be held at Portal Rescue on the morning of March 26. CCC will be taught as the preferred alternative to CPR, and lunch will be served afterwards. There will also be a session on stroke awareness.

9.0 Adjournment

There being no further business, Dinah moved to adjourn, Susanne seconded, and the decision to adjourn passed unanimously at 7:27 pm.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, January `9, 2011

Agenda for Wednesday 19 January, 2011

1.0 Call to Order at 6:01

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

Moved by Rick/seconded Jackie

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for 20 December 2011

Moved by Jacki/seconded by Susanne

4.0 Reports

4.1 President

Forgotten in newsletter is the thank you for the phone book (oops). Jackie will add a blurb. Bill has gotten three calls from employers stating their potential employees have been “employed” by Portal Rescue. Bill responds that they were serving in a voluntary capacity.

4.2 Treasurer

Final 2010 accounting shows no surprises. Final tally is income of about $63K, spent $43848.67. The difference is essentially what was taken in during the donation drive. We got approximately 18% return on requests (approx. 95 out of 548 letters yielded a response).

So far in January, not much has happened, other than a small amount in donations, phone books, and rents. Expenses included normal office expenses and vehicle ops (hose replaced on fuel tank), as well as a workman’s comp insurance payment and repairing broken water pipes from freeze, plus a small fund-raising expense.

4.3 EMS Chief

There were two calls this month. There will be an EMT-Basic class in Benson beginning August that will be either Friday afternoon/Saturday morning or full day Saturdays (not yet known) for twelve weeks. This is the only daytime class that will be offered. Cost is approx. $700 for the class.

This month’s meeting will be Saturday January 22 before the 4-H walkathon. Four EMT’s are required to support the walkathon.

4.4 Fire Chief

Brush 9 assisted with 1 medical call. Tender 1 is working on the Johnson Peak Prescribed burn today (1/19), tomorrow, and maybe Fri. (1/20 and 1/21).

Five firefighters attended training last week.

Red Brush 6 still has mechanical problems (leaking transmission fluid).

Our re-application to the FCC made it in just in time.

We put in a request for final reimbursement for the 2009 RFA Grant. That should get us $2,440 back.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Budget review

Donation drive brought in about $21,000 — Rick suggested $20K for 2011 budget. Soup kitchen is major fundraiser — suggested $8K for 2011. Other suggestions for budget categories are slightly different from 2010 but not much. Rick suggested a major change to the way the budgets are done. Instead of choosing an arbitrary number for fire income (which is a complete unknown), budgeting $0 would be a worst-case scenario. The budget would run at a deficit, which would have to be supplemented by the Rainy Day fund, but the deficit would decrease with every fire. The goal is to spend no more than half our assets (approx. $48K).

EMS supplies should remain the same. Training — suggest $4000 (this will NOT cover a new EMT training class). EMS equipment should remain the same.

Fire supplies were $1600 last year; Newton suggests same for 2011. Fire training (last year $2500 spent) – more training planned for this year so will budget $7000 ($5820 should come back under a 90/10 training grant).

Fire equipment: ($7500 spent last year) — $6000 for 2011

Vehicle ops: nothing major last year ($1900 out of budgeted $6000). There is always the likelihood of a major repair. It was decided to leave it at $6000.

Radio Ops: Increase budget to $3000 for 2010 budget for repeater and misc. radio work, and rechargeable batteries for firefighters. Plus, $6200 for radios (90% of which will come back on a grant (total $9200).

Insurance: same. Structures/maintenance: increase to $800. Misc. expenses: increase to $700. Dues: $200. Fundraising expenses: $1000.

Total: $44,300. Will vote on this next month

5.2  Lock box/key status

A lever knob/lock is to be purchased for the classroom door (current lock difficult to use). A new lockbox for door to be purchased.

5.3  Classroom responsibilities update

Deferred to next month

6.0  New Business

6.1  Wal-Mart grant application

Wal-Mart no longer makes donations; they give grants. Need a Portal Rescue application. Will look at form and submit by deadline (end of February or end of March).

6.2  VTC Grant discussion

What do we want to ask for? This may be for major items (licensed mobile repeater?)

To be discussed further. Deadline also in a month or so.

6.3  Board candidates?

Need to have a couple of new community members.

7.0  Addenda

Walkathon gift certificate disposition

It was decided to use them as door prizes for the soup kitchen

8.0  For the Good of the Order

8.1 Newsletter Mailing; newsletter to go out next week.

8.2 Brush dropoff 2/28

9.0  Adjournment 7:56 (moved by Jackie)

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