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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, October 20, 2010

1.0 Call to Order (Bill Wilbur)

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm. All board members except Jackie Lewis attended. Community members Maya Decker and Barbara Miller also attended.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted as modified to include an Executive Session after the monthly meeting adjourned (Rick so moved, Dinah seconded, vote unanimous).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for

Because no copy of the September minutes was available, consideration of those minutes was put on hold until the next (December) board meeting.

4.0 Reports

4.1. President (Bill Wilbur)

Work on red Brush 6 has been completed, and the truck is ready for transfer to the station.

It’s great to see the beautiful new phone books, and Bill again thanked Barb Miller and Susanne Dyal for all their efforts.

Thanks go out JoAnn Julian and the Donation Drive Committee for their very successful work on the new brochure and the drive.

Thanks also go to David Newton for his updating of information on the new website.

4.2. Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Revenues: It’s been a good month for revenues from the donation drive; we took in over $11,000 in October alone. Coupled with memorial donations (for Mickey Bogert and Bob Squier), not included on the donations thermometer, annual donations now total more than $22,000. Contributions have come from visitors from all over the country, and some local folks who gave earlier in the year gave a second time as well.

Rental income and interest income continue trickling in, the latter more rapidly than anticipated.

No grant reimbursement or fire income has come in yet.

Income from fundraisers will increase when phone books begin to sell.


Those for EMS supplies have been very limited.

David has purchased fire equipment to spend out grants before deadlines arrived, and these funds will be reimbursed later. Little has been expended on vehicle ops, since much of the work has been pro bono.

The final insurance payment has been made.

The RCO office was completed just slightly under budget.

Fund-raising expenses for the phone book were about $1200, and other expenses were incurred for the donation drive (mailing of brochures, etc.).

We are slightly over budget ($2,267) for the year, but only because fire income has yet to arrive. Three or four fire-fighters have requested payment on HS fire, so we have already had outlays there.

We currently have more than $62,000 in the Rainy Day Fund.

We will be putting next year’s budget together at the December meeting, and Rick will also advocate for a more straightforward way of establishing revenues.

4.3. EMS Chief (Susanne Dyal for Jackie Lewis)

We have had just one call since the last board meeting.

Seven EMTs attended the last monthly meeting, and six attended the joint training exercise with fire-fighters. Lifts, patient moving, and gurney use were reviewed, as well as vehicle and personnel placement at the scene of road accidents. Thanks go out to David Newton for his role in these exercises.

Instruction in CPR for Healthcare Providers will be given on Friday, November 5th, for a cost of $40 per person. The instructor is coming from Tucson, and by way of FYI to the Board, Jackie would like to reimburse his fuel costs.

EMTs are encouraged to be visible at Oktoberfest and are also invited to the Chief’s meeting on November 17th.

4.4. Fire Chief (David Newton)

There have been no operations since the September meeting, but a good training exercise was held last Saturday.

We needed to spend down the entirety of two grants (almost $5,000) by end of September; most were 90:10 funds, but some 50:50 expenditures were also included.

As expected, our application to FTC for narrow banding is still pending.

Vests have been distributed to fire-fighters and EMTs, to be kept in their vehicles for use while directing traffic.

Arizona’s Department of Public Safety has accepted our application to use their interagency VHS radio frequencies (AIRS) on our radios.

Portal Rescue’s 2010 NIMS assessment has been completed.

Fire and RCO sections have been updated on the new PR website.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Donation Drive (Bill Wilbur; see ‘thank you’ item 4.1 above)

5.2 Review of Frances Grill’s email on health clinic (Kristine Stone)

Francis understands that we have asked the Hospital’s CEO for a lease agreement that would be given to us for review by our lawyer, and that the Hospital must reimburse our legal fees. Rick noted that, rather than contacting a lawyer directly, we may just be able to run the agreement by lawyers at our insurance company, without incurring any fees.

Kris wondered whether the Hospital needs to insure the building as well as the property in which the clinic resides. Rick responded that our insurer will not insure any hospital property, but that the building itself is covered. The Hospital must assume liability for any injury to their patients or personnel. Rick will contact our insurer about this, and because our non-profit status is critical to our insurance policy, he will also ask them about how other for-profit events like yoga class, gun class, Dr John’s clinic, and gallery classes should be handled.

Kris also asked about what the Hospital would owe for utilities. If they are already paying the $50 per day fee for building use, they need not pay extra for utilities.

Dr. Harley also requested an estimate of the number of patients likely to use the clinic; he would like to know this before starting to build. The answer is that we don’t know this. Francis will be at Oktoberfest to inform the public about available services, and the Board feels it is fine for Kris to be there with a clipboard for signing up those potentially interested in being patients. Those signatures will indicate to the Board how enthusiastic the community is about this service, though we already have 52 signatures from people who attended the forum on the clinic.

5.3 Church services at the PR classroom (Barbara Miller)

Barb had an inquiry about classroom use for a church service, but she had neither any follow-up with the minister, nor additional information on what church was proposing to hold services here. The matter will only be discussed by the Board if the group follows up after Barb quoted them the day use fee.

5.4 Search for the Policy Manual (Bill Wilbur)

Bill has found some documents summarizing the proposed manual, and he asked how we should build on this foundation. Bill and David Newton will look at minutes from April-May 2009, to determine whether summaries of the secretary’s, treasurer’s and RCO’s responsibilities can be found. By-laws emailed around by Bill were not the latest version.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Petty cash for cleaning (Bill Wilbur and Rick Beno)

Bill now calls Sheila with a block of possible classroom cleaning days. Sheila then chooses dates, and we pay her in cash for cleaning. On the last cleaning date, Rick paid from personal funds and was reimbursed with a check co-signed by Bill. This is not a long-term solution, because it could give the appearance of impropriety. Rick would like board permission to maintain a cash fund limited to Sheila’s expected wages over a 6-month period. He would reimburse her directly from that fund. Susanne so moved, and Kris seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

6.2 Funds for November CCEMS meeting (Bill Wilbur)

Walmart has not yet replied to our request for in-kind donation of food for the November CC-EMS meeting. Bill proposed board authorization for funds (a $350 limit) that Chris Wilbur could spend on this event; she would then submit receipts and be reimbursed. Susanne so moved, and Kris seconded her motion, which passed unanimously.

6.3 Prison crew cleanup (Kristine Stone)

The Board had requested detailed information on security issues related to prison crews that might request permission to stay at the station while working on local projects. Kris provided that information in an email, now attached to these minutes.

Last month at the Fire Chiefs’ meeting. Flip Elliott approached David Newton to float idea of using a prison crew to clean up brush around the fire station. This would be a ‘one-shot’ thing, and the crew would be paid with lunch. David wrote to ask definition of “lunch” and was informed that a high-calorie meal of, say, burgers, beans, chips and sodas would be acceptable. More than brush clean-up is at stake here; we are also investing in a relationship for the future. Kris moved that we ask the Portal Café to cater such a meal for 22-24 men at $10/head. Cheri seconded the motion, which passed unanimously, and she said that the Café would be willing to do this even on a Wednesday when they are closed. (Yoga classes are held on Tuesdays, so that day in out.) She will contact Mitch. David will tell Flip and ask that the job be done before the Chiefs’ meeting on 17 November.

7.0 Addenda (none)

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1. Barb Miller noted that she doesn’t always make entries regularly on the calendar here in the classroom, but that the master calendar is now available online at our website.

8.2. Bill noted that our next meeting will be held in December, rather than November, due to a conflict with the November Cochise County Chief’s meeting in Portal on November 17th.

9.0 Adjournment (to Executive Session)

Susanne moved for adjournment, and Rick seconded her motion. With unanimous agreement, Bill adjourned the public meeting at 7:18 pm. A remaining community member departed, and the Board went into Executive Session.


Content of email from Kristine Stone

Good Morning all,

Thought I’d send info ahead of meeting in case anyone had more questions. I spoke with Sgt Auggie Ballesteros who is the head of the inmate wild land Fire crews. He can be reached at 520-266-8719.

There is 20-member inmate crew out of Douglas and an 18 member crew out of Safford/Ft Grant.

Each crew is supervised by 1 Sgt and 2 officers. The inmates are never alone. All Sgts and officers are crew and engine bosses. All inmates are wild land fire certified and have red cards. Each crew has 2 inmate squad bosses. They run the crews like hot shot crews.

They have stayed at numerous fire houses throughout the state and there has never been an incident. They do all of there own cleanup. The inmates on the crews all have security clearance through their prison advisors. All are minimum security. All are training to be firefighters when they leave prison. It is considered a privilege here to be selected for one of these crews.

Hopes this addresses some previous concerns and answers questions, Kris

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, September 15, 2010

1.0 Call to Order (Bill Wilbur)

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm. All board members except Cheri Greenwade attended. No local citizens were present.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

After two minor changes in the agenda, the motion to accept was unanimous (Dinah so moved, Rick seconded).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for July 21 meeting

After three minor changes, the minutes were approved as revised (David moved, Jackie seconded, vote unanimous).

4.0 Reports

4.1. President (Bill Wilbur)

The reminder to the community about notification prior to burning brush is working. Bill checks messages at the business office each day and forwards notifications to David.

Brush 6 will be available for foam training.

Sheila Clark has accepted our invitation to clean the classroom.

Gossip is still circulating regarding our “lack of participation” in the Horseshoe Fire. Our tender and personnel brought in $14,291. Firefighters who attended that month’s meeting were trained and drilled by the incident’s structure protection specialist on how we would participate in structure protection. The incident management teams were pleased with our consistent involvement. If the public wants facts they are free to contact the Fire Chief.

Thanks go out to Buddy Hiatt, who helped Bill inspect the roof of the classroom and ambulance bay. A ring-tailed cat was residing over the classroom ceiling, probably gaining access to the roof through the drain spout. Water was backing up due to the ringtail ‘nest’. A roofing company in Tucson suggests that drain pipes should end 3-4 feet high on building sides. Another leak was due to deteriorating rubber seals at screw points. Buddy and Bill will insert new and more substantial screws with caulk.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Rick reviewed income and expenses. There have been few changes in our finances.

Annual donations have almost stopped. By this time last year, they were at $16,000, but we now have just $10,200. Last year’s donations were inflated by contributions from the State Line Samaritans and the Jan Gee and Devorie Griffiths memorial funds. Subtracting those contributions, we would now be about even with last year. The thermometer showing donations during our upcoming drive will start at zero, not at the level of donations already received, and we need to do well. With the exception of funds generated by the new phone book, no other income has come in from fundraising events because the Pie Festival was not held this year. Rent income (from Dr. John’s Clinic and the Gallery) is slightly higher than last year. Income has yet to arrive from our participation in the Horseshoe Fire. We have done pretty well with interest income.

We have had about $650 in fund-raising expenses. EMS and Fire dues were paid to the Cochise County Fire Association. Outlays have exceeded expenses for the year by about $4,600, but fire income will more than compensate when it arrives.

Since our first CDs will come due at different times, we are now in position to make some of our investments longer term.

4.3 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

We had one call this month, for a lift assist.

All EMTs attended the meeting on August 21. Hands-on practice allowed for a photo session, and one image was used for the brochure.

TMC cancelled the Continuing Education session scheduled for 9/21/10.

The next EMT meeting will be at 9:00 am on 8/18/10.

Two HeartStart defibrillators will be replaced by Cardiac Science by February due to possible failure to shock.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

There were no operations this month.

We have requested permission to add narrow band widths to our FCC license and are awaiting a reply.

$2,900 has been requested for reimbursement from a grant. Anyone who wishes to receive pay for participation in fighting the Horseshoe Fire can request early reimbursement from Portal Rescue. Other departments have not been paid for HS fire either.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Health clinic (Bill Wilbur and Kris Stone)

There is not much update on the clinic. We still need to have a written lease agreement, and to send our insurer a contract stating that the Cochise County Hospital’s equipment is insured through the Hospital’s own policy. These documents are not yet available, and the Hospital has been waiting for ‘our lawyers’ to draft it. We have no lawyers, and if the hospital wants the clinic, they must make it happen. They should also take note of the fact that, after the first of the year, Rodeo may set up an Hidalgo County clinic at the Community Center. Bill will communicate these things directly to Francis. In order to get things started, Mary Willy kindly permitted Francis to do coumadin injections to be done at her home.

5.2 Use of facilities by Flip Elliott and his crew (Dinah Davidson)

Dinah relayed a community member’s questioning of our decision not to permit the prison crew to use bathroom facilities adjacent to the classroom. The Board is open to receiving another request, though any future request should come with advance notice (not 12-hr notice) and with written details such as the ratio of officers to crew members. Community members are reminded that they should attend Board meetings if issues of concern to them are to be discussed. Their attendance is particularly welcome if they have information the Board needs to use in weighing its actions.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Portal Rescue website (David Newton)

David led board members through some badly needed updates of information in the “About Us” section of the website. We need to have this in shape before the donation drive.

6.2 Policy manual (Jackie Lewis)

The Board started this exercise in 2008, but then dropped it. Jackie urged that we get back to this, including pulling policies out of past minutes, so we know dates of policy-related actions and decisions. Bill will search for any copy he might have of what we have done to date, and Dinah will look for what she had written on the secretarial and RCO responsibilities. David Johnson will review minutes that he took during his tenure as Secretary. Dinah will also post to the website all the past minutes for which she has electronic copies.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Brochure

Kerri’s contribution to the brochure needs an acknowledgement for a tax deduction and will be entered by our Treasurer as both a donation and an expense.

7.2 Chief’s luncheon

The Chiefs’ luncheon will be hosted here again on November 17. Chris Wilbur would appreciate any and all help with its preparation.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 FireWise (David Johnson)

David hosted a table with FireWise brochures at the recent Heritage Days conference, but few people stopped to fill out a form and request an inspection. The same materials will be available at Oktoberfest, and anyone can pick up the information and try to meet FireWise criteria even if not part of the area plan.

8.2 Brochures (Jackie)

Brochures will be placed around the community after our initial donation drive letter with a brochure has time to arrive by mail.

8.3 Phone book (Susanne)

We are waiting for Kerri to request us to pull it off her website. 400 copies will be printed and sell for $10 each – considerably less than the value of the coupons they contain. Books will be available at Oktoberfest.

9.0 Adjournment

Dinah moved to adjourn the meeting, and Susanne seconded the motion. Bill Wilbur adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, August 18, 2010

1.0 Call to Order (Kristine Stone)

In the temporary absence of President Bill Wilbur, Vice-President Kristine Stone called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm. All board members except Bill were in attendance, but Bill arrived in time for Old Business (below). Attending community members
included: Barbara Miller, Bob Morse, and Jeanne Williams.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

No one had any agenda items to add. Jackie moved that agenda be accepted without change, Susanne seconded the motion, and no objections were raised.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for July 21 meeting

A correction was raised. Rick pointed out that the minutes neglected to say that we required that people from the Willcox hospital provide drawings of proposed building changes for consideration and approval, and he asked that a statement to that
effect be inserted. Dinah will make this change, and she had already corrected the spelling of Squier. Rick moved that the minutes be accepted after these corrections, and Jackie seconded the motion. The vote in favor was unanimous.

4.0 Reports

4.1. President (Rick Beno for Bill Wilbur)

Bill is behind in getting the new Brush 6 modified, but the job will be completed by month’s end.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Rick reviewed income and expenses.

We are back to receiving positive interest ($130.78), rather than a loss, from our investments.

Two deposits, totaling $696 will be made on Friday. Of this, $496 comes from advertising in the new phone book (thanks to Susanne and Barb!).

One CD will mature in October, and we must figure out what to do with them. All available options with low risk are paying at very low rates.

$14,000 will come from the State for the Horseshoe Fire, but about $4,000 will go to fire-fighters.

Advance payment was made in July for three EMTs who attended the Trauma Conference in August.

We received the new estimate for workman’s compensation insurance. Rick will contact the insurer to deal with an overestimate based on double billing for EMTs who are also fire-fighters. However, our rates will increase by 40%, and the insurer
continues to assume that all our people make (the insurer’s) minimum of $4800/yr, though they actually make less (or nothing). There is no way around this; our total bill should be about $1500.

Year-to-date, we have taken in $21,102 and spent $23,283. We have more than $27,000 in liquid funds (checking account with Chase).

4.3 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

We had one call this month.

Three EMTs attended SATNET earlier this month.

EMTs will meet on Saturday, August 21st at 9 am.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

We had one call this month, a false alarm. Community members are reminded to call the PR business number (558-2206) and leave a message 24-hrs in advance of burning brush.

Joint training with Rodeo went well.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Proposed health clinic here in September (Kristine Stone)

Francis Grill dropped by before our meeting with bay renovation plans for review by Board.

Rick pointed out that the local contact for our insurance policy believes that, because of liability issues, it will not be possible to permit a for-profit clinic to be held in a PR building. However, she will refer the issue to her superior. Any
Board approval of plans tonight must be subject to that decision.

The hospital’s proposed plan calls for a lockable door to the right as one enters through the classroom door, so that patients would not have to enter through the bay. Rick pointed out that we also need to have a door (which could be permanently
locked this year) between the newly enclosed room and the bay. If fumes from the bay are an issue, that second door could be framed and covered with drywall for removal later. Kris moved that we adopt this modified plan, subject to the insurer’s
decision, and Cheri seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous in favor.

We were again reminded that PR handles emergencies only through the hospital in Douglas, and that it cannot send patients to Willcox. Francis could not hand off any patients to PR or the Douglas ambulance, because that would route patients from higher
(Francis) to lower levels of care (PR EMTs, or paramedics). Should one of her patients require emergency care, the patient would have to go through the normal route of notifying PR, or Francis would have to accompany the patient to her/his destination in
Douglas or Tucson.

5.2 Donation drive letter (Jackie Lewis)

Things continue to move along well. JoAnn will give assistants the task of obtaining mailing addresses of residents for whom we now have just phone numbers.

5.3 Classroom cleaning (Bill Wilbur)

To plan her work schedule, Sheila wants us to verify the availability of the classroom in advance. The classroom calendar and schedule will soon be available on the PR website, and someone will be designated to serve as a link between the calendar and

5.4 Brochure (Jackie Lewis)

Rick rejects the submitted images because people in them are posing in front of trucks, rather than working. Alternative pictures will be taken this Saturday at the EMT meeting. Rick noted that we will need permission to use images where faces are
shown. Model releases have been sent out to people in the current photos.

5.5 Update on phone book.(Barb Miller and Susanne Dyal)

Barb and Susanne now have the framework for the classified section and are continuing to edit and make changes to the white pages. Kerri will design the front cover. Information about PR is being rewritten. The book is still on track to be ready
before Oktoberfest.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Fire grants approved

We have been notified that two April grant applications will be funded. One is a 90:10 grant for $10,000, and is somewhat less than we applied for, since they didn’t fund GPS systems or training at state fire school. The second is a $1,000 50:50
grant. David moved that we accept both grants, and Rick seconded the motion. The Board voted unanimously in favor.

6.2 Roof repair

Bill has some volunteers who will go up with him and some patching material. Kristine pointed out that there was a second leak around the back window that will require caulk.

6.3 CWPP/Firewise donation

Individuals working on the Firewise and CWPP projects requested use of the copy machine in exchange for their supplying a toner cartridge and paper. A motion in favor was passed unanimously by the Board. Mechanisms for funding these projects were
discussed, though funds cannot come from PR, which is not involved. Barb and Pete Miller will temporarily divert money they raise from cans and produce to this work. Very little funding should be needed, and perhaps someone from the community will step

7.0 Addenda (there were none)

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 Clinic space

Board members took a ‘field trip’ to the ambulance bay to determine what would be needed to move tools out of the area to be used as a clinic (pending approval by the insurer). We will ask hospital people to build new shelves in the fire
truck bay and to move the tools over there, with some supervision by David Newton.

8.2 New EMTs needed

Barb Miller brought up the necessity of finding and training new EMTs. We are down to 2 in the vicinity of the station. All of our fund-raising will be beside the point unless we enlist new people for training, which represents a major commitment of
time. Bill will contact Cochise College with the message that we could soon be in a crisis situation, and that it would be easier to find recruits if they didn’t have to travel to Cochise College twice a week for a semester. All will look for
possible young recruits, though a problem is that many of our younger residents do not live here year-round.

8.2 Local fire course

David Newton pointed out that a fire grant will bring instructors here for a class (basic wildland course), held over 3 weekends this winter.

9.0 Adjournment

At 7:12 pm, Bill Wilbur asked for a motion for adjournment. Dinah so moved, Cheri seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, July 21, 2010

1.0 Call to Order

Pres. Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm. All board members except Kristine Stone (see below) were in attendance. Community members present included: Frances Grill, Gerry Hernbrode, Doug and JoAnn Julian, Barbara Miller, Bob Morse,
Bonnie Sites, O’Leary Squier, Kathleen Talbot, Loren Weaver, and Jeanne Williams,

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The revised meeting agenda (see below), was adopted unanimously (Dinah moved, Susanne seconded).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes for

Minutes of the May, 19 meeting were accepted after correction of a typo (Rick moved, Jackie seconded, vote unanimous).

4.0 Reports

4.1. President (Bill Wilbur)

The AZ Dept. of Corporations has asked us to update information on identities of board members, and Bill did so.

Work on the new Brush 6 should be done by mid-August.

PR Vice-Pres. Kristine Stone emailed that, faced with worker cut-offs, the state Dept. of Corrections has instituted a new furlough system that will result in her missing six meetings by next March. Kris has therefore offered to resign, but Bill will
inquire as to whether a change in our meeting day would permit her to attend monthly meetings.

Leaks in classroom roof/ceiling are spreading, so we must get to work repairing the roof.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

During the past two months, our accounts have experienced just normal deposits and expenses.

The RCO office is now almost complete, and the few remaining funds might be sufficient to purchase a needed paper shredder.

To date, we’ve received just over $10,000 in donations for the year. The new phone book has been the greatest generator of funds over the past two months (thanks Barbara and Susanne!). No income has yet been received from the Horseshoe fire (but
see below). Some training expenses are coming up, though tuitions are already paid. The 3rd insurance installment has been paid. Including the untouchable Muma funds, PR funds total $89,628, with $27,301 liquid in checking.

4.3 EMS (Jackie Lewis)

No EMS calls have occurred since 5/29/10.

Four members attended the July 17 training session, and four were absent.

Rescue 3 is leaking power steering fluid, and Rescue 4 had a diesel line leak. Lance Shultis has repaired Rescue 4 and ordered necessary parts for Rescue 3.

Supplies were ordered to replace expired meds and AED pads. Another small order will go in this week.

Two large oxygen tanks need to go to Douglas before August 1 for exchange. Smaller tanks can be exchanged for hydro-testing at approximately $15 each, plus cost of oxygen and a delivery fee – both standard with every exchange.

Three PR EMTs will attend SATNET on August 12-13.

Susanne will attend the Quality Assurance Officers meeting on August 11.

Events during the Horseshoe Fire brought up some cautions. If, e.g., an IV is inserted in a patient by IV-certified USFS (or BP) personnel, we cannot accept / transport the patient because we are not IV-certified, and the patient would be in the
situation of being handed off to a lower level of care.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

The grant periods of our 2009 RFA and VFA grants have been extended, but no more funds have been spent or submitted. We continue to await word as to whether similar grants will be available for 2010 and should know in 2-3 months.

For help during the Horseshoe fire, David thanks Karen Fasimpaur (for postings on the PR website), several of the RCOs for responding quickly to a request to contact residents by phone, and Susanne Dyal, Alicia Davidson, and Debbie Anbinder, for work
updating contact list.

Based on gross revenues of $14,291, we expect to net $9,385 from the Horseshoe fire. This leaves us substantially below the $ 20,000 in estimated fire revenues for the year.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Update on brochure (Bill Wilbur)

This coming Friday, Kerri Esten will give us a quote and a production time line for the brochures. Board members deemed Jackie’s suggestion of 1,000 pieces an appropriate number. Approximately 560-600 will be mailed, and ‘leftovers’
will go to other purposes. Jackie will email suitable images and Bill will transfer these to Kerri with other brochure information.

5.2 Update on phone book (Barbara Miller)

A deadline of 31 July has been set for advertisements. Another three weeks will be needed for publication.

5.3 Progress on donation drive (JoAnn Julian)

All 40 letters are ready to go to out-of-area business people (in Douglas, etc.), and these and all local business letters have been personalized. The Donations Committee recommends waiting until September to mail these letters, so as to displace a
bit temporally from requests for ads in the new phone book. Thanks to Jackie, with input from Helen, a list of registered voters, and VTC data, the list of resident addresses has been updated and merged with the previous newsletter list. Some entries
have just names and phone numbers, and calls will be made to determine mailing addresses. JoAnn passed around lists of the projected time lines for all mailings, emailings, calls, etc. She also noted that VTC asks that we request a specific level of
donation, tied to a specific item, and that any donation from VTC would be a one-time event. Thus, PR needs to think carefully about what we wish to request.

5.4 Changes to classroom cleaning assistance (Bill Wilbur)

O’Leary Squier has emailed PR, stating that she will no longer take charge of organizing classroom cleaning. It has been increasingly difficult to get volunteers for this job, though several area residents have recently stepped forward with cash
contributions to fund a month or more of cleaning by Sheila Clark. While we should continue to encourage such contributions, we need to resolve this issue on a more permanent basis. Susanne moved that the Board approve payment of $30 a month for two
hours of cleaning by Sheila Clark. Maria Stamer might be a back-up cleaner if Sheila is unavailable, and JoAnn Julian will still have a crew clean up after the soup kitchen. Cheri seconded Susanne’s motion, and the Board voted unanimously in favor
of this as a 6-month trial solution to the problem.

6.0 New Business

6.1. Location for community health clinic

The Board considered a request that the NE corner of the PR classroom be modified for use as a health clinic run from the Northern Cochise Community Hospital. Alternatives, including the teacherage (too expensive to modify), have not proven feasible.
Understandably, the Hospital wants to determine whether the clinic succeeds before investing substantially in, e.g., a stand-alone facility. The clinic would require an ADA accessible waiting room and private exam room, and it must have access to water,
heat, and air-conditioning. The Board denied the request, noting that the entirety of the classroom is needed annually for the Soup Kitchen as well as periodically for other events. The new RCO office would be too small.

Board members suggested that Francis look at the NE corner of the vehicle bay in the classroom building. That area is currently used to store weight equipment and tools, which can be moved to the other building. Francis will bring hospital personnel
back to determine whether this promising area can be suitably modified. The Board must review drawings of the proposed building changes before any decision can be made.

Francis will operate a clinic in San Simon on Tuesday mornings, and she will be available for “medically justified” house calls on Tuesday afternoons.

Rick brought up the matter of how clinic patients requiring higher levels of treatment would be transported to Willcox. PR cannot transport patients without Francis remaining with them, because accepting them in Francis’ absence would represent
(illegal) transferal of patients to a lower level of care.

6.2 Form committee to write CWPP

A brief discussion focused on requirements (summarized by Jackie) for communities to earn the Firewise designation, and on whether an attempt to become Firewise should precede or coincide with writing of the CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan)
needed to apply for grant support. This discussion was suspended after Rick noted that both efforts had to be initiated by the community and not PR. JoAnn Julian volunteered to organize an initial meeting of people who had volunteered to contribute to
these efforts.

6.3 Specific donation request to VTC

After a brief discussion of a power gurney, new narrow-band capable radios, and a wood chipper, the matter was tabled for later evaluation and discussion.

6.4 AZ Dept. of Revenue request

In their review of contractors for the Equipment Bay, the Dept. of Revenue found that it lacks information on contractors paid for this work. It is possible that all work was donated, and that no checks were written to anyone, but we need to provide
documentation needed to determine whether any owed taxes were not paid. It was recommended that Bill talk with Rene Blondeau and Bob Dearing.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 August calendar

Barbara reviewed the classroom calendar, especially calling attention to political candidate events scheduled for August and displacing one of the weekly EMT sessions to an alternate location.

7.2 Department of Corrections request to use garage bay

David Newton brought to the Board’s attention Flip Elliott’s request that the Douglas Dept. of Corrections crew, working with AZ State Forestry, have permission to sleep in the garage bay for a week, starting on 23 July. The men will be
working daily to reduce erosion by covering recently installed fire lines with cut brush, and tenting in the monsoon season would be unpleasant. (David noted that Flip generously went to bat for PR to get our Tender 1 involved in the Horseshoe Fire.) The
Board unanimously approved a motion (made by Susanne, seconded by Cheri) to permit the crew to sleep in the bay. However, approval was based on the requirement that the crew bring its own porta-potty.

8.0 For the Good of the Order (not called)

9.0 Adjournment

Pres. Bill Wilbur adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, May 19, 2010

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. All nine board members attended. Area residents attending included Maya Decker and Jeff Gee.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment (Dinah so moved, Susanne seconded, no objections).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

3.1 April 21, 2010: minutes were accepted without change and by acclamation.

3.2 March 17, 2010: minutes were accepted by acclamation after two minor changes. They should be titled March, rather than February, minutes, and Kris Stone should be identified as the person taking responsibility for
sending the ‘thank you’ note for work on the plaque.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President (Bill Wilbur)

Work on Red Brush 6 will be delayed until Bill’s finger heals. Rick reminded us that two O2 bottles still have some usable oxygen and can be used, down to 200 psi, for welding, but they will be returned soon for refilling.

RCOs now have 24-hr clock, which Bill exhibited.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

The IRS waived all penalties for our 2007 and 2008 taxes, but with a sterner letter in the second case. 2009 taxes were filed ahead of the May 15 deadline (on May 10). We need to make sure that the procedures manual discusses the procedure for
handling taxes. Right now, Larry Moss does our taxes pro bono, based on an Excel file that Rick supplies.

Rick reviewed income and expenses. In the category of fundraisers, over $1,000 has come in for ads sold for the new phone book (thanks Barb Miller!). Some additional donations have trickled in. As mutual bond CDs turn over, they are supplying
substantial income. We budgeted for $1400 in interest and have already earned $1200. Under expenses, office expenses are pretty standard. Lance Shultis did some maintenance on Rescue vehicles 3 and 4. Fundraising expenses were incurred for 911
information sheets. (45 returns have already come in for the locator book, based on just 450 solicitation letters.) The biannual bill came for certification that we meet standards for use of finger stick glucometers ($75/yr, or $150). Net revenues total
$91,153, including the untouchable Muma funds.

4.3 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

We’ve received 3 calls since the last board meeting.

Six EMTs attended training on May 15.

The Basic EMT class begins August 24, and will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10 pm, plus lab hours. Approval has been given for in-state tuition costs for NM residents. Currently Chris Wilbur and Donna Meenach have expressed interest. Jackie is
waiting to hear from two other people. Costs will be as follows:

Tuition $432

Registration 20

Insurance 40

Drug screen 60

Final certification 50

Books ?

Lab fee ?

Total $602 (minimum)

Students are responsible for all of the above costs until they pass EMT-B certification and become a Portal Rescue Member. Then they will be eligible for reimbursement of those fees.

Jackie recommends approval of mileage and meals for EMT candidates. This will be proposed as an action item at the August meeting when we know how many students there will be.

Jackie is trying to get into a NIMS 300 class in “Tucson on June 2-4. All classes are currently “closed” or “private”, and she needs approval from the instructor as well as the class sponsor. In case approval is
forthcoming, she requests approval for 3 nights’ lodging (June 1-3) but intends to pay for her own meals and gas. NIMS 300 is required by FEMA for all chiefs and is required to qualify for grants. Approval was indicated without a formal vote.

Portal Rescue 4 and at least 2 EMTs will be at the funeral of Audrey Miller on Saturday, May 22.

SATNET will be held on August 12 and 13.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

There have been no operations since the last board meeting.

Twelve fire-fighters attended wildland refresher classes. Two more passed the pack test, giving a total of 8 red-card fire-fighters for PR. Six members attended training last Saturday.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 AZ Open Meeting Laws (Kris)

The Board conducted a long-postponed discussion of whether the organization is subject to Arizona’s Open Meeting Law (OML). Bill announced that this discussion would closely follow Robert’s Rules of order. Each member would be permitted
one comment, and then we would listen for a motion. In the event of a motion triggering subsequent discussion, the motion’s author would speak first, followed by other board members, alternating opinions pro and con. Kris moved
that the Board consider whether or not we were subject to OML, and Cheri seconded the motion. (Discussion proceeded without a vote.) Kris then read aloud the State’s directive for who must follow Arizona’s OML. Bill, Rick, Jackie, and Maya
all interpreted this statement as excluding private non-governmental organizations such as ours, especially one in which the majority of board members are not chosen in a general public election. All four preferred ‘looser’ dependency on OML,
referenced only in contentious circumstances and used to ‘referee’ when the Board can’t otherwise resolve disagreements. We might also choose to use parts of OML (e.g., due notice of meetings) that are helpful, while not being hamstrung
by the rules in getting business done. Maya pointed out that our need to seek local community funding keeps us honest, open, and healthy, and that our Constitution and By-Laws also drive this. She suggested that the Board appoint a parliamentarian, with
the authority to make rulings, but no motion took the idea further. Jackie moved that we not subject ourselves to OML, but that we consider using it to resolve issues where our Constitution and By-Laws fail to bring us to accord. Susanne seconded the
motion. Dave asked what would trigger use of OML. After briefly considering “decibels”, the Board decided that such action be triggered by an approved motion. Jackie’s motion carried unanimously.

5.2 Firearms with reference to Portal Rescue Classroom (Kris)

Interest in this topic came as a result of multiple local citizens noting presence of arms at the Soup Kitchen. Kris also raised the question of whether EMTs and Fire-Fighters were permitted to take weapons on their calls. She reported that, at
Douglas Fire, EMTs and FFs are not permitted to take weapons on calls. However, they can rely on law enforcement being close by. Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy J.D. Hoke supported the right of PR EMTs and FFs to carry arms, since law enforcement
would likely be slow to arrive on scene. Larry Dever responded similarly in a phone call with Bill. Jackie also researched the matter, and most departments do not allow carrying of personal weapons. David Newton reported that the USFS maintains a policy
of no firearms, and that they could potentially stop using us if we arrive on the fire line armed. In this case, we must defer to federal law. In all other cases we should defer to federal and state law, which allows for open and concealed carry.
Establishing our own policy would expose us to liability.

Board members agreed that guns would not make our personnel safe, and that if there were escalating violence, our people should stay at least a mile away. The law itself protects us from having to administer assistance under dangerous

6.0 New Business

6.1 Fire-fighter application form (David Newton)

David Newton walked the Board through suggested revisions to a fire-fighter application that would replace the version from January, 2007. Board members made a number of further suggestions but final approval was neither solicited nor voted on.

6.2 Donation request letters for businesses (Jackie)

The Donations Committee was again asking for approval of fund-raising letters, in this case three letters going out to various businesses (those patronized by Portal residents in Portal, those patronized by Portal residents in nearby communities, and
those bringing clients to the area. Approval was given by acclamation, and it was agreed that no more formal approval was needed.

6.3 Classroom cleaning (Susanne)

No one new is volunteering to clean the classroom, and other arrangements must be made. Several people have been willing to pay Sheila Clark for cleaning and doing some outdoor work twice a month. We need to brainstorm about this and come up with
additional solutions.

6.4 Definition of single signature vendors (Rick)

Rick presented two categories of expenses for which single signatures might be required. Category 1 (Unconditional) would include regularly recurring expenses such as utilities, dues, etc. Category 2 (requiring purchase orders) would include things
such as purchases of radios, medical and fire supplies, oxygen, post-office supplies, things from Valley Mercantile, bulk fuel, rent of the Rodeo Community Center, expenses for the SATNET conference, and payments for vehicle repair. Rick then proposed
the list in the form of a motion, seconded by Jackie and approved unanimously by the Board.

7.0 Addenda (none)

8.0 For the Good of the Order (not called)

9.0 Adjournment of meeting

Rick moved that we close the meeting, and Jackie seconded his motion, which carried unanimously. Bill adjourned the meeting at 7:58 pm.

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Portal Rescue Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, April 21, 2010

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm, after the community recognition of Jeff Gee’s 16 years of service on the PR Board. Attending board members included Susanne Apitz, Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, David Johnson, Jackie
Lewis, David Newton, Kristine Stone, and Bill Wilbur. Cheri Greenwade was absent. Area residents attending included René and Delane Blondeau, Maya Decker, Doug and JoAnn Julian, Bob Morse, and Jeanne Williams.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted unanimously (Susanne moved, Jackie seconded), after the addition of item 7.1 below. Item 6.1 was considered prior to the board meeting, so as not to detain the presenter (Francis Grill), and it is not incorporated into these

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes for:

3.1 Consideration of the March minutes was delayed until May, because they were not available on-screen at the meeting.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President (Bill Wilbur)

Bill announced that Cochise County Emergency Medical Services Council Chairman Bill Miller continues to forward information on EMS and fire-fighter classes to him. Jackie and Dave N. noted that they were also receiving this information.

4.2 Treasurer (Rick Beno)

Rick covered highlights of income and expenses.

Donations have continued to trickle in, in response to the newsletter. Other income came from Gerry Hernbrode’s sale of cookbooks to the Rodeo store ($90), and from Dr. John’s rental of our facilities for his veterinary clinic.

The greatest expense was for sending four fire-fighters to Prescott fire school. There were a few expenses for preparation of the RCO office, which is ready now for placement of furniture, etc.

We have received $647.92 in interest income since the start of January. CD assets invested in mutual funds have increased in value. Currently, we have a balance of $61,578, though $15,000 is in the Muma account and untouchable. Over $25,000 is liquid
in our checking account.

The IRS waived our fines for late filing of 2007 taxes. Larry Moss’s request for the waiver of 2008 fines crossed in the mail with an IRS notification of a late filing penalty. IRS officials later agreed to put a 45-day hold on this until the
request for waiver is considered; they must answer this request within 30 days. Our 2009 taxes must be filed by a May 15 deadline.

4.3 EMS Chief (Jackie Lewis)

PR has received 4 EMT calls since our last board meeting.

Five EMTs attended monthly training, and the group reviewed abbreviations, new glucometers, and a new suction unit. Both the suction unit and a pulse oximeter came from a 100% grant for which Jeff Gee had applied. We’ve also received an IV
training arm on a 100% grant from SAEMS. This grant had originally been cancelled, but was later partially funded by SATNET.

On 4/14/10, Rick and Jackie attended triage training at Kartchner Cavern State Park.

Rick, ET, Jeff, and Lee plan to attend a recertification class for an advanced airway skill on May 6th. Susanne may certify at the same time.

Lance repaired a leaking fuel line on Med. 4.

4.4 Fire Chief (David Newton)

David reported that PR has had no fire operations since our last board meeting. Our applications for an RFA/VFA grants have been submitted for the amounts of $14, 500 (a 90:10 grant) and $2,000 (a 50/50 grant), respectively.

Fire-fighters continue to work on Red Brush 6, attaching the spare tire and finding better attachment modes for cargo boxes. Rick pointed out that we have some O2 cylinders that can be used for welding, so long as they are not depleted
below 200 psi.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Update on phone book (Susanne)

Barbara Miller and Susanne are working on an updated Portal-Rodeo area phone book. It will not be based on the current book, rather on VTC’s on-line data base. If you are already listed in that data base, you will be listed in our new phone book
unless you notify us of your objection. You can check for your inclusion on the vtc list at www.vtc.net and then notify us with any special requests, e.g., listing children, or any other additional residents at that
number. Citizen responses can be emailed to Barb or Susanne at prphonebook@yahoo.com, or left at the PR business number (558-2206). Phoned or emailed messages must come
directly from the individual involved. The new phone book should be ready for sale by Oktoberfest or sooner. To encourage purchases by people who already have the old book, Barb and Susanne are requesting that advertisers provide coupons applicable to
purchases at their businesses.

5.2 Update on brochure (Jackie)

The Donation Committee presented the brochure to the Board, which made some substantive changes and voted unanimously to approve the modified version. After we acquire some suitable images to go along with the text, we will send everything to two
different businesses for layout and costing. One of these parties has agreed to produce the brochure at cost, and the other just does such publications inexpensively in general.

The Committee has devised the following schedule of mailings / notifications: A letter explaining 911 will go out to residents first. Letters soliciting contributions from local businesses will go out before October. A ‘teaser’ email will
be sent to local residents before the Oktoberfest and be followed by a postcard and then a brochure and cover letter. Citizens failing to respond to mailings will be contacted by phone.

5.3 Update on Community 911 letters for donation drive (Jackie)

Board approval was sought for the Committee’s 911 letter. First, permission was sought to add “We’re here when you need us” to the bottom of the letterhead page, for purposes of donation materials only. Board members tweaked
the letter’s wording slightly in several places. To estimate costs for mailing to postal patrons in Portal and Rodeo, JoAnn acquired information on patron numbers in the two post offices. With 228 patrons in Portal, including those in
Beatrice’s delivery route, and an estimated (but possibly high) 268 in Rodeo, mailing of the 911 letter should cost approximately $203.72. Jackie moved, and Rick seconded that the Board grant permission to mail the revised letter, and board members
voted unanimously in favor.

5.3 4H Walk-a-thon update (Jackie)

The walk is now scheduled for January, 2011, and the kids’ deadline for completion of the fund-raising project is in February. Plans call for walkers to go 5 miles (E of Portal into Portal, along the Portal Rd.). At Rick’s suggestion,
Jackie will inquire if this distance can be extended slightly to start at the junction of Portal Rd. with Stateline Rd.; this would allow for more parking. Jackie suggested that a community potluck might be planned to coincide with delivery of the
donation. Based on the January-February schedule, this event will not conflict with PR’s own donation drive.

6.0 New Business

6.1 San Simon/Portal Rural Health Clinic presentation by Francis Grill (for Dr. Harley Smith, Northern Cochise Community Hospital, Inc.)

This presentation was made prior to the meeting, and no summary is therefore included in these minutes.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Contribution to PR from SewWhat

PR gratefully accepted a donation of $2,000 from SewWhat. Thanks!

8.0 For the Good of the Order

8.1 Gun-free zone?

Kris asked whether PR people were permitted to carry weapons. PR has no specific policy on this, and individuals are free to carry or not, as they may choose. Bill will check with Bill Miller to determine whether or not they may have a policy bearing
on this question. This matter will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

8.2 Office supplies

Bill will check with Jeff about getting a toner cartridge. We also need a carton of folded paper towels from Costco.

9.0 Adjournment of meeting

Bill entertained a motion for adjournment (Dinah so-moved, Susanne seconded), and that motion was approved unanimously at 7:22 pm.

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Portal Rescue, Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, March 17, 2010

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm. Attending board members were Susanne Apitz, Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, Jeff Gee, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, Kristine Stone, and Bill Wilbur. Cheri Greenwade was absent. Active members in
attendance included Debbie Anbinder, Susanne Apitz, Rick Beno, Jeff Gee, Jackie Lewis, and David Newton. Attending from the community were Karen and John Allen, Vicki Beno, Delane and René Blondeau, Maya Decker, Marvin Goldfogel, Gerry Hernbrode,
Janice Hurd, JoAnn and Doug Julian, Barbara Miller, Bob Morse, Reed Peters, Don and Jean Wadsworth, Jeanne Williams, Mary Willy, and Richard and Francis Zweifel.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted by a unanimous vote (Jackie moved, Susanne seconded) after adding, as an agenda item, Delane Blondeau’s concerns about contacting PR EMTs directly (see sections 4.3 and 7.1).

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

February minutes were accepted by unanimous vote (Susanne moved, Rick seconded) after Maya’s notation of two typos.

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill summarized several of the successful year’s main issues and events.

— The RCO program is up and running smoothly.

Per diem allowances were updated to meet current costs.

— The new PR website was launched in October, though it remains a work in progress.

— Donation solicitations were discussed in September, but the matter remains unresolved. Problems with fundraisers (see 5.1), and effects of the economic downturn on grant availability, may require looking more to donations for

— PR hosted the County Chiefs’ Meeting for a Thanksgiving feast in November. Attendees were very satisfied with the luncheon.

— In December, PR acquired an upgraded replacement for Brush 6 at very little cost.

— The 2009 budget was reviewed in January as the 2010 budget was put together.

— In February, some changes (see 6.1) were proposed to By-Laws.

— There was much discussion of the need to alert local folks that, despite the need to call 911 in emergencies, PR receives no 911 funding and still needs community support.

— The PR Honor Roll plaque has been updated to include the names of Janet Gee and Devorie Griffiths. It will be displayed in a prominent place.

— PR would appreciate notification, at least 24 hrs in advance, of any intention of local residents to burn brush. Messages can be left on the PR phone line (558-2206), which Bill Wilbur calls each morning. Today, Brush 9 and Tender 1 launched
unnecessarily because neighbors (and PR) did not know that a rancher was (carefully) burning brush.

Bill closed by thanking the two Chiefs for their excellent service, and the community for its support.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

Rick summarized the very successful 2009 budgetary year.

— Year 2009 ended with assets of $90,651, as compared with $48,321 at the close of 2008. We more than reached our goal of ending the year with funds to cover annual expenses on a ‘normal’ year. We were able to add $18,789 to the Rainy Day

— Due to generally low interest rates on liquid accounts, we invested much of our assets in ‘semi-liquid’ CDs. (We lose just a month or quarter of interest if we need to withdraw funds early.) Some pay monthly and others quarterly, and
they roll over into the funds themselves or into money market accounts. Terms of the CDs range from 18 to 60 months. The Muma funds, which we cannot spend, are now generating 2.65%.

— In prior years, we tended to get donations from local people assisted by PR EMS personnel, but we received no such donations this year, perhaps because folks have lost the feeling of “personal attention” from PR under the new 911
system. Some or all of this type of donation may also have been given to the Jan Gee and Devorie Griffiths funds this year. One EMS donation has come in for year 2010.

— Fire income, at approximately $21,000 far exceeded the $12,000 budgeted. Consequently, costs associated with fire-fighting were also higher. Most training and equipment expenses were reimbursed from grants.

— The new dispatch and fire bar systems increased phone costs some, and insurance costs were a little over budget in 2009. Phone expenses will rise again in 2010 with acquisition of DSL for PR Base.

— Thanks to Bob Walton (!) for saving us considerable expense to fix a potentially catastrophic problem with the water tank.

— Thanks to Don Wadsworth and Bob Dearing for finishing the walls of the RCO office.

— No grant money has yet come in during 2010, but we anticipate receiving some after our expenses have been submitted.

— We expect just $15,000 in donations in 2010, or less than received in 2009, when the Jan Gee fund and a donation from the (disbanding) Stateline Samaritans contributed substantial one-time funding.

— — Recent (2010) EMS training came at a substantially reduced cost because the training was held here, and Jackie (thanks!) provided lodging and food for the instructors.

— Historically, fundraisers have met about half of our expenses (but see below). Fire income is more erratic, ranging from $0 to over $40,000 annually.

Rick’s presentation was greeted with spontaneous and enthusiastic applause in recognition of his successful efforts to get PR finances organized and on good footing.

4.3 EMS chief (Jackie Lewis)

Jackie recently replaced Jeff as Fire Chief.

— We have had one call (today) since the last board meeting. We need to remind the community that PR is dispatched quickly when a call goes out to 911 in Bisbee and is relayed to Douglas. We typically arrive much earlier than Douglas. The caller
should be certain to give his/her name, address, and phone number, and describe the situation. We will be contacted automatically. We have a great EMS team, and our service has not changed since PR moved to the new dispatch system.

— Some community members have contacted (or are tempted to contact) PR members directly, e.g., when they think they need just a ‘lift assist’ after a fall, or are not sure whether their conditions are serious enough to warrant a 911 call.
However, our EMTs cannot respond to direct contacts because of liability considerations; they are only covered when officially dispatched after a 911 call. Additionally, injuries can occur during falls, and EMTs are better trained than neighbors or
fire-fighters to recognize such injuries. Rick noted that residents can ask that Douglas not respond until a request is made by dispatched PR personnel.

— Jackie noted that EMTs are still meeting monthly for training and vehicle checks. They plan to provide training for the community in new CPR techniques, know now as CCC, or Continuous Chest Compression (no mouth-to-mouth required or desirable).

— Jackie hopes also to start regular meetings for RCO training.

4.4 Fire chief (David Newton)

— Brush 9 responded to a false alarm today (Wed., March 17; see 4.1). To date, this is the only operation of 2010.

— Four fire-fighters are current doing training in Prescott. Grants applied for in 2007 and 2008 brought reimbursement in 2009.

— Contrary to expectation, RFA and VFA grants will be available this year, and we will be submitting proposals next month.

— Dinah asked David about progress toward writing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, in order to qualify for matching funds from the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) program. USFS, AZ State Forestry, and the BLM have said they would help us with the
now highly involved application process, but the responsibility for pursuing this lies with the community, not the Fire Chief. A volunteer is needed to spear-head this effort. David has a good deal of information that he could transfer to such a
volunteer. Paying outside agents to write such a plan would cost about $20,000, which could be included for reimbursement from the grant itself.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Developing problems with fundraisers (JoAnn Julian)

JoAnn Julian presented some concerns that she raised about annual PR fundraisers at the February board meeting. These events have long contributed funding crucial to PR’s annual budgets. Together, the Pie Festival, Soup Kitchen and contributions
from Sew What have provided approximately $28,000 per year. However, fundraisers have remained successful only by asking more and more of the declining numbers of individuals willing to step up and donate food and time. It has become nearly impossible to
fill the shoes of leaders who have aged, moved, died, or burned out, and numbers of both willing workers and patrons have also declined. Although the Soup Kitchen will continue next year under the co-leadership of JoAnn Julian and Chris Wilbur, no one
has yet assumed leadership of the Pie Festival, and there must be a pool of willing leaders and workers for either of these activities to be successful in the long term.

After discussing this issue at length, several of the former leaders believe the described trend is so strong and consistent that PR must now shift its focus from fundraisers to donations. They recommend that the Board ‘buy into’ this
effort by organizing a committee, with representation of both board and community members, to plan and direct this change in focus. JoAnn and her colleagues suggest that we plan a month-long donation drive, culminating in the Oktoberfest, and supported
by a redesigned PR brochure that presses local residents more strongly for annual donations. It is suggested that a minimum contribution be expected from every household, and that special categories of donors be associated with higher levels of
contributions. Delane Blondeau suggested that a ‘phone tree’ be organized to contact local residents personally. For the suggested change in the focus of fundraising to be successful, efforts to raise donations must be sustained year after

6.0 New Business

6.1 Changes to by-laws

The Board solicited approval of active PR board members for two changes that PR Treasurer Rick Beno suggested be made to our by-laws. Two signatures are currently required on each check written by PR, and it can be difficult and time-consuming for the
Treasurer to acquire the second signature. The first suggested change would add the Secretary to the list of people authorized to sign checks. (Currently, the Secretary verifies the identities of other officers at the bank but is not authorized to sign
checks.). The Board also recommends that payment of recurring costs (e.g., phone, electric, etc.) be stream-lined by permitting a single signature – that of the Treasurer. An audit team of local residents formerly contributed to outlining duties of
the Treasurer, and we could ask them to define what recurring expenses should be included. The bank itself has no interest in either of these matters, and they arise only because of existing PR by-laws. The vote, by active members only, was unanimously
in favor of the two changes. Six of the voters were present, and five absent (four currently at the fire school).

6.2 Election of board members

6.2.1 Active members

The Board presented three nominations for three active member slots on the Board. However, one of the nominees (Jeff Gee) volunteered to withdraw his name if a replacement person could be found. Active member David Johnson expressed interest in
joining the Board, so his name was placed in nomination, together with the names of Rick Beno and Susanne Apitz. Given the absence of challengers for the three positions, the six active members present at the meeting accepted this slate of candidates by

6.2.2 Community members

Currently, the four community representatives on the PR Board include Dinah Davidson, Cheri Greenwade, Kristine Stone, and Bill Wilbur, and each of these individuals has expressed interest in continuing for a second term. Additional nominations were
requested from the floor, but none were made, and President Bill Wilbur closed the nominations. Given the absence of challengers for the four positions, the slate of four candidates was accepted by acclamation.

7.0 Addenda

7.1 Possible reluctance of community residents to use the 911 option

This matter arose earlier in the meeting and was addressed under section 4.3 above.

8.0 For the Good of the Order

— As a 4-H project, Sharon Karp’s children are required to design a fundraising effort in support of a worthy cause. They wish to organize a walk-a-thon to raise money for PR, though PR would not be directly involved. The timing of the proposed
event was discussed. It was suggested that any funds raised might be delivered at the Oktoberfest. However, because our own donation drive might be centered on the Oktoberfest (see above), Maya cautioned to be sure that the 4-H project would not appear
to be an alternative to direct contribution to our organization. The consensus was that the event should take place well in advance of the Oktoberfest, but that funds could be delivered to us at Oktoberfest. With that understanding, Jackie proposed
approval of the project, and Kris seconded that motion, which was supported unanimously in a vote by the Board.

— Kris asked that PR send a ‘thank-you’ note to Lee Palmer at Douglas Trophies which, at no cost to us, added names of Jan Gee and Devorie Griffiths to the Honor Roll plaque.

8.0 Adjournment

At 8:47 pm, President Bill Wilbur asked for a motion to adjourn. Jackie’s motion was seconded and adopted unanimously.

The Board met briefly in Executive Session and chose the following set of officers for 2010:

President: Bill Wilbur

Vice-President Kristine Stone

Treasurer Rick Beno

Secretary Dinah Davidson

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Portal Rescue, Inc., Board Meeting: Minutes, February 17, 2010

1.0 Call to Order

President Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm. Attending board members were Rick Beno, Dinah Davidson, Jeff Gee, Jackie Lewis, David Newton, Kristine Stone and Bill Wilbur. Susanne Dyal and Cheri Greenwade were absent. Attending from
the community were Maya Decker, JoAnn and Doug Julian, Gerry Hernbrode and Barbara Miller.

2.0 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted by a unanimous vote (Rick moved, Jeff seconded) after the addition of several items.

3.0 Acceptance/Correction of Minutes

Susanne Dyal’s January’s minutes, covering both the interrupted meeting and its continuation at a special meeting, were accepted by unanimous vote (Dinah moved, Jackie seconded) after amendment to show Jeff’s presence at the second

4.0 Reports

4.1 President’s report (Bill Wilbur)

Bill received a letter and a check from John Stair, thanking PR for caring for Gerry Hernbrode. Bill thanked JoAnn Julian and her Soup Kitchen Committee for their generous dedication of time and effort during the recent fundraiser. He noted that the
amount raised substantially exceeded the target of $6,000. Bill also expressed gratitude to Bill Walters of Umphries Propane, who came up twice (and made a special trip) to deliver propane. Maya suggested that PR send a written thank you note to Bill,
acknowledging his contributions. Finally, Bill noted that he and PR are working on a design for mounting a spare tire on the new Brush 6, since there was no predetermined place to put it.

4.2 Treasurer’s report (Rick Beno)

So far this year, PR has received $1,782 in general fund donations, plus $200 that is entered under EMS donations. The Soup Kitchen raised $5,616, plus the general fund donations collected there. We have also collected some classroom rental fees.
Expenses include $2,550 for training of 8 EMTs. Doug and JoAnn Julian covered some fund-raising expenses associated with the Soup Kitchen. Including Muma funds ($15K) that are untouchable, PR has on hand $89,986, $61,153 of which is invested with Edward
Jones. That account earned $222.48 in interest last month. Liquid funds in checking amount to $28,834. David Johnson pointed out that, in handling our taxes, Larry Moss made mistake that would make it necessary for firefighters to pay Social Security
taxes, but Larry will file an addendum to correct this.

Rick asked the Board to consider a proposal for saving money by consenting to a 3-yr contract for a policy offering accident and sickness insurance. This policy is a supplement to workman’s compensation and is paid as a set fee for the
organization, not per individual. Instead of $767 for a single year, we can pay $713 per year for the exact same contract over 3 years. This seems like a good deal since the price increased $70 this year alone. Jeff moved to lock in the lower price,
Jackie seconded his motion, and the vote was unanimously in favor. The $713/yr rate will be paid once per year for the next three years.

4.3 EMS chief (Jeff Gee)

Jeff thanked Jackie for volunteering to replace him as EMS Chief; a vote electing her as Chief occurred at the last EMT meeting. Eight PR EMTs recertified at the recent good refresher class. Two individuals will not be recertifying. Some new people
(two since the last meeting) have mentioned to Jeff that they would like to take the next class, and PR could use some new volunteers. Setting up a new class may be a bit difficult, since there are no ‘floating’ instructors, and people will
have to go to Cochise College for a 16-wk course (6-10 pm Tues and Thurs). Some participants may be from New Mexico, where courses don’t teach to national standards. Jackie will check with Cochise College to determine whether they might award
in-state tuition for NM EMTs. The next major training session will be held Aug 12-13, 2010, at the Southern AZ Trauma Conference. No rates have yet been published, but $89 per room should be okay with 2 persons per room. Scholarship aid has been cut, but
we’ll explore that anyway. Frank Lara was a Douglas Paramedic and may have time to come and teach here. Jackie will check to see if he’s qualified to instruct.

4.4 Fire chief (David Newton)

David reported no recent operations. Vehicle contracts with AZ State Forestry have been renewed. Five PR fire-fighters will attend the Wildfire Academy in Prescott (12-19 March). Because they will miss the March meeting, Jackie offered a motion,
seconded by Rick, that fire-fighters be allowed to vote by proxy for bylaws and policy changes and new members. The motion carried unanimously.

Contrary to expectations, VFA and RFA will offer grant programs this year, but they are still hashing out guidelines.

5.0 Old Business

5.1 Changes to by-laws/policy: signature authority

Rick has proposed that two changes be brought before the community at the March meeting. First, to facilitate acquisition of the two signatures required on each check, he proposes that the Secretary should have the same signing authority as do other
officers. At present, the Secretary does not have signing authority, but just verifies (at the bank) the identities of other officers with such authority. Second, he proposes that the Treasurer’s signature should suffice for, e.g., utility and
insurance bills that must be paid on a regular schedule. (On one occasion, a second signature was not available, and Rick had to write a personal check, for an amount that was eventually reimbursed.) Bills qualifying for a Treasurer-only signature will
be defined in the Policy Manual. Rick will experiment with the exact wording for the two proposal and welcomes input from other board members in getting the wording right. The proposals must be made available to the community 7 days in advance of the
March meeting, and Rick will have them ready 14 days in advance so that fire-fighters can consider them before leaving for training.

5.2 Disposition of old Brush 6

David Johnson will buy the former Brush 6, complete with hose and pumping capability. Jeff volunteered to help David switch out the pumps.

5.3 Fire-fighter ‘by-laws’ (actually fire-fighter policy)

Based on a discussion at the December board meeting, Kris raised a concern about how the list of active fire-fighters is maintained, i.e., who has the authority to exclude people from the list. Because the original discussion had involved specific
named individuals, Rick proposed (Jackie seconded; no vote required) that the matter be considered in an Executive Session, to immediately follow this meeting. It was easily resolved during that session, in that the question arose from a misunderstanding
of what was said at the December meeting.

5.4 Open-meeting law

Kris requested that we consider again whether our meetings are subject to Open Meeting Law. Susanne had specifically requested that this discussion be postponed until she could be present, so the matter was tabled until the April meeting.

6.0 New Business

6.1 Review of Fundraisers (JoAnn Julian)

JoAnn summarized some significant problems regarding the Soup Kitchen and another fundraiser (Pie Festival). Organizing fundraisers has become increasingly difficult because both the leadership pool and work-force are shrinking as the population ages.
Both food donations and patronage are down, and it was difficult to get volunteers to work more than one day. This year’s Pie Festival raised the same amount of money as did recent prior festivals only because of the extraordinary contributions of
Jackie Lewis, Marsha Troller, and Zola Stoltz. Fewer individuals must do more and more to ensure the success of these events.

Unless this worrying trend is reversed in a sustained way, it is inevitable that PR will have to rely increasingly on support from individual donations. JoAnn suggests that, starting soon, a committee be established to consider how best to increase
donations. The PR Board should have representation on this committee, and the new effort should begin at least as soon as Oktoberfest. Efforts should include emails, phone calls, and person-to-person solicitations of contributions. As in the past, we may
wish to display a thermometer showing the funds PR needs to operate, and how close we are to that goal. To replace the two fund-raisers, and also some of the larger donations from elderly residents who have died or moved away, we’d need
contributions of between $80-120 per household per year. To secure the future of PR, fund-raising efforts must be sustained. Several board members brought up the need to revise the brochure, both to provide new dispatch information, and to state more
clearly how the community still relies heavily on PR. At the upcoming (March) community meeting, the Board should make a recommendation to help carry the momentum over to the new Board.

The Soup Kitchen can continue as a social event, but must have sustained volunteerism. JoAnn has taken charge of the Soup Kitchen for 8 years, and she is willing to continue for another 2 years if two conditions are met before next August: (1) A
replacement must be found for Vicki Beno, who has been in charge of soliciting food contributions, and (2) a co-leader must be found for JoAnn, and this individual must plan to take the function over in 2 yrs.

6.2 Borrowing PR Items

We need to implement a system for both keeping track of items (tables, trays, etc.) borrowed from PR, and assuring that key items required for PR functions are available when needed. Jackie has drawn up a sign-out sheet for the Board to consider. The
Board was in general agreement that no borrowing should take place without permission of the President or a Chief, and that all borrowers must check out items on a sheet that also lists the date of their anticipated return. No motion was put forward, but
this must be dealt with formally in the future.

6.3 Defining classroom charges

Currently, classroom rental costs $25 per half day, $50 for an entire day, and an extra $25 for use of the kitchen. However, these charges are too high for small groups. Jackie proposed that rental fees be either 12.5% of participant fees or the above
rate, whichever is lower. Dinah so moved and Kris seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

6.4 New fire-fighter onboard

Susanne Sheffer recently completed her training. Bill moved and Jeff seconded a motion that she be accepted as a PR fire-fighter; the motion passed unanimously.

6.5 Training cost allowance (over-run)

David urged that we compensate Susanne Sheffer for the cost over-run ($165 versus the $140 allowed) at a Benson motel during her training. Altogether, her mileage, meals and accommodation were less than the maximum for summed expenses ($312.70 versus
$434). Kris moved that we follow David’s recommendation, and Bill seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. David pointed out that some of this expense will come back on 90/10 grant.

7.0 For the Good of the Order

7.1 Two years ago, Jeanne Williams suggested that we establish a “Wall of Fame” to honor deceased individuals who had made extraordinary contributions to PR. The Board proposed to add the names of Jan Gee and Devorie
Griffiths to the plaque, and to display the plaque in a prominent place. The proposal passed unanimously.

8.0 Adjournment

President Bill Wilbur adjourned the meeting at 8:19, and the Board briefly went into Executive Session.

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Portal Rescue January Board Meeting

January 20 and 26, 2010

  1. Call to OrderPresident Bill Wilbur called the meeting to order at 6:12. Kristine Stone, Cheri Greenwade, and Jeff Gee were not present. One community member, Lee Dyal, was present.
  2. Adoption of AgendaThe agenda was adopted by unanimous vote (after minor changes were made).
  3. Acceptance of Minutes for December 2009 MeetingMinutes of meeting on December 16th were approved unanimously (after minor changes were made to the Fire Chief’s section). (Jackie moved, Rick seconded)
  4. Reports4.1 PresidentBill enjoyed participating in picking up the new brush truck from Fry Fire and noted their willingness to help us. Clearly the Fry mechanic had given the truck tender loving care. The price was $3,150. There was one other, lower bid.4.2 Treasurer2009 accounting is closed out and reflected in the budget report that was shown. $97,900 came in; $75,600 went out; balance sheet for the year was greatly improved over last year. Interest on investments was $789; we are now making approx. $123 per
    month. There is $26,400 in the checking account earning no interest; Rick recommended keeping that as operational capital for the first part of 2010.

    New 2010 accounting – no revenues yet; expenses include the brush truck and some minor office expenses.

    The fire bar will be moved from the office expense column to the radio ops column for the 2010 budget.

    4.3 EMS Chief

    Jeff absent; no report. Jackie mentioned that the EMS refresher is scheduled for February 1 – 3. The monthly meeting last week included training.

    4.4 Fire Chief

    No ops in December. A new Brush truck was purchased, as mentioned above. David Johnson and David Newton drove it back; it ran well. At a recent training the foam did not work on the new Brush 6; David Newton will speak with Fry fire about fixing. Bill
    mentioned that the Fry mechanic went through the entire engine 6 months ago; it also has new wheels and new tires.

  5. Old Business5.1 2010 BudgetRick showed the proposed new budget and explained any major changes to various columns. The donations column is set at $15,000, which is lower than the $21,000 received last year (but some of that was from memorial donations and the dissolution of the
    Stateline Samaritans). Additional discussion ensued about adjusting numbers in various columns to realistic levels.

    The meeting was abruptly adjourned at 6:50 due to an EMT tone-out. Meeting was continued on January 26th, with all board members present except Kris Stone and Dinah Davidson.

    Extensive budget discussion continued. The final budget will come up for approval at the March 2010 board meeting.

    5.2 NIMS Discussion

    David Newton handed out an overview of the National Incident Management System and gave a brief description in preparation for a vote as to whether the board would agree that Portal Rescue will use the NIMS system. This was unanimously approved (David
    Newton moved, Cheri Greenwade seconded).

    5.3 Procedures Manual

    No new discussion, except a question as to whether or not the secretary (not present) has the current manual.

    6.0 New Business

    6.1 Old Brush 6 – Disposition

    Jeff Gee proposed selling old Brush 6 as a 4WD water pumping truck (NOT a fire truck). Jeff suggests swapping out the pump for a lower-performing pump we already have in stock, and possibly removing the wire racks. The light bar, illegal for private
    citizens, must be removed, as well as the radio. Jeff suggests asking $2,000. Jeff has volunteered to help with these changes. It was pointed out that insurance must be kept up on the truck (about $35/month) until it is sold.

    6.2 Proposed Change to By-Laws for Signature Authority

    6.2.1 Board members

    The first proposed change was that all board officers have check-signing authority.

    6.2.2 Recurring bills

    It was proposed that with pre-approved recurring bills, only one signature be necessary. These items will need to be voted upon at the annual meeting in March.

    6.3 Lottery tickets for Soup Kitchen Raffle

    It was moved (by Susanne Apitz) and second (by Jackie Lewis) that we purchase $100 of lottery tickets to use as a prize for the soup kitchen raffle. This was unanimously approved.

    7.0 The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

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