If you haven’t done so, we suggest you add your information to the Portal Rescue Locator Book database in order to speed up time to find your home in case of emergency.

You can download the form here, fill it out, and send it to Portal Rescue, PO Box 16331, Portal, AZ 85632. Then your information will be added or updated in the Locator Book database.

This form includes directions, occupants, medical conditions and hazards that will be helpful to rescuers and will speed up our time to find your home.

3/3/16 – For the last three springs you’ve seen the plentiful grass and heard about the high fire danger and then nothing happens.  We’ve noticed too.

Well, this year might be different.  Our valley has already seen three wildfires in the last two months and it’s not even hot or windy.
No one can predict how many fires we’ll have or indeed if we’ll have any more, but it’s prudent to base our actions on what we’ve seen so far this year.
Some other thoughts:
a.  Having dry grass right up to your home is a very bad idea.
b.  Open burning, whether in a pit, pile, or barrel, is a bad idea.
c.  Grass dries out quickly.  One of this year’s fires had snow within 30 feet!
d.  If you’ve been putting off making your home a little more wildfire safe, now is a good time to get it done before it gets hotter.
Thanks for your help.
David Newton
Fire Chief
Portal Rescue Inc.